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Research Topics Proposal

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General Topic: Church
Narrowed Topic: Reunification of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church Tentative Thesis Statement: One of Pope Francis’ main goals is to reunite the two churches, evident in his meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew, the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church; however, though reunification of the two Churches may erase some conflict in Europe, the minute differences of belief, tradition, and practice between the two factions of Catholicism will still eventually lead to argument and conflict rather than eradicating it. Focusing Question: Why should the reunification of the two Churches be avoided? Subordinate Questions:

1. What were the factors that lead to the divide of the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? 2. Is there still merit in pursuing the reunification today? 3. What are the perceived obstacles and consequences of reuniting the two churches? General Topic: Transportation

Narrowed Topic: Truck Ban Implementation in Metro Manila
Tentative Thesis Statement: Ordinances banning the use of trucks in Metro Manila during specific hours of the day have been proven to increase the efficiency of commute when vehicle volume is at its peak in the main thoroughfares (Castro); therefore, the truck ban in the Greater Manila Area should be continuously implemented. Focusing Question: What are the benefits of continuously implementing the truck ban in Metro Manila? Subordinate Questions:

1. What are the objectives of the truck ban?
2. What are the obstacles to the full and continuous implementation of this system?
3. How does this system affect the trucking companies and their customers, and the livelihood of the truck drivers?

General Topic: Environment
Narrowed Topic: The Ban on the Use of Plastic and Styrofoam in Metro Manila Cities Tentative Thesis Statement: Banning the use of plastic bags and styrofoam in Metro Manila aims to decrease the volume of non-biodegradable waste, which will alleviate land and water pollution, lower the incidence of floods and will improve overall public sanitation; therefore, this ordinance should be continuously implemented. Focusing Question: How effective has the Plastic and Styrofoam ban been? Subordinate Questions:

1. Has the ban helped improve drainage in Metro Manila?
2. Is the use of substitutes (e.g., paper bags) environmentally friendlier?
3. Can this ban be effectively implemented across all cities in Metro Manila, and the rest of the country?

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