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Rise to the Top Action Pla

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Preparing for Success

In 200 to 250 words, discuss the strategies you will use to motivate yourself to keep moving toward your academic goals. Include detailed discussion of the following questions:

What motivates you to not only enroll in college, but to graduate?

What resources have you learned about to help you with your academic success? How will you use these resources?

What is the importance of responsible borrowing?

God, my fiancé and my kids motivate me to graduate college. God is my spiritual provider, he gives me wisdom and courage to keep going. My fiancé is my rock my support the person that believes in me and will help me achieve my goals. Saved the best for last, my kids are the biggest motivation of all, they give me determination and motivation more than they will ever know. I have found that the University of Phoenix has so many resources to offer. I will start with the “center for writing excellence” over this course l have gained confidence in my writing technique. I will use this resource especially when I write a paper or have any problems with reading. I have also learned things about personal things I need to work on like orginization and time management. It is important that I implicate the skills I learned from this course to help me obtain my degree. It is important to know responsible borrowing because this is going to be your financial future. You need to understand what you’ll be paying back and if you are going to be financially stable to make those payments in the future.

Goal Setting

In 200 to 250 words, discuss the resources, tools, and strategies you will use to achieve your academic and professional goals. Include detailed discussion of the following questions:

How does setting goals lead to success?

How can the concepts of “grit” and “growth mindset” help you achieve long-term goals?

Write an academic long-term goal stating what you wish to accomplish by completing your education.

Write a professional long-term goal stating what you wish to accomplish professionally through the completion of a degree.

Setting goals leads to success because you hold yourself accountable for the plan you have created weather it be professional or personal. A goal gives you some kind of structure, it also gives you focus and makes you put in time and effort. A goal also allows you to measure the progress you have gained along the way. Last but not least setting a goal helps overcome procrastination makes you hold yourself accountable to get the goal accomplished. The concept of grit is the perseverance I am willing to maintain to achieve my long term goal while having optimism to keep pushing forward. Both of these traits work hand in hand. My academic long term goal is a bit high but I would like to graduate with honors. During the completion of my degree I would like to perfect my craft in cosmetology to gain hands on experience so I can open a successful salon.


In 250 to 300 words, discuss the resources, tools, and strategies you will use to develop your communication skills in both academic and professional situations. Include detailed discussion of the following questions:

What have been the most challenging and rewarding aspects of adjusting to life as a student at University of Phoenix?

How might communication skills help you advance in your education and your career?

How does integrity contribute to successful communication in academic and professional life?

What communication skills are preferred or required in the careers you researched during this course?

How is diversity important to the workplace? How will your “diversity skillset” (awareness of culture, class, ethnicity, and gender identity) contribute to the workplace?

The most challenging aspect of adjusting my life as a student has been time management. This is a skill that I am still trying to manage. It takes a while to kick a bad habit and procrastination has definitely been one of my bad habits. I am finding that when I don’t overextend myself I have more energy and focus to put toward my school work and things that are important. I find it rewarding when I complete my tasks. Communication is key to everything in life. Communicating will help me advance in my education because I will be able to build relationships with my instructors and peers. Conversing will also help me with job interviews, my current and future workplace and social networking. Integrity steams from being honest and trustworthy that trait contributes to being a student and my professional life.

Being that I have integrity I know that I have to work hard to earn my degree. In my career communication is an important skill. It is preferred to have understanding, listening, writing, selling, networking and negotiation in the career that I have researched. Being that I come from diversity I know that it is extremely important to obtain awreness of culture, class, ethnicity and gender identity. Being diverse is a skill that is important to my workplace not only does it give me comfort but I feel some type of secreness. I will contribute by continuing to stand up for my rights as an equal person in my workplace regardless of the type of ethnic background I come from. I will continue to push he envelope.

Finding and Using Information

In 200 to 250 words, discuss the resources, tools, and strategies you will use to develop your skills in finding and using information. Include detailed discussion of the following questions:

What does it mean for a resource to be ‘credible’? What are some ways you can determine if a resource is credible?

How does using credible resources, both from the library and from the internet, relate to academic and professional success?

For a resource to be ‘credible’ it has to be a dependable and honest source. There are many different resources in the library to determine if a source is credible. Honestly I don’t trust any other ource unless it came from the library. I have started to become skeptical of the things I read and believe. There are many different ways to know if a source is credible. Authority and bias are two distinct ways to know if a source is credible. Using the library is completely different from using the internet with the library you have actual books in front of you and you can ee the author you know if it’s factual non fiction or fiction. Using our school library on the other hand is like using both it’s awesome. Being that in the professional environment a company or an investor would like to employ someone who is trustworthy and dependable I think credible resources play a significant role in professional success.

Action Plan

In 200 to 250 words, reflect on and discuss the information studied throughout the course. Include detailed discussion of the following questions:

What skill learned in this course would you like to develop to help reach your career goals? What is one specific action you will take to developing that skill?

What skill would you like to strengthen to assist in achieving your academic goals? What is one specific action you will take to develop that skill?

I have learned various skills throughout the length of this course. The skills that stuck out like a sore thumb for me is time management, organization and prioritizing. I am putting forth the effort to clear my schedule and take time out to give full concentration and commitment to my studies. Prioritizing helps me stop and think about what’s worth more in regards to my personal, educational and career goals. Organizing helps me break down things and realistically give me a set schedule and time to get all of my tasks accomplished.

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