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Organization as Brain

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If we consider an organization as a brain, than we have to think over the functions and activities of the brain and the relations with the other organs in the body. In the same way the organization also functions like the brain and the body relations. According to the theme the organization also works like brain and it coordinates with the other departments and divisions in it. The good co-relations between the brain and the organs keeps the man healthy and the good relations and internal network helps the organization to run in a smooth manner. Simultaneously, the organization or the company also learns many things from its internal social network. The affective social network with in the company nurtures the performance of the same. So the organizations has to improve the social networking to enhance the performance of the company.

Knowledge network

According to (Valdis Crebs, 1998), everyone agrees that the knowledge network and proper utilization improves the performance and productivity of the organization and the state of knowledge storage and its utilization system plays vital roll in the proper maintenance of the social net working. And the managements has to cultivate the networking habit to its staff. And it’s the main roll of human resource department to maintain proper social networking. The effective usage of knowledge and information needs both the work culture and the advanced technology. With the help of the social network the management can decode the information and copy it and can store in its database. And the organization chart is available with the HR department and it shows the hierarchy chart and it explains the duties of the staff in various departments and according to the category wise and who works where and who reports to whom.  These are the main tools for controlling the staff and planning to utilize them in more effective way. The fluid business environment doesn’t allow any rigid administrative structures in their organizations and they should be in the position to accept the changes in their structures at any time to meet the market competency. The fast growing economy needs the flexible and adaptive administrative structures and those should be itself organizing and self motivated net work.

With the using this network the staff in the higher position can understand the over all structure and they can organize the man power from the central office itself. In addition with the function the interconnectivity of the staff, the organization also has to improve the knowledge from the people who are in the social networking groups and it enhances the stamina of the organization to increase the productivity. By the observing the following diagram we can come to understand how does the social networking is being effectively implemented in an organization.

How does the inter group connections works to improve the social networking between the various departments. According to the picture we can imagine that the corporate office of the HR department is the brain the other sub-offices as the other organs of our body. The head office (brain) supervises and controls the functions and duties of the other departments (organs). At the same time the organizations also learns many things from the social networking and the knowledge is useful for the company itself.  We can understand how the knowledge transfers from the head office to branch offices and at the same time how the links between the various sections implemented does and how dues the knowledge executes in the company. This is not only the organizational network; we can understand that as the social network as it functions like it. The effective flowing of intra office communication effects smooth running of the organization.  (Valdis Crebs, 1998)

Learning organization

At the same time the organizations also learns something from the social network. The managements should know that the utilization of social networking in a proper way is very useful to not only the staff but also for the organizations. According to (John Farago& David Skyme 1995), the learning organizations should mind the following aspects and these can enhance the capability of the staff.  They should continuously nurture their capacity to change or adapt the new technology or knowledge. They should be ready to accept the external environment. They have to develop their skills in collective manner or individually. They should use the new technology or the new skills in a proper way to achieve good results.

There are four levels of learning patterns and the organizations and the employees should adapt the methods to get good results. In the level one they should try to learn the new things and adapt the minor changes if possible. In the level II they learn the new skills in job and apply the skills where the changes are compulsory. And they think over the outside experts to bring to his organization to learn more. In the level-III they apply their new thoughts more dynamically and in this advanced stage they learn the lessons from the failures and walk on a new path. At the last and level-IV, an innovation and credibility emerge here. At this stage, they think about the other side of the coin and design the new future of the organization and the employee also. Thus the company and the staff develop themselves by adapting to social networking and enhance their skills according to the requirements.


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