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Sample Essay on Internet Development Issue

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Change is the only thing that is permanent. Looking back at what life was like two hundred years ago it is easy to see that the inventions made during that time have resulted in incredible advancements. A spectacularly ferocious development of sophisticated gadgets, mobile apps, artificial intelligence is connected with the appearance of a World Wide Web. This technological breakthrough opens various new opportunities but simultaneously triggers new problems.

On the one hand, the Internet has made our lives much easier. There are online shopping, booking tickets, organizing different events, speaking with friends being in various countries, watching videos and lots of other things along the same lines. It saves our time, and clever people use this advantage efficiently. The Internet enriched our lives. People run online businesses, develop skills, communicate with others, boost their creativity with the help of graphic design programs. By investigating some new businesses among teenagers on Instagram, the youngsters learn how to earn money while studying at school. This broadens their minds. This makes them more studious and responsible for individual failures.

In the XXIst it is virtually impossible to live without technology. The World Wide Web allows people to find and share information at breakneck speed. By reading different articles or enrolling in online courses, people are getting new knowledge. It is possible to take Harvard web courses and get real certificates nonetheless you have never visited the United States.

Modern gadgets can save lots of information and make the access to it available all over the world. Whenever you need to read a book, find encyclopedic definitions, or just want to surf the net, you can find it on the web within seconds.

The Internet has also allowed keeping in touch with friends and family whenever you are. There is no more need to write those letters by hand comparing to what it was before. You just have to drop a message, and only several years ago Skype was considered to be the most efficient means of online communication. Today online programs such as Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Messenger, and others are more widespread in online talking either by sending messages or making videos.

On the other hand, it’s true that science seldom solves an existing problem without giving birth to several others. Humans started to use their calculators instead of developing mental activities. Sometimes we prefer to count even some easy numbers not in mind but with the help of special machines. Students start using online custom writing services instead of completing the research papers or term papers by themselves.

The Internet and its byproducts, have a negative influence of health conditions. Lots of new jobs connected with the World Wide Web appeared, but most of them require permanent working with the screens, being in a permanent sitting position. These conditions both trigger problems with eyes and can lead to serious ailments. The same situation happens with kids who play lots of games with no time limit. Parents should be very attentive and don’t let their kids suffer from the negative impact of the technologies. They need to help children understand that the computer should be used too much and that the kids’ eyes shouldn’t be tired.

Psychologists state that the age of the Internet is the age of dehumanization. This opinion is quite reasonable. People have changed their relationships with friends and family because of spending too much time playing computer games; they get used to sending messages instead of face-to-face communication and so on. That’s why, because of computers, humans lack real feelings and emotions. To my mind, there are much bigger threats which we can expect from modern technologies than just making us discontent. Someone quite ingenious once said that all the changes are very good, but the man wants to feel sure that he can plug them off when necessary. Continuous rapid development may make computers much cleverer. What will happen if suddenly we are not able to control them anymore?

We don’t need to concentrate on advantages and disadvantages of technology our lives because they have both. Changes are permanent, and we cannot deny the development of science. We just need to measure ourselves from disadvantages and focus on solutions to possible Internet negative impacts.


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