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Why People Still Smoke

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In many nations, adults usually have the rights to engage in any activities so long as it is legal, for instance smoking. Smoking is an activity that has been in existence for a long time. Since smoking is legal in many nations around the globe, this has resulted to a steady rise in the number of people smoking. According to studies, 19 percent of US citizens smoke tobacco, which is equal to 44 million Americans (Christensen).

Although smoking is legal, respective governments ought to embrace a number of aspects that will consider individuals who do not smoke. Since not everybody smokes tobacco, governments ought to ban public smoking, this is because the act is usually an inconvenience to those who do not smoke. According to scientists, tobacco smoking is harmful to one’s health, hence, by smoking in public, a person usually risks the health of other people who do not smoke, and this process is normally referred to as passive smoking (“Drexel University”). The study intends to elaborate the reasons why public smoking ought to be abolished. For instance, apart from passive smoking, the essay analyses effects of public smoking to the environment before finally providing a counter argument on why public smoking should not be banned.

According to studies, tobacco is one of the most used drugs not only in the US but globally, usually in the form of cigarettes (Rooney & Dicker 14). Although tobacco smoking is harmful to one’s health, this has not deterred people from engaging in this habit. In many occasions, smokers never consider the surrounding environment before lighting up the tobacco. This is because they are ever after satisfying their desires; hence, rarely considering whether the action will affect their neighbor. It is due to this that I strongly suggest that public smoking be banned completely and stiff penalties be enacted for any defaulters. One reason why public smoking ought to be banned is because non-smokers are also directly affected due to the harmful substances such as nicotine as well as carcinogens, which are usually addictive (Rooney & Dicker 14). Through banning the act of public smoking, this will result to a decline in cases of passive smoking since non-smokers will avoid smoking zones.

Apart from passive smoking, the other reason why public smoking ought to be banned is due to environment preservation. When people finish smoking, the butts are usually discarded carelessly and this usually poses as a risk for the environment (Clune). For instance, in many cases, cigarette butts discarded while still burning have caused many forest fires globally, which has directly affected wild life. Apart from forest fires, these butts are usually swept by into the sea where they are consumed by fish or birds, hence killing them. The other reason why public smoking ought to be abolished is in a move to prevent children from engaging in such activities (Clune). Children tend to learn from adults; hence, seeing them smoke normally gives children the impression that smoking is good, which is not the case. In my opinion, public smoking needs to be abolished since forcing someone into inhaling tobacco can be quite irritating. Public smoking is as irritating as playing loud music as well as inappropriate dressing.

However, not everybody is with the idea of banning public smoking, this is because some people are advocating that it should not be banned. According to studies, most of the statements being said about public smoking are not solid since there has never been a scientific proof to back these claims (Clune). For instance, passive smoking is usually more theoretical than factual since no research has ever been made regarding this issue. According to Clune, the reason why governments wish to ban public smoking is in a move to reduce the amount of smoking among the addicts, this is an act of injustice to citizens most of who are mature adults (Sills). Introduction of strict measures on smoking will be quite inappropriate since it will be an act of discrimination. Since tobacco smoking is legal in most nations to citizens aged 18 and above, nations ought to let citizens enjoy the freedom they have instead of making their lives miserable for consuming something that is legal. The banning of public smoking will not only affect the smokers but the nation’s economy as well. This is because there will be a decline in the quantity of purchases, hence, resulting to economic instability (Tomlin).

In many nations, smoking is legal to persons aged 18 and above. When one attains this age, he or she has the right to do anything so long as it is legal. Although smoking is legal, many nations are ever attempting to ban public smoking. According to studies, public smoking usually risks the health of other persons who do not smoke. This is because they inhale substances such as nicotine, which is usually addictive. Apart from health effects, public smoking also destroys the environment. For instance, apart from forest fires caused by discarded butts, these butts are also swept into lakes and oceans before being consumed by fish and birds. In my opinion, public smoking ought to be abolished since it also portrays bad behavior to children.


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