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Red vs Blue

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What is so special about red and blue? Why do people obsess about red and blue? Red is constantly pit against blue for example “Star Wars” the good guys have blue light sabers and the bad guys have red light sabers. Also why do people consider red to be evil and blue to be good? Finally, why are these two colors the most used in everyday life? The colors red and blue have been in existence for an eternity. The most logical reason that these two colors have been used to express emotion and to show the difference between good and evil is that they are the most relatable colors. Red is the color of blood and because it is the color of blood we give it the emotions anger and love. Blood is important because no living thing can live without it. When creatures lose blood, it is seen as bad.

This is a bad thing because eventually if enough blood is lost that creature will cease to live. Anger is associated with red because when people are angry they have been known to shed the blood of others. Love is equally associated with red even though it is the opposite of anger because blood flows through the heart of living animals and the heart is linked with love. In fact, people have been known to be willing to shed their own blood for the ones they love. Red is used as a symbol to signal error, or to stop, or danger. This again is probably because humans interpret the loss of blood as a negative thing.

In the grading and correcting of work in school red is used to bring attention to a person’s mistake. It is a signal for stopping because it is used on stop signs and on warning signs. Danger is another idea that red is used to display. Red is the color of warmth because it is the color of fire. Fire brings warmth and can sustain life in cold places. In truth, living things are alive and they give off body heat along with there being a red tone in their skin while they are alive. Blue is almost the complete opposite of red, because while red gets its negative origins from blood which comes from inside and the loss of it is viewed as negative, blue receives its origins from what we see in our surroundings. The blue sky and blue oceans were mysterious and mystical to early man as they wondered how the Gods could live in the sky and oceans. The creatures and animals are also a cause for wonder; as man has an eternal dream to fly in the sky and swim beneath the surface of the ocean. Water is represented as the color blue and water is seen as a life sustaining force for all animals. As a result people associate blue with hope, being good, and dreams. Hope comes from people’s lodging to be better off than were they are now.

Man’s dream of flying in the sky like the Gods is a good example of how this hope came to be associated with the color blue. Because man originally was trapped on land he, dreamed of using the seas to travel and escape his current troubles of life. This helps to create hope for a better future. The fact that nothing can live without water causes the color blue to be linked to being a life sustaining resource. However the color blue is a symbol of sadness. It is color of sadness because when a person dies the red tone in their skin leaves and all that is left is a dark blue color from the lack of oxygen in the blood. Blue is considered the color of coldness, because ice is water and when ice freezes it can often have a blue color to it. In addition, a corpse is cold which cause there to be a connection to death and coldness.

The two colors red and blue are similar in that they both can represent good and evil. They both have early life sustaining associations as well as being associated with death. Red and blue are two of the most used colors and the most liked among many people. Red and blue are opposites only because they can represent the opposites of each other such as hot and cold. Red and blue are nemesis of each other because it is ingrained in humans that red is bad because of the loss of blood and the blue is good because we can continue to live by drinking water. “Star Wars” is the best known for pitting red versus blue, as villains used red light sabers and the heroes use blue light sabers.

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