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Primary Urbanization in Ancient China

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Primary Urbanization in ancient China had many similarities and differences with that of Ancient Mesoamerica and South America. Agriculture, religion, and politics all played a part in primary urbanization. Agriculture was a large part in the primary urbanization of Mesoamerica and South America. Maize was a major crop that was important to these cultures. These people came up with different methods of farming such as slash and burn, pot irrigation, and canal irrigation. Chinese agriculture began back with the Yangshao. The Longshao had similarities to the Yangshao in the nature in what they grew and how they grew it.

Religion also played a part in the primary urbanization of these places. Ancient China’s majorly known religious tool the oracle bone. Warfare helped get animal sacrifices as well as gain other human sacrifices. Like the Chinese, the people of Mesoamerica and South America also believed in human sacrifices. They helped it become a religious shrine. Temples included a pantheon of gods preserved in paintings. Symbolism was also very important. Chinese cities were also religious shrines.

Both cultures had a designated person that linked them to the spiritual world. In Mesoamerica and South America this person was known as a shaman. In China, kings took on this role. Politics was also a large part of primary urbanization. In China, they separated who was ruling by dynasties. Kingship and kinship were also closely related. Kings often passed the thrown on to their family as well as gave them special treatment and privileges. Relatives of the king often got shares of the harvest and pieces of land.

Neither civilization was ever completely unified. The Chinese capital shifted often. The extensive number of written sources about the Zhou Dynasty help us to understand and see all of their contributions through politics and other aspects to the Chinse culture. In this dynasty, the decentralized administration left much power in local hands. Mesoamericans did not establish a written language that everyone had to follow.

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