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Practicum Report Restaurant phase

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“LJC” stands for the initials of the late Larry J. Cruz. Founder and president of the LJC Chain of Restaurants. In 1979, Cruz, a journalist and information man, made a career change and opened his first restaurant, a small café in a modest corner of the Remedios Circle in Malate. He named the restaurant Café Adriatico, after the street it was on. Banking on little else than his eating experience as a seasoned traveler and the support of his media friends, Cruz who had never been in the restaurant business before, made Café Adriatico the most talked about restaurant in town as soon as it opened its doors. The Café served good food and offered warm and friendly service. It was a place where people met spontaneously and enjoyed each other’s company in a setting that included conviviality.

Pretty soon, Café Adriatico became the venue where Manila’s elite hobnobbed with celebrities, artists, business leaders and political movers and shakers. Before long, café’s sprouted all over the country – many of them wearing the same turn-of-the-century look of Café Adriatico – but none could capture the character it possessed and the magic created by the selected pieces of antiques and artworks that were tastefully put together. Even the early menus were hand written and wittily illustrated by Larry’s father, the late writer and artist Emilio Aguilar Cruz.




To be the leader in the service industry by offering the highest quality of products and services with the best possible price while employing the latest industry standards and technology. MISSION

in being the leader in the service industry:
1. we commit to maintain excellent service by providing consistent quality of products at the best possible price
2. We aim to pioneer market trends and consistent develop and expand to cater
to customers’ interest and needs;
3. We will continuously develop and consistently train our staff and offer job opportunities;
4. We stand to enhance and protect the image of our company as a prestigious and professional business entity for the interest of our customers, staffs, suppliers, civic groups and government agencies; and,
5. We seek to participate in government civic project which aim to in still national consciousness in the general public.


The strength of Abe Restaurant is that their staff or employees are very approachable, especially when I have my first day in the restaurant. Of course at first I got shy and I don’t know what to do but ate Ami talk to me and introduce me to everyone all of them keep smiling at me, talking to me and asking me some question. Ate Ami always reminds me to write down the new things that I’ve learned in the restaurant. Second, Abe Restaurant has a delicious food with affordable prices. I’ve also tasted all the recipes in the menu, and it’s very delicious. And the thing that came to my mind that time when I tasted it is that, even if the guest waited for half an hour to have their order because still is it worth to wait. Maybe that’s the reason why guests keep coming back on Abe Restaurant. And also some artist keeps coming back in Abe. Third, the facilities of Abe were good enough to have a lunch or dinner there. It has a good ambiance it’s like that you’re in a high class restaurant, and you will have stronger appetite. You can also eat in the garden you can see the view over there. Weakness:

If Abe Restaurant has strength, expect that it has also weaknesses too. On the service crews, I mean, some of them are only standing in the dispatching area, they don’t want to go to dining and get some orders that’s why some of the crew got panic. Good to say that our manager can handle that situation. And some of the waiter cannot handle a guest who got mad at them. Second, lack of space in the kitchen, because they have a lot of cook in the Abe but the space can’t handle all of them.

Their opportunity is that they are in the mall. We all know that there’s a lot of people go to mall to get them entertain and some of them explore different kinds of food. And also some people after they’ve got shopping they want to eat in a different restaurant. Threats:

On Trinoma Mall, there is a lot of restaurant, which means that they have a lot of competitors. We all know that some people want to eat in a fast food restaurant than the other. Because, they want to be practical, they want to save money.

And I know that in Abe restaurant it cost a higher price than the other restaurant.

Case Presentation and Discussion:

Last May 24, Abe restaurant encountered a problem. They noticed that there’s a lot of food in the menu that you cannot order. Our outlet manager got mad to our kitchen manager because of that situation. The reason why there’s a lot food not available is because of lacking of ingredients for the recipe. Some of the staff cook suggests that they can buy the other ingredients in the supermarket inside the Trinoma Mall. And because of that situation some of the guest wants to leave that to eat in the restaurant. Our manager didn’t expect it to happen and because of that just a little guest come in to Abe Restaurant. Second, some kitchen staff got argued because chef Erning always said to other cook that they do not help the other to cook the orders. But, I understand them because how can you cook if there’s no space to you to cook? We all know that the space in the kitchen can accommodate only a maximum of 15 persons, but in Abe restaurant all in all the kitchen staff is in 20 persons.

So how the other cook in that situation? Third, they have a problem with the paper works or should I say to the receipt of their ingredients. Sometimes, they forget to give the receipt to the accounting office that’s why their supplier noticed that they didn’t issue a check to them. And I noticed also that the receipt have no drawers or cabinet. That’s why they always called by the office to give the receipt to the office. Lastly, I noticed also that it’s too hot in the kitchen although it has 1 air-conditioned but you can only feel the hotness in the kitchen. And there’s also a problem in the exhaust fan in the kitchen I think it already damage. Our kitchen manager call our engineering to fix the damage of the exhaust fan because it so hot in the kitchen.

In this case, they should check all the stocks in the kitchen and informed the kitchen manager and also if the there’s an ingredient that out of stocks they should call to the purchasing department and order all the ingredients that they need. So, that they do not encounter that situation anymore.

Second, they have to have long patience because they are in the hospitality industry, if you are a good cook you have to handle your anger so that you do not have an enemy to the establishment or in the restaurant. And if you have already lost your patience you can talk to that person and confront what is your problem with that person.

Third, I suggest that talk to their manager and they suggest buying them a mini cabinet so that they have placed to put the receipt and they’re not lost the receipt anymore. And if they are called again by the office they already know where they placed the receipt and they can give it already to the office.

Lastly, I suggest to them to buy a new air-conditioned so that they can feel some coldness in the kitchen not only hot. And if the engineering cannot come to them they can complain to the executive chef that the exhaust fan is already damaged and to buy them a new one.

Weekly Training Experience Report
Accounting Office
April 15 – April 19
April 15, today was my first day in accounting office. I felt nervous, because I do not know what to do and I have no idea what were their impressions to me. Sir Jb was the one who introduced me to the accounting department. I felt shy, but the good thing was they all smiled at me and they also introduced their self to me. I noticed angela was also a practicum in the office I felt glad because I have a new friend. She was the one who taught me what I should do, like how to file a check voucher, compute the costing of the receipt, placed all the vouchers in the storage room. But Sir Dennis was the one who taught me how to encode sales, how to encode the inventory.

April 22 – April 26
It was still the same; I am the one who filled the check voucher and angela checked the amount of the receipt if it was correct. And sometimes, I am the one who brought the check to audit department because they have to audit it. And I am also brought it to the executive.

April 30 – May 10
It’s my last week here in the office. Still the same, filled, checked voucher, but sometimes I encoded the sales report. I am also taught by sir mark how to inventory the commissary. I got tired that day it was quite hard.

My last day on the office, we had a mini celebration. I brought “palabok” and soft drinks and my co office mates bought some ice cream I had fun although I felt sad because was this my last day here in the office I would miss all of them. I had a lot of fun in the Accounting Office.

Abe Restaurant

April 14 – May 18

It was my first day in Abe restaurant. I felt nervous again the first kitchen staffs that I meet was Ate Ami she was kind to me she introduced me to everyone in the kitchen. And I am glad that all of them smiled at me. Ate Ami helps me in the pantry section she taught me how to do different types of dessert that they sell. The very first dessert that I made was the “Sikreto ni Maria” it called “sikreto” because when it was serves to you, you can only see the macapuno ice-cream on the top but you did not know what was inside of it. The following days come we were busier a lot of guest came in our restaurant they ordered a lot of food and together with the dessert especially when it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Once I panic because when Ate Ami was on her break time and ate gen went to the comfort room suddenly a lot of ordered of dessert came and I do not know what I should do first, but “kuya serio” came and help me to do the other orders and I am very thankful that he helped me.

May 20 – May 26

This was my second week here in Abe restaurant. And I am very happy because I felt that I am part of their family. Sometimes, I am the one who dispatch the food and also I am the one who plated the food. They always taught me more and more every day. On May 26, we had our outing on Bosay Resort in Antipolo City, I am happy because they included me to come with them. They also taught me on how to portion ingredients.

May 28 – June 1

This was my last week, I felt sad because I would miss all of them. Especially, when the times I arrived at the restaurant they always teased me. They used to call me “Bona Kid” because kuya mark made a mistake when he called my name. And because of that they called me “Bona kid”, sometimes I got mad but I know to myself that they wanted to tease me. I would miss all of them very much.

General Perception of the Training

Finally my 300 hours of On-the-job-Training is finally done. For 1 and half of Month I learned a lot of things. I had my OJT at Abe Restaurant. It was a really challenging and unforgettable experience for I had fun because of On- the-job-Training during summer. It was a good preparation and a good start on how to handle pressure.

My OJT in Abe restaurant help me a lot to learn new things. Like how can I cooperate with my co-staff, how to be responsible with my work. In my 150 hours of having my OJT in LJC group. I spend my training first at their Accounting Office. I learned a lot from them; they said that even if I am an HRM student I could also learn some paper works. And another of 150 hours, I spend it also in Abe Restaurant. I also learn so a lot in the restaurant. I am very honoured that I finished my OJT in LJC group. I learned new things in Hospitality Industry. Like how to handle some situation, how to care or handle customer, and also I learn how to be a good or to be better employee even if I am just training.

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