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Requirement of Assamese Language

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It was in the 14th Northeastern book fair in Guwahati. I was just roaming around in different book stall. But suddenly I shocked with an appealing incident. A 10-12 year girl took a colorful story book which was in Assamese and requested her mother to buy that book. But the mother of the child refused to buy that and replied that “will you able to read Assamese?” I felt disgraceful. After that, Will that child ever interested to read Assamese book in future? As hears the term “Assamese Subject” many of our youngsters become tremble in fears. Some of students’ egger to learn a foreign language likes English, where they felt shameful to learn their mother tongue. There are end numbers of parents in today’s society who tries to teach their children “A B C D” before going to schools. That can’t say as their fault, but at a same time, to making children’s interest towards also Assamese or any other their mother tongue is not the responsibility of parents?

I came across through a survey on the different book stalls especially in Guwahati, and I found that in last few years the interest towards Assamese books became decreasing. And especially among the children very few numbers buy Assamese book like “Burhi Aair Hadhu” , “panchatantra’r Hadhu” etc. instead of they are more fascinating towards English comic etc. so, these fortify the downfall of interested for the Assamese language.

Lakshminath Bezbaruah, Bhabendranath Saikia, Momoni Raysam Goswami, Homen Borgohai, they are the eminent literary who celebrated pioneer of modern Assamese literature. Srimanta Sankardev, Madhabdev they established the Assamese Language in worldwide respectively. But now, we, their successor felt embarrassment if we have to learn or talk Assamese language. We don’t feel the need of learn our mother tongue. Infect some of the student as well as their parents proudly say that they can’t read and write Assamese… But I don’t think that it is only fault of students. Now every parent seems to be fascinated towards English medium schools. It is good, because to compare them in today’s global world English is very important language. But in this matter if we take example of that boy who was belongs to an English medium school and he punished for speaking in Assamese with his classmates. So now, that is the substantial matter. In English medium schools of Assam where, if students have been punished for talking in Assamese, what kind of thinking will expected to be constructing in his/her mind towards Assamese language??

There are so many pressure groups like. AASU, they always stand for conserving the Assamese language and make it as a compulsory language across the state. But still, the situation is becoming worse with the time. A language Assamese is the identity of Assam. If we don’t know our language gradually we will cut off with our culture, tradition, and off-course with Assam. Learning Assamese is as much important as English or any other foreign language. If parents, teachers and students don’t understand this facts, that time is not so far when Assamese language will lose its existence. Then our inheritor will say—“there was a language called ASSAMESE”

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