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Singapore’s principles

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Anticipating change means the willingness to change the current situation and to achieve a better society by foreseen the future problem. Staying relevant refers to come up with innovative and effective solutions. Refer to the population white paper, the government discussed in detailed about the declining birth rate in Singapore. The situation is getting bad to worse as more and more Singaporean prefer singlehood or late marriages. To deal with this, they introduced Marriage & Parenthood Package, whereas young couples are receiving subsidy and incentives on areas relating to marriage or becoming a parent. This policy had revealed Singapore’s principles of governance which is anticipating change, staying relevant. This can be seen as the government has foreseen the negative impact which may cause by country’s low fertility rate, the impact is multi-faceted. Take for instance there will be a lack of workforce and it will slow down the development of economy and affect the welfare of the society. This is the reason why the government want to have a better fertility rate so that Singapore can continue boost its economy and further development of the country, but the required number of workforce is necessary. Therefore, the government had been working hard from the moment they realized the severity, to solve this problem ultimately. This package is effective as it brings in countless benefits and goods for the young couples.

This will help them to afford and reduce the cost, decrease their burden of living. Thus the young couples are willing to married and give birth a new live. Its success was shown by the increasing number of new born babies across these few years. With this, the birth rate will increase the correspondent troubles may also be solved. Singapore has open up to new ideas and willing to take risks. Singapore’s government has foreseen the problems ahead and come up with efficient solution at the early stage, this evidently shows its principles of governance which is anticipating for change, staying relevant. A leader must be clear of the situation and problem, understand what is the real problem and how is it can be done to solve it. The leader must have the moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular with the people. The capable leader are needed to maintain stability in the government and make the right decisions for the country. Abstract from the population white paper, the action taken by the government of taking in young immigrants was not supported by the locals. It is due to the negative outcomes that may appear which includes the corruption of local ethnicities and traditions and rapid increase in social competitiveness.

However, the younger immigrants can top up the smaller cohorts of younger Singaporeans and balance the aging of our citizen population. Singapore’s principles of governance is shown in this case as despite the generally negative responses from the people, the government insisted on carrying out this policy. This is because the government understand the final outcome that the immigrants will bring in much more significant, as many social problems can therefore be solved. Taking in of the younger immigrants is the most practical way to help Singapore for further evolve. This principles of governance was shown in this case by the government consider the benefits that the policy will bring in ultimately as their main concern is to solve the problem of aging population and so on. In this case, thinking on behalf the people, may not be as important as considering the welfare of the whole nation. If the government did consider their feelings, and affects this policy, the problem of aging population will never be gone. Like I said, a leader should concern about the practical consequences and the corresponding actions should take to achieve his goal. And he needs to have the courage to make the right decisions despite of the social pressure.

Thus Singapore’s principles of governance is evidently craft in his population white paper. Stake for everyone refers to provide everyone with help and aids, to let them upgrade and brush up skills, equally to every citizen. Opportunities for all refers to giving everyone a chance to contribute to the society, according to their ability. Let Singapore to have an inclusive society. According to the population white paper, government inaugurate training and employment assistance for a pool of economically inactive Singaporeans. Even though these people are consider as hobos but they still belong to country. Government did not give up on them or neglect their welfares. Indeed, they provide them with courses to upgrade themselves so as to let them become self-dependent. These people may seem insignificant to the society but the government did look after their interests and pull them out from the harsh life by providing them with personal skills. These originally economically inactive citizens will definitely be grateful towards the government by put their shoulder to the wheel as a return to the society.

Also, they will no longer think that they are a burden and with no use and value. Through all these policies that the government had introduced, I can see the principles of governance behind, which is stake for everyone, opportunities for all. The long-term jobless people may give up on themselves and see no hope in life but the government had offered them a helping hand and let them enjoy the joy of bring a Singaporean. Once they obtained the required skills, they will be able to contribute and after they contribute, they can see the value of themselves as a citizen. Previously they might be useless but after went through all the trainings, they can see themselves as a real citizen with contribution to the society. More opportunities have been created to involve them, and give them a sense of belonging. This is how the principles of governance is shown in the population white paper. (994words)

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