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Should Poor Countries Continue to Receive International Aid

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I strongly believe that developing countries should continue to receive International Aid. Nutritional food, health supplies, educational support and agricultural development are essential for every nation. How the International Aid will be delivered to the poor countries, however, should be monitored by the strict standards of the official international assistance.

Helping those in needs is the noblest mission. The targets were set in 2000, as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, to reduce global poverty by 2015.

All people have a basic human right to a sufficient amount of safe food to sustain life. Food aid is a vital response to people who do not have access to adequate food. For instance, more affluent nations should react to the food aid and focus on meeting the needs of hungry people. However, food aid programs should not foster dependency among recipient countries and should be designed in ways that advance broader food security strategies for poor nations. Furthermore, the international institutions should support and assist developing countries in creating strategies to ensure food security for their people. The governments of developing nations have an obligation to do everything reasonably possible to overcome hunger. This requires promoting agricultural development, curbing corruption, and ensuring that food aid actually goes to the hungry.

In addition to the nutritional food contribution, health supply and educational support are equally important for developing countries. Non-profit organizations, such as “UNESCO”, “Doctor without Borders”, “Earth Med” are providing and improving the medical care in more than 150 developing countries. For instance, their programs include education in direct patient care; diagnostic support, medical device donations, supply donations, and community outreach support.

While helping needed is humanitarian, the problems of underdevelopment must be attacked, realistically and credibly, at their roots. Unfortunately, some of the development programs are defined primarily to serve the interests of donor countries. Finally, to enable developing countries to emerge rapidly from its quagmire, wealthy nations will have to review international assistance in order to strengthen its institutions, make public spending transparent and improve legislative and judicial functions. They would also have to make sure that poor nations become more integrated in the world economy and that it strike down obstacles to entrepreneurship; establish the rule of law and promotes healthy governance.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that poverty is so widespread in developing countries and is one of our era’s greatest challenges. A billion people continue to survive on less than a dollar a day and 30,000 children die each day of diseases or malnutrition. As budget support is not a panacea, helping those in need, by showing them the way of survival, is essential obligation to everyone.

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