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Smart Class

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Smart class is a technology which will completely evolve and develop the education system by merging technology with learning the perfect combination and key to success and with the help of Sony and the collaboration of few universities we plan to make learning easier and more fun. Education plays a vital role in any community or society and it’s the formation of any human being. In the 21st century and with all this knowledge and technology around us we decided to add technology to education the possibilities are endless and our limit was the sky, so with intensive research and long talks smart class was not just dream it’s finally real with Sony’s high tech equipment and skilful engineers.

Our product is not just a projector and a white board we use technology as a whole for instance built in screens in front of the students and a chat application between students and many more, we are trying to revolutionize the typical old style of learning making it easy to be understand and implement. It’s also a comprehensive solution designed to assist the lecturers in meeting with their day to day classrooms challenges and enhancing students’ academic performance. As Diane Hofkins wrote on the guardian “Technology plays a huge part in the lives of young people, but many schools have yet to take full advantage of the huge opportunities ICT offers in the classroom” which is logically true and makes sense that was the birth of our idea.

Main body:

Introduction to the company and the technology:
Smart class is an improvement to the average classrooms it’s a more modern version that keeps up with the trend and it’s the most efficient way of learning. It’s an upgrade not a lot of companies out there will supply the same product it’s more unique, but Sony has the power and the money to actually make this happen. Its diversified business is primarily focused on the electronics (TV, Gaming Consoles, and Refrigerators), game, entertainment and financial services sectors. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is ranked 105th on the 2014 list of Fortune Global 500. Sony is one of Japan’s largest corporations by revenue. It had revenues of ÂĄ6.493 trillion in 2012.

It also maintains large reserves of cash, with ¥895 billion on hand as of 2012. In May 2012, Sony shares were valued at about $15 billion. is a major high end company with good liquidity and smart entrepreneurs they heard our idea and they welcomed it with praises and an immediate offer to work with them to develop it, Sony already tried to implement this and a prototype was made but the project got suspended but with a new young crew this will work. Smart class will be as follow a ultra HD projector provided by Sony with a new smart board with touch controls with a unique pen or your normal finger, built in touch screen to every student and the lecturer do you see the trend here it’s not like any other thing in the market right now.

Components of the technology:
Smart class is an excellent idea, so it needs excellent equipment and the most high end technology out there. The components for Smart class will be as follow: Built in 20 inch touch screen
Finger print scanner
Ultra HD projector
Optical fibre high speed internet
High end CPU and GPU
Smart board
High end peripherals

Built in 20 inch touch screen:
The built-in touch screen will have a full HD 1080p display with perfect viewing angles, it will help the students to keep up with the teacher and view whatever is on the board as a home screen and it has its own components each is a full functional personal computer with a unique operating system for better, easier, and simple look.

Finger print scanner:
This component will help the students to take their attendance themselves every desk has a Finger print scanner on the desk beside the screen and when u place your finger on the Finger print scanner it will identify it and automatically send it to the school or university servers and into the system for a fair and safe way of taking attendance.

Ultra HD projector:
The Ultra HD projector will help the students to understand the lesson better and get the meaning of it. With its sharp display and functionality it’s nearly the key of the whole smart class, it’s the source of which the information is sent from. It sends a full HD 1080p display with flawless viewing angles and saturation for excellent display.

Optical fibre high speed internet:
This will be used for fast upload and download speed up to 200mbps. For helping the students and teachers to buffer or view anything from the internet in a moments notice.

High end CPU and GPU:
These are what’s going to make the pc run, so they are high-end and fast for a perfect smooth experience with no lag. With easy access to all the information and data needed.

Smart board
This is where all the information is displayed on it also includes a smooth touch controls by and objects placed on it uses layer of infrared rays on top of the screen which when an object is placed on the screen it will automatically recognize and detect it immediately. Not only that, it has shortcuts on both sides of the board to make it easier to access applications such as protractors and rulers.

High end peripherals:
To help users to command and use the computer better and easier.

Technology and the Web:
http://www.sony.net/ is Sony’s Global Headquarters site it show advertisements for the latest products and sales on them. Marketing:
In this website Sony displays all their latest devices depending on the category and the latest promotions and sales on these products. It also separates all the products depending on their categories to help make the customers find what their looking for on a moment’s notice

Customer relationship management:
Customer relationship is very important, so that the customer can contact Sony if they have any problem with their devices to insure a good relationship with the customers which will mean more profit for the company .Sony offers a separate button which will send you to a different page which will allow you to contact Sony for any troubles or questions

https://www.smartclass.com.my/ This is a website of a similar product also made by us but for more basic use mainly for primary education for children. Marketing:
You will find demos for our products, pictures and videos which will show you how our products will help advance education to another level. Customer relationship management:

As you can see from the picture you can also contact us from the contact us button just click it and it will take you to page so you can talk to us in various ways for any questions or complaints cause you all are important to us.

Process and Design:
The smart class will improve and enhance the system of education throughout the schools of the world, by connecting the smart board to a tablet pc and upgrade the touch screen to be sensitive to your finger or any other object. This touch screen board will be two meters in height and 2 meters width, a high resolution projector will shine bright in the day or night so you don’t have to turn the lights of the class all the time anymore. Each of the students will have a tablet pc touchscreen integrated into their desk. The finger print will be their access of the account made with picture and ID number will be visible at the top right hand side of the screen for the teachers to be able to identify the student. The teacher will have one in his desk that connects to the projector.

All will be connected to the Wi-Fi of the class with an automation connection. Students are restricted access to any games or media so they can concentrate more on the task in class. The teacher controls the on and off switch of the whole class. The register is done online on the tablet pc of the student when he signs in it is automatically signed. The HD screens can give out 1080p resolution. In a scratch and water proof surface perfect for long lasting effect of looking new.

Product life cycle:
A graph can show you how our product life cycle goes through stages in its life from start of research to the product.

Introduction: The new idea of connecting the board to a touchscreen tablet is our innovation to start up a trend around all schools and universities so the efficiency and overall positive effect on the education of our society provide fast and more effective solution to the better of student’s education. Growth: In this part the local Malaysian television station as well as international stations are filled with out advertisements to reach the world wide audience intended by us mainly schools and universities. This goal will be reached when we enlighten people of the new solution to the education problem. As education needs to be renewing and improving its ways non-stop. Maturity: This now means all universities and college institutes are now fitted without new smart class.

Putting our product to the real test and in full usage of its functions on a daily bases. Decline: By now our smart class has stopped production due to demand reduction which means we sell out the last of our already made product to the public. A new upgraded smart class inspired by our original idea has been put our on production and sale to replace our old idea as it would be cheaper also. This is due to the non-stop expansion of new technologies in the world all thanks to the great minds of researching professors who dedicated their life’s to better our world and society.

Alternatives to the technology:
A company called smart tech has launched its new smart board 6050 interactive flat panel. The installation of their smart board would be a lot cheaper than our smart class as less components and devices needed. Cons within Ultra HD 4K display which produces an image to the perfection to the human eye. Can be viewed with full focus from any corners or side also known as viewing angles. Although the smart class projector is from the new generation, but still it cannot display as sharp as the smart board 6050. Although the smart class doesn’t need to have such sharp display because the students can easily display it over their unique displays in front of them on their desks. Both the smart board 6050 and the smart class us touch controls with recognition for pens or any solid substance they use a layer of infrared rays on top of the screen which when an object is placed on the screen it will automatically recognize and detect it immediately. Smart board 6050 offers just a smart board nothing more or less but our smart class is the whole package everything you need for the optimum education environment.

Effects of technology:
In the resent years the use of technology has been increased tremendously, and it will keep increasing in the upcoming years. All through time as innovation persistently changes, so do the ways educators utilize their classrooms. Just around 10 years back educators were utilizing instruments like blackboards and after that advanced to white boards. These days, educators are utilizing brilliant smart boards. Nowadays the company called “Sony” has come up with the new innovative smart board called “Smart Class” for the new generation that will completely change education system. And has come up with both positive and negative results. Positive Effects:

-The lecturer will be directly linked with the students and can answer all the question directly through the Smart class which is attached to the teachers table. -If a student wants to ask a question he or she can message the teacher via Smart Class. It will help some students who are afraid to ask question simply because they think that it’s an irrelevant question. -Students can make their presentation more efficiently.

Negative Effects:
-The technology is all around us, students don’t have to go to the library anymore they can just read the books via internet. Nowadays everything is much easier than it was in the last 10-20 years ago and tends to make everyone lazy. -Planning and preparing for the presentation takes more time now. -There may be some training needed to use the Smart Class in the initial stage.

Key benefits from using Smart class:
Complement classroom teaching
Engaged learning
Difficult concepts made easy
Reinforce knowledge retention
Promote self-directed learning
It will attract more learners
Students can learn and implement

Ethical issues and the technology:
Ethical issues in technology are a sub-field of morals tending to the moral inquiries particular to the Technology Age. It is frequently held that technology itself is unequipped for having good or moral qualities, since “innovation” is only device making. In any case a lot of people now accept that each one bit of innovation is supplied with and transmitting moral duties constantly, given to it by those that made it, and those that chose how it must be made and utilized. In universities there are some websites that are blocked for example, (facebook, twitter, YouTube any social website etc.).

The students and even sometimes the lecturer can only visit or download from certain websites and cannot download large files. Educators must appreciation the prosperity of all understudies and the values of parents by limiting understudy online get to just to those destinations that are appropriately instructive, In spite of the fact that such issues are genuine and liable to be quick once innovation is integrated, they don’t exhibit difficult impediments that can’t be helped through legitimate instructor and student training. Adherence to reasonable utilization rules, and the vigilant supervision of machine utilization. Moreover, the “ethical” issue of the web as a free discourse discussion is somewhat effectively evaded by exhibiting Time, Place, and Manner limitations on in class web utilization.

Future of technology:
In the near future the “Smart Class” will revolutionized the whole perspective of education because the entire world is moving forward and we have just realized just a fraction of technology that we have today .In 1983 a man give us hope of the upcoming future devices that were incomprehensible to even imagine and he said “that one day we would be carrying a small, fully functional and networked computer device around anywhere” (Steve Jobs, 1983) not only did Steve Jobs told the truth but he gave hope to something that was impossible back then. Our vision of the future is that, in the near distant future the Smart Class will be in every class room of every school, Collage University etc. in the entire globe even in the Elementary schools. That way the new generation can adapt to this technology easily and can make even more improvements in Smart Class. Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible (ALVIN TOFFLER, Future Shock). There are endless opportunities in revolutionizing the Smart Class.

Smart class is not like any product as said before it offer limitless functionalities and ways to make students understand and research with a whole package many things in one. With easy installation we tend to change people into a more efficient human from our product. For today’s youngster’s information and communications technology (ICT) is an ordinary part of everyday life, and the students’ vision illustrates that perfectly. Children use their smartphones to organise and document their lives, look up information and keep track of their friends. Yet, in many schools they are expected to “power down” and focus on a curriculum that would have looked familiar to the Victorians, but we say technology is gift use it wisely.

1-http://lifelibertytech.com/2012/10/02/the-lost-steve-jobs-speech-from-1983-foreshadowing-wireless-networking-the-ipad-and-the-app-store/#. 2-http://www.notable-quotes.com/t/technology_quotes.html

3- Hofkins, D. (2014). Why ICT is transforming education. Smart class. 1 (1), p15-21.

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