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Sea breeze

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1. Explain how the benefits of virtualization would impact the city of Sea breeze. Virtualization is the base for the information technology of enterprise in sea breeze city. This technology is related with the VMware and the other VMM developers. There are many benefits that would impacts the sea breeze city: Server consolidation: this is not unusual to attain the 10:1 virtual to physical machine consolidation. It means that the ten applications of server could be run on the single machine that is needed as many physical computers to give the single operating system and the environments of technical specification in order to differentiate. The utilization of the server is optimized and the heritage software could be maintaining the old operating system configurations while the latest applications are running in the VMs with the up to date platforms. “Although the server supports the many of the VMs would be possibly have the more money, CPUs and the other hardware. This would be used little or no power and having the similar physical space decreasing the utilities costs and the expenditures of real estates in sea breeze city” (Burger, 2012).

Testing and development: “the use of the VM allows the quick deployment by separating the application in the known and the maintainable environment in the sea breeze city” (Burger, 2012). The server crashes that is needed the hours for reinstallation now took the moments by merely copied the virtual image. Dynamic load balancing and the disaster recovery: “the workloads of the server changes, the virtualization gives the capability for the virtual machines that are more utilizing the resources of the server to be navigated to underutilized servers”. (Burger, 2012) The disaster recovery is the serious element for the IT in sea breeze, because the system crashes could make the large economic losses.

2. Explain how to offset potential negative implications of the adoption of virtualization for the city of Sea breeze. The negative implications of the virtualization in the sea breeze city are described as: i. Need to effectively scale the capacity of storage or performance: the system of storage might be capable to control the utilization of the server’s initial performance hit but as more VMs are added, the performance of storage corrupts the needing costly hardware updates or the attainment of the extra storage systems. (Wendt, 2013) ii. Need for the multiple storage protocols of networking to economically consolidate the VMs: “the enterprise are continuously look to consolidate VMs while use the more economical and the effective storage protocols of networking available for every application to access the backend system of storage” (Wendt, 2013). The systems that support the simultaneous mix of the networking protocols of storage give the enterprises the best chance to attain that objective.

iii. Storage allocation/reallocation made even more complicated: once the VM is attached to the system of storage, the system needs to give the agility to add, remove and re-appropriate storage ad desirable without needing the great deal of time to complete these tasks. (Wendt, 2013) iv. Visibility inside the array of storage: as the virtualization in server deployments increase, knowing what data of application exist where inside the array of storage becomes more complicated prevent the potential performance disadvantages when they happen. v. Effectively managed the growth of storage: large number of VMs means large data is to be stored with the new performance needs. “However the capacity of scaling storage could be risky proposal. IT is forced to choose between the updating the existing system of storage and attain the second one while try to ensure that the new cost is related with eh power on these drives” (Wendt, 2013). 3. Analyze the current state of diffusion of virtualization technology.

The virtualization in server is given for the most of the business that are midsized. The technologies virtualization might be changing the landscape. The virtualization is not the new term. The virtualization could be created and maintained without the expenditure of capital. Server virtualization permits the companies to omit the purchasing and instead rent space and the power of computer. (Bonderud, 2014) 4. Discuss potential barriers to the local government’s adoption of virtualization. The current conducted survey on the virtualization finds the barriers to adoption. The survey results that there is many hurdles in the adoption of virtualization by the government. i. Many federal executives are not familiar with the virtualization.

A survey indicates that only 13% are familiar with the virtualization while 54% have the intermediate level of virtualization. ii. “The executives should have the limited knowledge of how to operate the environments of the virtualized IT” said by the Bryan kopeck. (Klopack, 2014) iii. Virtualization might face the roadblocks at the agencies. About 65% of the executives feel the difficulties in the implementation of the virtualization. 5. Discuss how to gain the support of opinion leaders in Sea breeze. The virtualization supports the global services. The opinion leaders gain the support of virtualization through the services. The VMware provide the global services that enable the customers and partners to track the evolutionary path to the virtualization. (VMware) 6. Explain where the city of Sea breeze falls on the technology adoption curve, using a theory of adoption or diffusion of technology.

a. Discuss one strategy for addressing the technology adoption type of the city of Sea breeze. Long term focus remains on the hypervisor leadership: this strategy would involve the two components: Alliances with OEMs: OEMs has been long pressed by the monopoly of the OS and CPU provider. The advantages that are brought by the virtualization into the offers of OMEs would increase the real value. Alliance with CPU providers: the providers of CPU seek the chances to uphold the value of the CPUs. The virtualization is by the nature of the various from the silicon business but simultaneously the virtualization feature can add the value to the storage systems. 7. Discuss one strategy for addressing the technology acceptance of potential users in Sea breeze. Develop the innovative complementary products for use from the competing offerings: most of the data centers recently deploy the virtualization to consolidate their servers and improve the utilization of the resources. The other area of the interest to the data center may be the business continuity solutions depends on the infrastructure of the virtualization. (Arunachalam, 2007)

Arunachalam, R. (2007). Merrill Lynch Investment Guide – Recommendations to Clients interested in investing in VMware. Bonderud, D. (2014, march 31). Network Virtualization: The Next Step for Cloud Services? Retrieved from midsizeinsider.com: http://midsizeinsider.com/en-us/article/network-virtualization-the-next-step-fo#.U8Z3I0D-LIU Burger, T. (2012, march 5). The Advantages of Using Virtualization Technology in the Enterprise. Retrieved from software.intel.com: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/the-advantages-of-using-virtualization-technology-in-the-enterprise Klopack, B. (2014). Government faces hurdles

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