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Science Investigatory Project

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Cockroach Killer made from San Francisco Leaves

Science Investigatory Project
Presented to the Faculty of
Mother of Divine Providence School
Science Department
Marikina Heights, Marikina City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For the Subject in Science and Health 7

Presented by:
Karl Andrei I. Bibal
Tatiana Kirsten R. Cardenas
Christian Paulo D. Pichay

August ___, 2013
Table of Contents
Chapter I
A. Background of the Study
B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives
C. Hypothesis
D. Significance of the Study
E. Scope and Limitation
Chapter II
A. Review of Related Literature
B. Review of Related Studies
Chapter III
A. Materials
B. Procedures
Chapter IV
A. Observations and Findings
B. Analysis of the Data
C. Generalization
D. Recommendation
Chapter V

One of the problems in our society today is the pests. These pests can be classified into two – the good and the bad. Good because some pests help the people in their problems while bad because most of them give problems to people. One of these pests that do us no good are the blattaria, or commonly known as cockroaches. One of the solutions for this is the cockroach killer. It is essential in the maintenance of the cleanliness of our environment. Cockroach killers such as Baygon and Aerosol have been proven to kill the cockroach but it is available in a very high amount that’s why people choose to kill cockroaches manually rather than using expensive products to kill them. The people who do not have enough budget for this just let the cockroaches invade their house, not literally but invade by transferring to them the sicknesses they got from the place they come from. We come up with the idea on making a cockroach killer that is effective, not expensive and eco-friendly. We will try to get the extract of the San Francisco leaves, also known as codiaeum variegatum to drop it to a cockroach to see if it is effective. It is a way for us, the researchers and other people to help save money and help mother earth.

Chapter 1
A. Background of the Study
In our society today, there are lots of people who are trying to find out how to kill and lessen the dirty insects in their house. One of the examples of these insects is the cockroaches. There are lots of cockroaches flying over our heads, in our things, any parts of the house and even in our schools and offices. These cockroaches can also bring us diseases because we do not know where it landed. It might come from a decaying body of an animal or it can come from canals that as we know are very dirty. The people are giving great attention especially when it comes to their health. These cockroaches are the main reason why the people created cockroach killers. These cockroach killers are available in the market that’s why people can easily buy it and use it in the cockroaches in their houses, schools, offices and other places.

Some people consider first the effectiveness of each product they buy. They also consider the prices, if the price is right for its quality. Great examples are the Baygon and Aerosol. These cockroach killers are very effective yet expensive. People have no choice but to buy it because they need it for the maintenance of cleanliness in their place. Some people are looking for a cockroach killer that is very effective and cheap. Others are also looking for cockroach killers that are not harmful to our environment, for short eco-friendly.

While other people just don’t buy any cockroach killer because it is very expensive. Our group decided to make a study about San Francisco leaves as a cockroach killer. We would like to make a cockroach killer that is effective, less expensive, and eco-friendly. We conducted this study because we notice that the people don’t give too much attention when it comes to cockroaches. It is because the cockroach killers available in the market are sometimes very expensive and sometimes not very effective. We want to provide the people a cockroach killer that is effective and at the same time not expensive.

B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives
This study aims to make the leaves of a San Francisco plant as a cockroach killer. It has specific questions to be answered; a) Can the San Francisco’s leaves be an effective cockroach killer? b) Can people use this as a cockroach killer?

c) Is this cockroach killer made from San Francisco leaves eco-friendly?

Our study’s objectives are as follows:
a) To make a cockroach killer made from San Francisco leaves b) To make an effective and less expensive cockroach killer that people can use c) To make a cockroach killer that is environment friendly

C. Hypothesis
If San Francisco leaves can kill cockroaches then people can use it to kill cockroaches. If a cockroach killer made from San Francisco leaves can be easily made then we can let the people to try it. If our cockroach killer is eco-friendly then we could recommend it to other people for retail.

D. Significance of the Study
At present our people are tired searching for money and they are also weary of those cockroaches living in their places. If this cockroaches are not prevented it can cause give us diseases. We also have hard time in cleaning and maintaining our house clean because of these cockroaches. This study is beneficial to people because they will need not to buy those commercial cockroach killer that are too expensive and sometimes not very effective. Since San Francisco plant can grow easily and can easily adapt in its environment, people can plant them for them to be able to make their own cockroach killer that is not harmful for the environment and not expensive. This study enables us to make a cockroach killer that is eco-friendly, not expensive and can be easily made. With this people can lessen these insects that bring us sicknesses. And we can already save the money we use in buying cockroach killers for our other needs. This is also important because we do not only help mother earth but we also help our parents in saving money. E. Scope and Limitation

The researchers will focus only in making an effective and eco-friendly cockroach killer that is made from San Francisco leaves. The researchers will get cockroaches that will be the test subject to this study. The researchers will conduct their study until they make a very effective yet not expensive cockroach killer.

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