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Psychological Testing: Psychological Assessment Report

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Jessa Pauline Janer Dineros is an 18 years and 3 months old female currently on her 3rd year college taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. She was born on April 14, 1995 and is currently residing with her family at Sta. Ana, Manila. She was referred for a Psychological Evaluation scheduled July 17, 2013 to measure and assess her current emotional and intellectual status and functioning. Three tests were given to the client, first was the Flanagan Industrial Tests which includes the Judgement and Comprehension Test, on which she got a score falling under the Below Average Category, and Planning Abilities Test, on which she got a score falling under Poor Category. When asked, the client was confirmed to be prepared to take the test since she already had her lunch and had a good night sleep; but during the test, the client was observed to be really pressured particularly on the time limit because she kept on asking how many minutes were left for her to answer. When asked how the test was, the client said that she had a hard time understanding the given passages and outlines to be read before answering the questions, and at the same time being conscious of the time left to answer.

She said that she answered most items without fully understanding the given passages and outlines and questions succeeding it. This implies reason behind her low scores on the two tests; the client probably was more focused on the time limit rather than concentrating on the test instead. The second test given to the client was the Emotions Profile Index. It is shown in the results that the three highest emotional dimensions of the client were Depressed (82%), Trustful (70%), and Timid (65%) contrasting respectively to her three lowest (below 50%) emotional dimensions which were Gregarious (30%), Distrustful (20%) and Aggressive (26%). On the other hand, her most balanced emotional dimension, though both having low scores were Controlled (40%) and Dyscontrolled (35%). The client having a high Depression score indicates that she may often show signs of sadness and gloominess. This can probably be associated with her past and current dilemmas regarding her relationship with college friends and block mates. The client related that she was really saddened when three members of the group of friends she was in since first year college left unintentionally. Two were assigned in another block and one left the country together with her family.

She said that this particular group of college friends was whom she most felt accepted and belonged to, that’s why according to her, what happened to their group really had a great impact on her and changed the way her college life was in a negative way. Although the test results suggests that she may have no trust and acceptance issues regarding people (Trustful 70%), this contradicts to what she said that she still somehow had a hard time establishing genuine connections with new people around her; this may be implied to her low Gregarious score which can be a sign of social introversion and can be related to what she said that she, being only with her one friend who was left with her in her previous group, is having a hard time entering and being part of the groups which already existed long before in her new class. Another factor which according to her made her feel worse was when she realized that her friends which were moved to another block was already well adjusting to their new classmates and were already forming new groups of friends, she felt that she was left behind and was alone. The client’s high score on Timidity contrasting to her low score on Aggressiveness suggests that the client may be more of cautious in not entering into trouble, quarrels and arguments and tends to be more passive and understanding.

This result is inclined with what the client shared that she usually just keeps her disagreements with others to her self and just be the one to understand rather than to argue about it. The last test given to the client was the Work Values Inventory. Her highest scores were Creativity (15), Economic Return (15) and Altruism (15) while her work value with lowest score was Associates (12). This may imply that the client tends to value work which requires her to be more innovative and lets her create new things through new ideas (Creativity). She may also show signs of being helpful as she tends to aspire to contribute to the welfare of others (Altruism) but at the same time it may also be important to her that when she contributes and help others in a certain work, she is also paid back in a way that satisfies her needs and wants more often related to materialistic things particularly earnings (Economic Return). The result also suggests that the client may give little discrimination as to what kind of people she is working with (Associates); meaning she is not choosy when it comes to her co-workers. This can also be seen with the results of her Emotions Profile Index on which she had a high score on Trustful Emotional Dimension, implying that she may easily accept and trust people without discriminating them and also on her low score on Aggressive Emotional Dimension, suggesting she is not likely to start arguments and to bluntly show her contradiction with co-workers.

These results is in line with what the client has said that she has high empathy on people that’s why she is often the one who understands even when someone is showing negative behaviours. She said that she is also tolerant and does not easily discriminate people that’s why oftentimes she tends to be gullible. Reviewing the results, Jessa tends to be dwelling to what is absent in her current life rather than seeing the new possibilities that is waiting for her which may be the probable cause that triggers her tendency to show signs of depression, which may be the reason making it difficult for her to establish genuine connections with new people or groups. Also, Jessa tends to prefer to be passive and tolerant rather than to contradict and stand on her grounds even to people that is already showing negative behaviour that may be implied by her fear of getting into trouble or an argument. It is recommended for the client to join school organizations that sparks up her interests like her interest in music. Other than that, it would be also be beneficial to her to get to interact to new people more often, opening the possibilities of new friendships and new perspectives that are different from her point of view, starting up discussions that may lead to healthy arguments. If possible she may also try to join academic debate groups in her school so she can practice and enhance her argumentative skills.

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