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Procedure Essay

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This process essay is going to be covering how to change a tire on a vehicle. There are multiple steps to be taken in order to safely change a tire and keep the tire on the vehicle. If the steps are not followed correctly then there is a chance that the tire could fall back off of the vehicle and cause serious injuries to the person/people in the vehicle as well as other drivers.

The first thing that anyone changing a tire would need to do is make sure that the vehicle is parked on a flat surface. If the vehicle is not parked on a flat surface then there is a possibility that the vehicle could fall off of the jack and cause other damage to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is parked on a flat surface is the best time to make sure that all of the tools needed are already placed out of the vehicle. The tools needed to complete a tire change are car jack, tire iron and the spare tire.

The next step is to place the car jack on the vehicle frame as close to the tire as possible and begin to jack the up until the tire is barely touching the ground. Once the vehicle is barely touching the ground is when the lug nut can be taken off with the tire iron. The best way to take the lug nuts off is to think of them as a clock. Starting with the twelve o’clock position that is lug nut that will come off first. After taking the first lug nut off the next lug nut to take off would be the five o’clock then the ten o’clock followed by the three o’clock and finally the nine o’clock lug nut.

After taking the lug nuts off of the tire is when the car will be needed to jack up even higher. After jacking up the vehicle the tire will be very loose and will be able to be slid off of the vehicle. Once the tire has been removed from the vehicle and the spare tire has been put on the vehicle then that is when the lug nuts can be put back on the tire in the same order as they were taken off of the tire. If thinking of a clock does not work asm an example for the lug nuts then thinking of a star might be a better solution. The most important thing to remember when putting the lug nuts back on the tire is to put them on “hand tight” and then lower the vehicle back on the ground and use the tire iron to tighten them the rest of the way. Once the tire iron is used to tighten the lug nuts and the tire iron cannot be turned any more is when it is time to move on to the next lug nut.

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