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People should be tolerant

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Have you ever seen a person treat another person wrong because they are different from them? In the six largest cities in the U. S crimes done because of intolerance of people’s differences have increased. In the texts Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, From Towards a True Refuge by Aung San Suu Kyi, and American Flag Stands For Tolerance by Ronald J. Allen, they talk about why people should tolerate other people’s differences and what can happen when people don’t. In the story Part Time Indian, Junior talks about his grandma.

He says, “Do you want to know the best thing about my grandmother? She was tolerant. ”(Alexie 127) This quote shows that people should be willing to accept others because tolerance will lead to acceptance. He also talked about how people treated him at his new school saying, Wow he was actually nice. “He paid me some respect? (Alexie 61) Junior was a new kid and he found that people weren’t messing with him anymore. Without tolerance even nations can end up in destruction.

For example in the speech “Toward a True Refuge” by Aung San Suu Kyi, she says, “Developed and developing nations alike suffer as a result of policies removed from… justice and tolerance… The rapidity with which the old Soviet Union splintered into new states, man of the stamped with a fierce racial assertiveness, illustrates that decades of authoritarian rule may have achieved uniformity and obedience but could not achieve long-term harmony and stability” (Suu Kyi 12). This shows that even for a country what can happen without having tolerance and acceptance.

She also talks about governments letting people treat others wrong, saying, “And when attitudes have been allowed to harden to the point that otherness becomes a sufficient reason for nullifying a person\’s claim to be treated as a fellow human being, the trappings of modern civilization crumble with frightening speed” (Suu Kyi 12) This shows that bad things can happen when it is allowed for a person to use another person being different from them as a reason to treat them wrong.

This can be seen again when the text states, “Those who have been conditioned by systems which make a mockery of the law by legalizing injustices and which attack the very foundations of harmony by perpetuating social, political and economic imbalances cannot adjust quickly- if at all- to the concept of a fair settlement” (Suu Kyi 12). This shows that when systems of law let a person get away with doing something wrong to another person because they are looked at as a person with more authority it makes the government look bad.

In American Flag Stands For Tolerance he talks about how the Supreme Court had to make the right decision even if they didn\’t like it.? In a controversial decision, the Supreme Court… held that a person has a right to express disagreement with governmental policies (lines 1-3). This shows that the government has tolerance for people\’s rights. He further expands on this idea by adding ?

The Supreme Court was not wrong, Indeed, a decision contrary to the one reached would have been a definitive step away from our national aspirations. ”(lines 22-24) This shows that the author does not agree with Supreme Court\’s decision, however, he tolerates the decision because It was in the best interest of all people. Everybody should learn to tolerate and accept each other. If every does then there will be more peace and if we don\’t there will be more crimes, fighting, and hate.

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