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Science – A Good Servant but a Bad Master

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Since ancient times man has been in the eternal quest for knowledge and information. Due to this thirst of his he has gained knowledge in diverse fields. During the ancient times man’s wants and cravings were very less but when these started growing man began conceiving new ideas. Through science man has miraculous inventions. Science today has made its presence felt in every field of life.

In the field of transport, man has made advancements in leaps and bounds. The major invention was the wheel apart from the usual cars, ships, trains, planes etc. Space travel is now a reality with Yuri Gagarin being the first man to enter the huge vacuum Science has also made communications simpler and faster. By sitting in our home we can watch events live on televisions as and when they happen in any part of the world. Also video-conferencing has made it possible for a doctor in one part of the world to instruct his patient’s surgery in another part of the world. In the field of medicine science has given us life in the form of death combating medicines. This has increased the average life of human being by many years. Electricity, Science’s boon to mankind. Electricity is something that we cannot do without. Electricity powers our lights, fans, computers, refrigerators, TV’s. It charges our mobile phones and other gadgets. Science has given us a host of other advantages. It has helped in the field of irrigation, sports, real estate…… and so on. The advantages of science are many. In reality science plays a major role as a good servant to human being. SCIENCE – A BAD MASTER:

“But like everything science too has it’s drawbacks, it’s limitations” Accidents due to wrong signals to trains and damage to tracks lead to lose of thousands of lives every year. Airplane engines have failed in mid-air. Ships have been marooned at sea. Ships carrying oil have sunk causing calamities and killing marine lives .As the computerization enjoys a major role in all our walks of life, we humans stopped mental and physical activities and thus become lazy people. This is leading to diseases. Medicines have increased the life span but taking spurious medicines is like taking poison. Today we have also become very dependent on electricity. Lots of damage can be caused by electrical and chemical fires. Anything from faulty wiring to a short circuit can cause this.

If the electricity goes it’s as if we have lost the light of our lives. Increased usage of chemicals and fertilizers damaged the fertility of soil and polluted our water bodies. Clearing forests for industries and cities, increased use of chemicals and petroleum products damaged the environment beyond the limit. This in the long run causes many environmental problems like global warming etc. One of the most destructive forces that science has given us is the weapons of mass destruction like nuclear bombs and missiles. It is a force capable of wiping out a country within minutes. One of the display of it’s sheer power is well Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the effects of which can be seen for generations as physical deformities in people. CONCLUSION:

Science can be used for the good of all if used properly. Science when improperly used can be molded into a potent force capable of wiping out life and its traces of the surface of earth. It’s in our responsibility to make science as a good servant for humans and not as a bad master. Think about it…. we all have a role to play.

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