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Out of all the pillars of success, responsibility is the most important. A responsible person will have a higher chance of success because they will be determined and committed to what they are doing. A person needs to be responsible to be successful because it shows that they are hardworking; therefore, responsibility is the most important attribute, since a person that isn’t responsible will most likely not be determined which can lead to being unsuccessful in life.

Responsibility is the most important because if a person is responsible they will make sure they are doing everything they are supposed to be doing, also they will make sure that they do their work and do it right! People that are not responsible slack off and procrastinate, they struggle with daily things because they are not responsible. People that were responsible while in school or at work most likely have gone far in life, they are probably successful and have no money problems, but people that were not responsible probably have no money and are struggling just to get by.

To be successful you have to be hard working. For example, my mom was hard working and responsible. Her boss said that she was doing her job well and she got a promotion to assistant manager. She made sure that when her boss told her to do something she did it. The people my mom works with are very unmotivated and when they do things wrong, my mom has to go fix their mistakes. This supports my topic sentence because my mom was hardworking and responsible in her work place and she was rewarded by getting a promotion, which can lead her to success in the near future.

Another example that supports my topic sentence is when I am in my photography class in that class you have to be a hard worker and you have to be responsible because you have to take your own photos, not copy or take other peoples. You have to make sure you turn in your assignments on time and have taken quality pictures. To be successful in that class you have to be hardworking and responsible. If you are, you can get a good grade on your photographs. This could also lead you to get college credits in photography.

An argument against my thesis would be that people with integrity would be more successful in life because integrity would have included being responsible, committed, and hardworking. But just because someone has integrity doesn’t mean they are responsible. They could have integrity about telling the truth to people and not necessarily how? They work or how responsible they are; for example someone can tell their friend the truth but they might not be responsible in school. This example disproves that argument because people with integrity are not always responsible for things that could make them successful in life such as their work and school ethics.

Responsibility is the most important because a responsible person will be a hard worker and will do their work and turn it in by the deadline or due date. Being responsible is more important than the other pillars because responsibility will get you further in life. If you are responsible you can get promotions and raises for doing you work and doing it right.

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