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Process Design Matrix and Summary

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Years ago I used to work at Pizza Hut; therefore, the pizza made by Pizza Hut is the product that I am familiar with, and the home delivery service is the service that I am familiar with. Pizza Hut makes different kinds of pizza and presents special offers each day. The product utilizes an assembly line process where the pizza is prepared after passing through various steps. According to Lerner & Lerner (2008), “an assembly line is a manufacturing system of mass production in which a finished product is manufactured in a step-by-step process involving interchangeable parts added in a sequential manner as it moves continuously past an arrangement of workers and machines” (p. 343). The pizza starts with making dough that is usually ready made by machines.

The dough is fresh and its ingredients are of high quality; it is made daily to ensure freshness and good quality. Then the dough is placed on a pan and the employee adds the fresh and clean ingredients, vegetables, and toppings according to each customer’s taste. Later, the pizza is put in the oven where an employee will take care of it and make sure it is baked well. Once the pizza is baked well it is served to the customer. Moreover, to ensure customer satisfaction, the employees at Pizza hut are well trained and polite. Each customer is served according to turn; in other words, the customer that comes first is served first. The employees at Pizza Hut treat customers in good manners; they are so helpful and respectful.

Service Process Design
A service process design that I am familiar with is the home delivery service at Pizza Hut. This requires the employee to have all the information about the customer who is calling. The employee should get the name and detailed address and save all the information on the system for faster and accurate delivery in the future. Once the order is taken, it is sent to the nearest kitchen to prepare the pizza that the customer asked for. When the pizza is ready, it is placed in an electrically heating bag to ensure that it will be delivered fresh and delicious, and extra napkins and other products like ketchup or other sauce are served with the delivery. The delivery is delivered by a trained and a polite delivery boy accurately and quickly to the given address.

Process Design Aspect
Service: Pizza Hut Home Delivery
Product: Pizza Hut Pizzas
Design focal point
To meet the customer satisfaction by delivering the pizza accurately and as fast as possible. Clean, Fresh, and high quality of ingredients to make delicious pizzas. Offering different kinds of pizzas and offers. Strategy

Trained and polite delivery boys that deliver the pizza accurately and fast. Trained and polite workers to serve the customers and afford best pizza. Process design approach

High customer attention approach. Pizza Hut uses electrical heating pizza bags to ensure fresh delivery. Assembly line
Process map

Process Performance Measurement

Factory location

Facility layout

Process design

The customer should call to order and give directions. His order will be delivered quickly and accurately. Pizzas are served according to turns. The customer that comes first will be served first. Each customer can customize
the pizza according to his/ her taste. Producting planning


High quality to meet the customer satisfaction by delivering the pizza as fast as possible. Fresh vegetables and ingredients. The dough is fresh and its ingredients are of high quality.


Lerner, K. L., & Lerner, B. W. (2008). Assembly line: The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (4th ed., Vol. 1, pp. 343-346). Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CCX2830100196&v=2.1&u=uphoenix_uopx&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=9977a48c4720bdc62b11cd630bbad7b6

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