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Sample Essay on Friendship and its Value

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So many people have been trying to give a proper definition to the most valuable type of interpersonal relationship – friendship. There are lots of books, research papers, poems, essays about this marvelous notion. However, nobody can provide the exact meaning of this word just because it is something that cannot be studied or explained. The essence friendship bears are hidden in the depth of people’s souls, and each of us perceives this notion in a different way. This friendship essay example aims at defining the reasons why people become close in communication and evaluating the influence of having reliable soul mates throughout the whole life.

The concept friendship is complicated from its core meaning. Some scientists claim that extremes meet and people with different tastes, worldviews can get on like a house on fire. Other experts state that the bond between two people can be created on the basis of similar interests, outlooks. The consequential derivation is that the level of similarity of your hobbies or tastes with other people don’t influence whether you become true friends or not.

Another possible underlying ground in finding friendship and love can be characters complementarities. If one person is introvert, his soul mate is likely to be extrovert. In this way, the former one will encourage his friend to open up emotionally to each other while the latter will give motivating spur to be more communicative and sociable. The identical rule can be applied to the way how women or men choose their Mr or Ms Right. Partners should form a great harmonious unity based on differences. It is true that there are various instances of people who are friends or in love while having very similar features of character. From my perspective, such situations are exceptions, not a tendency.

Building stable relationships and emotional bond is a tedious work for both people involved. Your characters cannot be ideal puzzles no matter how much your socio types supplement each other. Therefore, both of you should work on your behavior to reach the desired mutual understanding.

All friendship has a run of bad luck, and this is the time when the experience friendship has is examined. Friend and friendship relationships are not only about funny jokes, spending time together, sharing ideas. It is about revealing something within the person’s soul and inner spiritual world. When difficulties arise in your life, your nearest and dearest are checked if they are not fair-whether friends. These are people who won’t come to you when you are in trouble.

Many people claim that the importance friendship is checked in the time of somebody’s success or triumph. We have an inclination to be envious, just some of us can suppress this negative emotion while others don’t hide it at all. Friend is someone you can trust with your happiness. If he or she cannot share this positive moment of your life, maybe, it is not a good companion.

The value of friendship is exceptionally significant in human psychological development. We all live under pressure of time, problems, hurdles, emotional crises. Talking to someone you trust is the most essential influence on our health because stress should be relieved from time to time. Sincere conversation with your companion is the most significant cure for any depression.

You don’t have to forget to be a good friend yourself because perfect relationship is about giving not only receiving. You should find time to cheer up your companion when it is necessary. You should show sympathy and do this sincerely. If your behavior becomes artificial, you may be close to lose the relationship ties in the nearest future. A good friend should be a shoulder to cry on, he or she should be ready to lend an ear, cheer up, or give advice if necessary.

Each friendship is unique, and there doesn’t exist any rules which we have to stick to. The key answer is hidden in the ability of each of us to be real humans and show sincere emotions. It is true that when people have someone to share ideas with, speak on interesting for both topics, gossip a bit, this enhances the feeling of one’s necessity in this world. Understanding that we are special for somebody just because we are who we are influences our self-esteem immensely. It is only crucial to keep in mind that we should appreciate our nearest and dearest as the most priceless treasure because it is so hard to find true friends and it is so easy to lose them.


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