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Semiotic Analysis

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Ordinary advertising consciously shape the pattern of life is the basic function of fashion, excellent advertising is likely to be a carrier to create life poetic art, at the individual and group, human and nature, the present and history of multiple correlation of life “enrichment” and “play” poetic creation. According to McLuhan, he think advertising is a vast field (group) to a narrow space (individual), advertising also could narrow space for the majority of areas(McLuhan, 1994). The two-way movement can be fulfilled, which can create the poetic life of, the key is whether advertising producers can have the feelings of history and cherish the heart of all things.

The basic function of advertising is frivolous fashion symbol for “gravity” magic, to obtain the weight of the “meaning” and sanctification. McLuhan thought of advertising is very much the same the activities of the program of brainwashing, the reasons for the success of it is to rely on storm deep unconscious principle(McLuhan, 1994). Through the hypnotic effect of advertising, fashion symbol not only has the “meaning”, and because “possessed” and become a magical charm of idols. Therefore, hawk, hammer and adorno states that “the victory in the advertising in the culture industry is in: although consumers through advertising tricks, still can’t help to buy and use its products” (McLuhan, 1994).

For this Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love”, by a small dog and horse’s feelings as the main line, explained the “Puppy Love” fine, it constructed a special kind of magic, let the consumer can’t help in his body, and then remember the many Super Bowl XLVIII, then the consumer want to buy and drink this product.

Advertising can be divided into two levels: general advertising theory to inform, to persuade. At the same time can also be combined with “entertainment”, highlight the “entertaining” advertising. “Inform”, that is, to communicate to the consumer product the quality and function of information; Persuade, the use of unique advertising language (including images) to strengthen the product information to consumers and “forced” to accept; “Entertainment”, create a beyond products using conventional scene entertainment scene, and build products for consumers in emotion recognition in it (Adorno, 1997). In theory, any successful advertising products, all must have the three levels of connotations, but, in the specific composition of the product, different products have different styles, thus forming the different emphasis on three layers, corresponding can form to inform, persuade and recreational three kinds of advertising. Inform type advertisements give a person the sense of objective, rational and better educated, persuade type ads show a refuse propaganda, recreational advertising is the advertising promotion intention to present in the “purpose” of “entertainment”.

There is no doubt that if the advert “works” internationally, so the AD there must be a great influence, or the AD is really a very good advertisement, it can be accept by people in different countries. Such an advertisement, it should not only the art of magic color, should also have a fragment of life, beautiful poetry and history of feelings and cherish the mentality of everything.

The “magic”, of advertising is in its entertainment function. Here, we should note that the double meaning of entertainment: play and enjoyment. Recreational advertising will not product performance (game) provided to the audience, to obtain the movie (Witten& Frank, 2005). Here, AD showed it without purpose, it is not for the product, and only for their own independent and perfect existence, embody the principle of “art for art”. Therefore, hawk, hammer and adorno states that “advertising into art, also nothing” (McLuhan, 1994). Advertising art (Witten& Frank, 2005), however, is that it not only as an independent entertainment relative to the product, and it is in this kind of independent at home is that it creates the illusion, including products, producers and consumers, the world, the created between the three magical connection is established. In Super Bowl XLVIII ltd. – “Puppy Love”, Super Bowl XLVII became ltd., is through advertising magic touch. A consumer can purchase any kind of beer, but he/she chooses is Budweiser rather than the other beer, because advertising will he/she and Super Bowl XLVII by dogs and horses “Puppy Love” between established magical connection – they belong to a common vision of the world.

In contemporary daily life, when the cultural common fission fragments into images, the traditional literary poetry seems to have been thoroughly collapse, or be fragments into popular culture frivolous “poetic symbol”. Therefore, in the current environment, “poetic” turned into “comedy” or “nerd”. But, poetic, namely the fundamental connection between the individual and the world, and a deep need of the person’s behavior. Advertising art “poetic creation”, is should the underlying needs to compensate for the loss of traditional poetic collapse. Therefore, we should admit cultural rationality of advertising art. Advertising products, however, the specific circumstances and shows us that it is “poetic creation” of contemporary life, mainly to two and poetic deviate from “the poetic” direction of development (Jameson, 1976): first, to the traditional poetic fragments of the symbols of arbitrary collage, assemble in the chowder “poetic comedy,” plausible “poetic expression”; Second, personal center socialist arrogant, pompous and show off, the consumption of groundless ego inflation.

In the life experience “enrichment” and “play” two-way movement, advertising entertainment may leap to the life of poetic creation. Specifically, in terms of advertising, “poetry” is the essence of the experience of “concentration” and “a” founder in the primitive sexual associated with the world (Santiago, 2007), it is the human in the world is associated with the concern of the fundamental. History to show the respect for the history of the life level and devotion, is a kind of feelings is full of respect and honor. With this historical feelings, to create a historical background of advertising works.

To sum up, in this advertisement, there is no denying that something about poetic in the inside, when consumers to see such an advertisement, there will be a kind of poetic feeling inside. Naturally want to personally taste Budweiser, rather than the other beer advertising to consumers and many Super Bowl XLVIII “Puppy Love” and the reason. Reach the purpose of the advertising “broadcast”.There is no doubt that such an advertisement, have great influence, or the AD is really a very good advertisement, it can be accept by people in different countries.

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