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The friendship

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The friendship I will be reflecting upon is that unlike any other I have ever had. It is a friendship, which has lasted for the whole of my life and has never been broken to this day. This piece is to show you about our friendship and the ups and downs of the journey we have taken together. I hope I will stay close friends with him for the rest of my life, as I could not face losing the bestest friend in the whole world.

I know it all began way, way back. In fact it could not really be classified as a friendship at the time. It all started, thanks to our parents. They met each other while our sisters’ were being born and were therefore already good friends when we were born. So, at the start, it was a forced friendship. As babies we did everything together, visits to the zoo, going swimming and even tumble tots and music class. We both went to the same nursery and we liked the same people and we shared the same interests, but I guess all babies do! We were not questioned whether we wanted to be friends, we just “were”!

However, after nursery we each went to separate schools and our friendship became harder to endure. We both went our separate ways and made new friends of our own. We stopped going to each other’s birthday parties, because it became difficult being the only girl/boy there. So we did not see a lot of each other after that and our friendship became distant.

In my last year of junior school, i started to go round to his house on Fridays after school we both got the Internet and started to talk to each other again. It was not that we ignored each other before, it was just that we grew apart for awhile.

Then I started senior school and I matured. I started to take an interest in boys. Chris’s friends’ started to email me and I had a new group of boys to introduce to my new friends. This, in some ways could be seen as a big mistake on my part. As my friends started to get to know his friends dating began. Not necessarily for Chris and I, but for both our sets of friends. However, we still remained close friends.

Just this year we have probably become the closest we have ever been. We are both teenagers and although we are into completely different things, we got along really well. We would go to the cinema together, and always argue on the amount of sweets we would each get, and how many we could eat before the film started! I would go round to his house and we would play monopoly for six hours at a time, but I always won and it was an accepted fact by both of us! We would play on his Playstation and disagree in which games to play, his wrestling and fighting games, which he adored, or Tetris and Mario games which I liked. Although we were arguing, they were just for fun, and it was a tradition to do so. Those were the good times.

About five months ago, one of my best friends started going out with Chris. I stopped seeing him on his own and only saw him on their dates, which you can not count as seeing each other as I would never get to talk to him properly. All I would hear about from the pair of them was all about each other. Chris, by this time had also started senior school and made new and different friends. He changed, inevitable really, but it still made me feel bad. He would act funny to impress his friends and he even started doing drugs. I knew now that we had both changed and were both different.

Recently Chris’s relationship with my friend finished. You may think this is a good thing for me, but it really has not changed that much. He is now socialising with a different group of girls. I would never see him with my friends now, which means I never see him!

Although now we are both different people and are no longer acting like we did ten years ago that should not change our friendship. In half term we saw each other alone for the first time in ages. It was just like old times, and we relived all our memories we have shared together. It was a great evening, and we chatted until two in the morning about everything. He shared all his problems and secrets and I helped him and gave him some advice, from a girl’s point of view. This is actually one of the first times I realised what a great friend he is and how sorry I would be not to see him again.

During this evening we talked in depth, about our friendship. Chris told me some very sweet things including that he loved me, in friendly way and how he knew me so well, for example he knew not to argue with me because I am so stubborn. This may seem like an unimportant thing to mention in this story, but it is important and sentimental to me. Then, just before we went to sleep, he told me he would probably not see much of my friends anymore, because he has not stopped going out with Charlie now. I then proceeded to ask him if we would still stay friends, and he replied:

“No matter what happens between our other friendships, no matter what boyfriends or girlfriends we have, we will always remain the best of friends with each other because that is too important for something or someone to ever change”.

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