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The Life of a Child vs the Life of an Adult

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Little girls dream of becoming princesses, boys pro football players, but once we all start to grow up, we realize how different life is from the way we imagined it when we were five. Every child has an idea, a dream of how his or her life is going to turn out, when they play house or cops and robbers, they see those things as the truth; their future. Before, when we were little, when we couldn’t figure out what things were and what words meant we’d make it up. We would fill in what we didn’t know. When I was little I had an explanation for everything, but now growing up, and looking back I was almost always completely wrong.

That’s the biggest difference between when we were little and now: when we were younger we saw things the way we wanted to see them, but now we know the truth. Children have imaginations. They see something and imagine what it is or what it means. They always seem to see the best out of every situation, see the world in a good light, where crime isn’t real and bad things don’t really happen. A world where the good guys always win and the bad guys never get caught. Children never look for the worst in people and always give people a fair chance. Now, if we could only say half of those things about the older people in this world.

It seems like the older we get the more cautious and skeptical we become. No one can be trusted and the good guys never win. We are prejudiced and criticize one another without any previous knowledge of the other person. We know we can’t be whatever we want to be, and everything won’t just be handed to us. I miss being a little girl. Children don’t care about their looks, or what kind of car they will drive. They don’t care who they’re dating or which boy or girl even likes them. They don’t worry about their grades in school or the homework they have that night.

Children also don’t worry about getting to work or how much money they have in their pockets. Teenagers and adults are the exact opposite; they worry and care too much about everything. They worry about what everybody around thinks about them, and money is always on their minds. Adults care about the car that is in their driveway and what kind of house they live in. To children none of that matters. The day of a child is reasonably simple, they get up, put clothes on that have previously been chosen for them and most of the time eat breakfast and go to preschool or daycare. They play with their friends, eat a snack, and take a nap.

Then go home to their parents and play some more until time for dinner, then they go to bed. Most children have a pretty laid back day and the most trouble on their minds when they go to sleep is the alleged monster in their closet. For an adult or even a teenager, their day is nothing short of chaotic and rushed. They have to wake up to the blaring sound of an alarm clock, roll out of bed, and get into the shower. They get out, try to find clothes that match, dirty or clean, and rush around to get ready for their hectic day ahead. Most of them head off to work or school with a pop-tart in their hand and a weary look on their face.

All day is a battle to stay awake and accomplish everything they need to. A long day and hard work are an everyday routine for the grown-ups in the world. After work or school, the day is still no where near over; making dinner, homework, after school work, and raising a family is on the agenda for these tired and weary individuals. The time to sleep does not come early for them and they have to get u pearly and go through it all again the next day. Vacation is the best time of a child’s life. It is also a very exciting time for them, being away from home in a whole new place.

Children have so much fun with experiencing new and thrilling things that come along with vacations. Whether it’s going to the beach, going to Disney World, or just going up in the mountains, children will always find someway to have fun wherever they may be. Children also do not have to worry about the financial or organization part of the vacation; the packing, getting to the vacation spot, the money it’ll take to get there, where to stay, the money it’ll take while there, or the money to get home. They really don’t even realize those things have to be done, they think they just happen.

Adults know they happen, and stress more about the money and organizational parts of the vacations, than they are excited about actually going away. They also have to deal with the stress of keeping up with their children in the strange vacation spot. They can’t just worry about themselves and relax; they have to keep a constant eye on their young ones. Of course they do have fun for some of the time they’re on vacation, but when it’s time to come home and deal with everything connected to it, they often question the significance of actually going on a family vacation.

Whatever we dream ourselves to be or how we wish our lives are going to turn out, sooner or later we have to come to term with life. We have to grow up. Being a child seems so much better than growing up but, we all have to eventually. Children have no worries, no stress while teenagers and adults lose sleep over their stresses of the day. Everyone wishes they had grown up to what they dreamed about when they were little, but that doesn’t always happen. As for me, I wish to be little when things were simple.

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