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Ryotwari System

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It Is A Revenue System
Sir Thomas Monroe – Author Of The System
Earlier System – Permanent Land Revenue System- By Cornwalis That Was A Zamindari System
Zamindars Were The Middle Men
Very Powerful
Collected Half Of The Produce
Farmers Suffered
The officials Were Very Corrupt
Practiced At : Madurai
First Introduced In Rayala Seema In Andhra Pradesh And Salem In Tamil Country

During The Governor Ship Of Sir Thomas Munroe It Was Introduced In Tamil Country.

It Was A Succuessful Venture Both For The English And The Natives.

Features Of The Ryotwari System
The English Had Direct Conduct With Ryots Or Pesants

Lands Were Measured And Graded And Then Assessed.

The Rent Was Moderate.

Land Registers Were Maintained – Giving Details About The Owner Of The Landv the Type Of Land The Mode Of Payment, The Duration Of Payment Etc. Registers Were Kept In The District Cutcheries.

Pattas Were Gratnted To The Ryots.

Pattas Provided Details Such As –

The Owner Of The Land,

The Nature Of The Land,

Size Of The Land,

The Survey Number And

The Amount Of Payment To Be Paid By The Farmer

Reforms After 1857…

Field Maps And Taluq maps And Land Registers Were Maintained In The District Office. Lot Of Facilities Were Done To The Ryots.
They Had The Right To Complain About The Tax Collectors When Over Assessed The Land. They Could Go To Zilla Court To File The Suit Against The Officials Bad Weather And Poor Soil Could Claim Some Exemptions From Rent Moderate Approach Was Shown Towards The Ryots.

The English Were Very Sure About The Amount Of Payment


The English Officials Were In Direct Touch With The Native Population

There Was A Chance For Learning The Customs Of The Natives By The English.

There Was No Middle Man.

The Emg;Osj Were Vrry Sure That They Could Get The Fixed Amount From Every Individual.

There Was No Commission And Swindling By The Zamindars At The Side Of The Ryots Also Thery Were Very Happy And Ther Was No Torture And Servitude By The Zsamindar.

No Need Of Payment Of Plenty Of Taxes And Goods To The Zsamindars. 30% – 40 % From The Gross Produce Was Demanded By The English. Revnue Collectors Were Watched By The English.
The Natives Had The Satisfaction And Had A Feeling That They Were Not Cheated. Disadvantages
The English Followed The Principle That All Lands Belonged To Them And Those Who Were Cultivationg Land Should Pay Rent And So Whaever Amount Was Paid By The Ryot Was Called Rent And Not Tax.

This Was Resembling The Muslim Principle Whereelse The Hindu Concept Said That The Land Belonged To The Tiller Or Lcultivartior Of The Soil.

Ryots Had Problem With The Local Officials Who Were Giving Data About The Land And Assessemnt Was Done Only With Their Assistance.

In Order To Get Favour For Lless Assessment The Ruyots Had To Keep Them In Good Book By Giving Some Money Or Andy Other Things. Conclusion
All The Lands Under Plough Were Assessed
The Waste Lands Were Called As Circar Lands
And They Were Also Brought Undr Plough
Beneficiary Both To The English And To The Ryot.
The Board Of Directors Were Very Happy About The Working Of This Settlement In The Beginning The Madras Government Did Not Like It . However At The Governorship Of Munroe It Became A Fruitful Land Assessment System

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