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Recreation and Family Center Proposal

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Paragraph 1. Infant room is revolved around the care given, the routines created, safe environment, health and nurturing to the infant. (Mossler, 2011). Infant care requires individual are that meets the daily pattern of sleeping, eating, changing diaper, and awake times. Positive interactions and communication are factors that encourage development of attachments and are easily facilitated with a consistent routine and schedule. Infants awake time the teacher can provide development activities such as “tummy time on a carpeted area, this helps the infant work on skills such as rolling over, crawling and eventually walking.

Paragraph 2. Reading is the second scheduled activity. The infants will be read to one hour a day. Reading aloud to the infants is a stimulation to the development of an infant. Reading aloud to infants has many benefits some are it teaches the baby about communication, gives infant information about the world around them, and finally it builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills. (Mossler, 2011). Hearing words help build a larger vocabulary of working in the infants’ brain. Infants that are frequently talked to and read to know more words by the age of 2. Reading to infants helps promote social and thinking skills.

Paragraph 3. Leapfrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table will help support motor, social, and cognitive skills in ages 6-12 months of age. It also helps with growth and development in children this age. The Infant Room will help with the development of hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and sound. Infants have the chance to receive attention and bonding that he/she may not receive at home. Can be purchased online or at a local retailer such as Wal-Mart or Target in Alexandria, LA.

2. ROOM #2 – Toddler Room is for ages 1-3
Paragraph 1. Art Center
Children are allowed to create something that is unique as they are. Toddlers able to express themselves. Socially teachers are able to encourage, support the toddlers’ artistic expressions. Fine motor skills are enhanced through art through finger art, play dough, and drawing. (www.pbs.org) Younger toddlers in this age group may not be interested or developmentally ready to be in an art activity. Be sure that all materials used in art activities are non-toxic. Children have the mind of curiosity and will experiment with taste and texture of any materials used. (www.pbs.org) Paragraph 2. Block center

Describe the theory and/or research which support the use of this class or activity Block playing helps with emotion, social, motor, language and cognitive skills. Building blocks help build self-esteem. Socially they can help younger children because they observe older children. Motor skills are enhanced by gross motor skills. It helps with the vocabulary of toddlers. Cognitively it helps with counting, identifying shapes, position and pattern. (Mossler, 2011). Paragraph 3. Play Cube

A Play cube helps toddlers play, discover, and learn. It helps stimulate the toddlers’ imagination. Helps hold their attention, helps develop problem solving skills. Can be purchased online or at a local retailer such as Wal-Mart or Target in Alexandria, LA.

3. ROOM #3 – Early Childhood Room for ages 3-6 years of age Paragraph 1. Game board activities such as pegboard, matching games, building blocks, and puzzles. Board games can help foster their focus ability, help with strategies and learning skills. Children will spend most of this time playing and working with materials or other children. They will not wonder as much if they are engaged in activity, they are not expected to sit still and quite for long periods of time. This helps children with social skills, helps children work with other children. Paragraph 2.Fine Motor Center here you will find: small objects to sort and classify; bead stringing with long, thin string; pegs and small pegs; colored cubes, table blocks, magnetic These are things that will help with fine motor skills.

These are things that help out with the physical development which also depends on a combination of maturity and learning. These fine motor skills may need adult input the adult can encourage and support the development of the child. Paragraph 3. Workbench work table for boys and kitchen area for girls. Pretend play helps entertain and help children interact with their peers. Allows functional play that promotes physical development. Play facilitates moral behavior and broadens ideas associated with childhood. Can be purchased online or at a local retailer such as Wal-Mart or Target in Alexandria.

4. ROOM #4 – Middle/Late Childhood Room for ages 7-12
Paragraph 1. Organized Sport such as: soccer, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball and tag Allows Children to gain skills of building, cooperation and benefits of team work. Allows children to follow rules. It’s an opportunity for children to make new friends. Organized sport on any playground or area has risk for injuries to one or more player. Paragraph
2. Computer with tables

Describe the theory and/or research which support the use of this class or activity Helps children establish a clear vision about the future. Computers encourage the development of children through teaching and learning. Computers are a learning source and should meet the standards of all equipment, materials, and resources provided to this age range. Paragraph 3. Library area

Libraries reflect the importance of literacy in the classroom. The books should reflect everyday living, sports, activities, and support other subject in school.

Books-a-million in Alexandria, LA, local Wal-Mart (Jena, LA; Vidalia, LA; Pineville, LA; Alexandria, LA)

5. ROOM #5 – Adolescence Room for ages 13-18
Paragraph 1. Awareness lessons and activities
Enforcing healthy eating habits, exercise, and anti-bullying Awareness class are so important to help children this age be aware of what is going on around them, give them advice on how to stop bullying if it is going on. At this age they are scared to speak out so be the role model that gives them a voice. Have reenactments that help them understand what is going on, how to help and how to step up for others around them. Paragraph 2. Biology lab with equipment

Children this age are able to experiment, observe and learn with hands on activities. Children this age have a primary mode of learning through observation. They learn to participate, contribute to the studies being done in the room Paragraph 3. Smart Board

It can keep students focused. Students can interact. Students are more excited on learning. Technology helps them prepare for the future.

Conclusion: Thank you for listening to my proposal. Help the community by building a center, you decision can help make the difference in the lives of this community. I hope you consider my proposal and help build a better future for them.


Mossler, R.A. (2011). Child and adolescent development. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.








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