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Online Job Application

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On online job application, there are thousand of websites where you can post your resume online in applying a job in an easy and convenience way. All Online job application is designed to screen people out and make possible to reach a goal in their life. Online job application is one way to make people easier their life in finding a job. Explore some of the job hunting resources the internet has to offer. Flipside Digital Content Company Inc. wants to experience in finding applicants easily like the other company. Flipside Digital Content Company Inc. is a provider of premium electronic publishing, publication and distribution of electronic books(e-books). On 1991- They formed as a subsidiary of Barnes @ Noble Inc. As Electronic Publishing Ventures Inc. (EPVI). 2001- Acquired by CPI group from Barnes @ noble.

2003- Management formed Flipside Publishing Services from ex-EPVI after exit by CPI group. 2010- Reorganized as FLIPSIDE DIGITAL CONTENT COMPANY INC. To re-focus on e-books. FLIPSIDE DIGITAL CONTENT COMPANY INC. is a 100% Filipino owned Philippine Corporation. Their clients include two of the largest publisher in the U.K. The CPI (Chevron Philippe Industry). They are the Book Distributer, and in the America the Book Publisher and Bookseller. Their competitor is the ENODATA whose making e-books also. FLIPSIDE DIGITAL CONTENT COMPANY INC. is located at 3F Unit 302 ICITE Building , 12 Orchard RD.. Eastwood City Cyberpark, Bagumbayan Quezon City 1110. FLIPSIDE DIGITAL CONTENT COMPANY INC is using a manual system for accepting the applicants. Their HR can’t handle all applicants.

Some of them are not given opportunity to talk to the hr that is why the hr will divide the applicants and will be schedule for a next interview. If there is urgent hiring, they have to find the files of the applicants again and the company will staff of the company to refer them one of their relatives or friends just to get an application to deploy to the company or clients asking for the employee. Online job application is the one of the convenience way to find a job and company. It is also a bridge connecting people and the company that needs a people service to the company who has an online job application. Applicants can apply thru online, resumes can be reviewed and interviews are scheduled very quickly.

Statement of the Problem
We are conducting a study on how we can apply the online job application. This company does their manual application and Would like to consider of having an online job application. We are doing some research to see the importance of having an online job application as part of their growing company. 1.) What are the usually problem of your company that you are facing of using the manual application? 2.) Why do applicants prefer online job application?

3.) Is there a disadvantage in using the online job application system? Specify if any. 4.) How will the online job application can be effective for their company?

Objectives of the Study
The objective of this study is to design and to develop an Online Job Application System for Flipside Digital Content Company Inc.
•To lessen the time consumed by the walk-in applicants.
•To avoid unorganized files of applicant.
•To be sure that the data of the applicants are secured.
•To help the employer to find a job easier and economical.
• Manageable of time in searching or looking for a job.

Scope and Limitation
In Online Job Application will allow the applicants to view the vacant offered by the company and the number available position, signing the form without login or sign up. They can view and read all the information about the company. Applicants will allow signing or filling up the form if they are interested to the available job posted. If the applicant has a soft copy of their resume they can also attach it even without signing the form on the website. Either signing the form or attaching resume on the website is allowed. It can be both are also allowed. Applicant can view the result right after the day they send it when they will report to the company and what should the applicant to bring.

Once the applicants report to the company, the company or the staff of the company has an authorized to know the applicants if they are pass or not. Thru text or call coming from the company what should the applicants to do next. You can’t view to our site the processes of the company, it is confidential. It is just between the applicant and agency and employer. Only authorized person can view the applicant form and can decide what they should to do. An authorized has only access to delete or to add the job position. Authorized person has only right to add the user for the admin site but there is some page that the user that the admin add to view some confidential page that the admin has only access to enter or to view and edit it. An admin has an authorized to add a user to have an access to change the position desired and can decide who will be to employed or conduct an interview.

Significance of Study
People who will benefit this study are the management, because through the Online Job Application that will be develop, the management will get applicants in much easier way than the bulk of applicants that will come on their office every day. One of the beneficiaries would be the intended user which is the applicants, because through the Online Job Application System the applicants from the far places could apply easily through the Online Job Application System. To the proponents-This study will help the proponents to enhance the ability on how to create an online job application. This will serve to the proponents as a challenge to do a system. To the other researcher -This study gives knowledge to researcher on how to create an online job application. This will serve as information for the researcher whose study will be related in the field of information technology.

This Chapter presents the review of related literature and studies underlying the pre-work of the study. It includes the conceptual framework of the study and the operational definition of terms.

Review and Related Literature
The review of the literature for this study focuses on creating online job application for Flipside Digital Content Company Inc. In order to create we need to find some helpful resources about the study According to Patrick Richard, The skills gap in the U.S. isn’t just a problem now; it’s expected to widen over the next 10 years or so. With the unemployment rate at 8.3 percent, it’s clear there are job candidates available to fill these specific types of jobs, but employers are still struggling to find them. So what’s the issue? Today’s job search process — specifically online — has become a throw-it-over-the-wall mentality. With the multitude of websites available to advertise a job opening, both employers and job seekers end up focusing on quantity over quality. There’s also a lot of spam out there, not only in terms of job postings but in terms of resumes and applications being submitted.

I wanted to make an impact on how people interact with each other when it comes to taking a new job, which is why I founded Shiny Needle. Everyone on our team is motivated by the ultimate goal of changing the way people think about hiring others online, and that involves a lot more than just a resume and good interview skills. The Shiny Needle process asks both employers and job seekers to put in a little more effort by focusing on job challenges. The employer includes a business challenge with the job posting, the interested candidate answers the employer’s challenge, and the employer is then able to connect with those candidates who answer the challenge successfully. This results in a much bigger payoff, which comes from understanding what kind of business challenges a future employee will face and how they will tackle them head on. We’re trying to get to real strategic and actionable skills put into the equation upfront.

Our goal is to reduce turnover by giving a company the chance to assess business impact before hiring a candidate, via the business challenge methodology we built, to assess skill not by a number but on something that can’t be calculated or bought. What is that? Providing real insight and capability through strategic thought as it applies to a specific company. There is no better way to prove dedication and understanding of a business before being hired, which will then allow more of the right people to get into the right companies. This can be specifically helpful for college grads who are light on their résumé but wicked smart. Many struggle simply because of words on their “résumé” paper.

When we were looking for help in building our social media and marketing, we used our own product to find freelance candidates. The results were overwhelming — and this told us Shiny Needle is something that is going to make a huge impact. We received full media plans and aggressive insights from applicants into how they could build our social media presence.

Currently, our base of job seekers is about 400. We’re still fairly new, but we do expect that to grow exponentially as we continue to push awareness of our product.

While we gain more understanding of how companies use Shiny Needle and job candidates respond, we believe we can completely change the résumé spam mentality of the current online job board market. Instead of needing a good résumé to get a foot in the door, we think the job search process must instead focus on thoughtful insight and smart thinking among job candidates. It gives people a chance to prove themselves — which will undoubtedly change the unemployment landscape for the better.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, only 44.2 percent of recent college graduates who applied for jobs had offers in hand as of June 2012.

Has social media become a crutch for young job seekers? One common misconception is that social media is the best way to find a job. While
Facebook claims it has apps that can help you secure a job through your connections, the effectiveness of such tools remains to be seen. Linked In is a great tool for working professionals who already have industry connections, but most college students don’t know who to actually connect to. Recent grads, listen up.

Utilize the real connections you already have. There are countless offline connections that you probably pass by every day without realizing the impact they could have in your future. These are just a few:

Your professors know countless other students who’ve passed through the department year in and year out. They often even have significant relationships with employers in your field as well and can usually identify companies that may be of interest — even suggest or connect you to contacts in your field. Tell your professor, your adviser; teaching assistants and department staff members what you’re interested in doing. Ask them if they know people who might be willing to talk with you. Follow up. Follow up again.

You’re Parents’ Friends? Yep.
Your parents are probably more involved in your job search than the parents of any previous generation. Their friends and their grown kids, even their neighbors, can often be a good source, helping you to get an interview or referring you to someone you could be helpful. When your parents ask how your job search is going, ask them if they have any friends who can help you break into the industry or company you’re interested in. Follow up. Follow up again.

Cool Your Bridges
Avoid the Costanza in you and don’t burn a single bridge. Did you have any summer jobs that were related to your field of study? Or perhaps not even related? If so, go back to that employer and ask if he or she will talk with you about new opportunities or can introduce you to someone else in that field. As you look for a job this summer, make sure you tap every resource you can. Social media is fun, but the connections that can help you find work may not even be on a social network. Have faith in the strength of your weak ties: professors and alumni, friends of your family, former employers.

And remember this: No matter where you go to school or who your parents are, you’re probably more connected than you think. Ignore the new misconception that quadruple-digit social online “friends, followers, and connections” are the path to career prosperity. Having a large number of connections does not equal connectedness. Know the difference and use the difference to your advantage

According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Midlife is full of challenges, and perhaps none are as daunting as holding onto, growing in or finding your way back onto the career path. Needless to say, the U.S. economic downturn only makes the situation even more challenging for the millions of midlifers trying to stay afloat. If you’re feeling stuck or thwarted in your ability to keep your career going, you may be willing to do anything to bring home a paycheck. Fortunately, however, psychology can offer valuable pointers to ease your emotional burden.

Let’s start by looking at the ways that vocational psychologists understand the course of career growth. They’ve moved far away from the traditional “three box of life” models that see career development as a straight path from education to work to retirement. Current occupational researchers no longer see people’s career paths within the work phase of life as straight either. Instead, these job experts talk about careers as having the potential to be “protean” and “boundary less.”

Let’s unpack these terms. The protean career is one that allows workers to express their own values in their work. By being self-directed, workers can more clearly behave in ways consistent with their identities. Protean workers decide for themselves how to prioritize their work tasks. They are more motivated by what they enjoy and want to do than by the paycheck, status or perks of the job. Research on motivation shows that people are more satisfied with their jobs if they have at least some of this protean self-direction.

Nice work if you can get it, right? Who wouldn’t rather have a job that you can feel emotionally connected to instead of feeling that you’re a puppet of your boss? However, before you give up on this idea as completely impractical for you, stop and think about whether you could build some of this mindset into your life right now. Are there perhaps small choice points in your job that you can steer in the protean direction? It’s possible that if you talk to your supervisor and suggest ways that you could build more of your personal interests and preferences into your job, you could take a small piece of the protean pie. Maybe you can join, or form, a committee that works on a project during lunch or break time, such as assisting in the company’s recycling policies or charity work. Perhaps this is why company bowling leagues and softball teams are so popular. These extracurricular pursuits can help you approach your actual job tasks while you feel at least a modicum of self-direction.

The boundary less career is another mindset that can help workers feel more satisfied. In a boundary less career, workers don’t feel stuck at working for the same company for decade after decade particularly if they don’t like the company or if they feel that their growth is being stifled. This is a tough one to negotiate if you feel grateful to have any employer, particularly the one who’s willing to keep you on the payroll during tough times. If that’s the case, then your best bet is to keep that boundary less mentality on the back burner until the employment situation improves. Who knows, new opportunities might open up and you’ll be ready to take action when they do.

What makes some people love their jobs and others ready to shove them? A lot has to do with the match between your personality and the qualities of your particular occupation. This match, or “congruence,” as it’s called, reflects the meshing of six basic factors between you and the job: Artistic, Realistic, Conventional, Investigative, Social and Enterprising

Now let’s look at the situation for midlife adults who’ve been laid off or now find it necessary to jump back into the job market due to other changing life circumstances. Where do you begin? As you pore through the classified ads or enlist the help of a job agency, it’s easy to feel that you’re too old, that your skills are out of date, and that no one really wants to invest in your future, which you believe they see as limited. Clearly, it is easy to get discouraged and understandable when you do. However, it’s vital that at this stage of the game you do not give in to these feelings. There are actions you can take to make yourself marketable and desirable as a mature adult employee.

Most importantly, take care of your health. Getting exercise, proper diet, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol use, and sleeping enough will benefit you on the inside but, just as importantly for you now, on the outside. If you’re worried about looking too old for the job, failing to take these precautions will only make this a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Next, as you work on improving your physical appearance, take stock of the face you do present to the outside world and prospective employers. You don’t have to dress like a 20-something (which would only be self-defeating), but you can make sure that your grooming is reasonably up-to-date. You don’t need to do an extreme makeover, but you might benefit from a mini one. Ask people you know whose advice you respect to go career-clothes shopping with you. If you’re a woman, find a department store or Sephora makeup artist who’s willing to spend a little time polishing up your look. You don’t need a lot of expensive makeup to pull this off. The advice will be free, and you can then figure out how to swap drugstore for the fancy brands.

If you’re going to get that all-important interview, however, you need to make sure that your appearance online or on paper is completely up to snuff. Find a person with professional experience (not your spouse or parent) to read and critique your cover letters and resume. You might have a former employer or teacher with whom you were close, and who you respect, to serve in this role. It’s absolutely essential that every single written word you communicate in your job search is constructed in a grammatical, professional, and interesting way including any and all emails. Employers who are going through hundreds of job applications will be trying to find the one that “sparkles.” Compelling stories, thoughtful observations, and well-reasoned rationales for seeking the job are ways to make sure your letter is put into the “interview” rather than “reject” pile.

At this stage, it’s especially important that you take your age and experience and put them in a positive light. Compare the job requirements with the skills you’ve gained in your life, and show why you are the perfect match. You’ll be particularly effective if you emphasize your reliability, common sense and willingness to learn from experiences. Research shows, and many employers know, that older workers are more reliable, better job “citizens” and emotionally more stable. Instead of imagining how much better those younger applicants are than you, imagine the ways that you can beat them on these three vital aspects of job performance.

Job’s Online.com.ph
In a world in which the average consumer is exposed to thousands of media messages a day, there is no room for guesswork. That is why companies are relying more and more on targeted advertising campaigns.Jobsonline.com.ph can develop a targeted web and email marketing campaign for your company targeting either the corporate Human Resource Department decision maker or career oriented jobseekers. Jobsonline.com.ph is owned and managed by System Computer Solutions corp.

TSA Screener Online Job Application
The Transportation Security Administration expects to hire hundreds or even thousands of screeners this spring in order to cover shortfalls in several airports across the U.S. If you want to apply for a job as a TSA screener, you need to read this. The TSA is changing its hiring process for screeners and other staff so that officials at each airport are responsible for hiring decisions, rather than the previous system where hiring was contracted out to a separate company. Officials hope that this process will eventually improve the hiring process, but for now it’s resulted in understaffing at many airports, as many aren’t yet ready to process applicants.

Online Application East West Center
East West Placement Center, Inc. is duly authorized and licensed by POEA under license no. NCC-03-0234 (renewed licensed no. POEA-574-LB-121302-R) to recruit, hire and process manpower for its accredited foreign .EWPCI’s operation is computerized. In 1993, it had developed its own proprietary system (program) to manage the entire manpower recruitment process dubbed the Recruitment Management System (RMS). Both the POEA and the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia recognize the fact that it was the first of its kind to be implemented in a recruitment agency in the Philippines. In 2000, the RMS was augmented to support the expansion of the company. Currently, the company is completely redeveloping the RMS for the third time to integrate our corporate interactive. Since its inception in 1993, the company has deployed thousands of workers and to date, have been consistently ranked by POEA as having the highest deployment.

The aim of this project is to help students find a job that suits their profile. This provides a common platform for the job seekers to search for jobs on one website Instead of searching them on multiple websites which highly reduces the time of searching for a suitable job. This website also provides a platform for the recruiters to post a job and search for the resume suitable to their job requirements. Kansas State University, “Online Job Search”., 2008

Trabaho.com has been the Filipino job seeker’s partner since 1996, the year when it became the premiere online recruitment site in the country. Conceptualized and developed by the creative minds of Web Philippines, Inc., the site aims to provide global Filipinos with an accessible venue for limitless career opportunities, for corporate organizations to receive time-saving and cost-effective online recruitment solutions, and to support government initiatives for improving the employment situation in the country. Now empowered with a roster of highly competitive services and a better design, Trabaho.com is set to fulfill its role of being the jobseeker’s your “Complete Online Career Resource.” Thanks to the help of its strategic partners today, jobseekers can expect to be greatly empowerment in charting their career path. Trabaho.com unique advantage is that its goals are governed under Web Philippines Inc.’s mission to improve its services. Web Philippines, Inc. (WPI), founded in 1996, is an Internet Business Solutions Provider that focuses on three strategic areas: website assessment/planning, design and development, and management. Web Philippines, Inc., “Trabaho.com”.


Zen And The Art Of Recruitment
One of the most challenging problems for any Human Resources department is recruitment, the art of matching potential employees with vacancies within the organization. The process is complex: place an advertisement, wait for resumes to roll in, and then begin the arduous task of sifting through them in search of potential recruits. This is usually followed by interviews and reference checks of potential candidates, and perhaps a job offer. The Art of Zen Recruitment is for the ultimate recruitment warrior to be a willing leader, having no fear of taking others along into the battlefield. Knowing that others also can excel to levels they have only imagined, and therefore have the opportunity to achieve success through accomplishments they may have thought impossible. By providing a greater sense of purpose, the ultimate recruitment warrior takes recruitment to its highest level. There is a ‘zone’ that can be reached. Our ultimate goal is to become one with that zone, for that is the essence of Zen.

Conceptual Model of the Study

Input Process Output


These are the terms of the some important thing about online job application.

Applicant- a person who applies, as for a job, grant, support, etc.; candidate

Resume- A brief written summary of an individual’s education, work experience, and accomplishments, usually for the purposes of finding a job. Job application-Form or paper which indicates interest in a particular place of employment or position within a company. Typically requests personal identification information, such as name, address and phone number, as well as a history of job experience. Soft copy- Electronic copy of a document, as opposed to paper (hard) copy Interview- Human resource management: A somewhat formal discussion between a hirer and an applicant or candidate, typically in person, in which information is exchanged, with the intention of establishing the applicant’s suitability for a position. Resources- List of resources (men, machines, material) required for a certain rate and units of output. It generally highlights the critical resources (those in short supply or having long lead times) to help in capacity planning. Employer- A legal entity that controls and directs a servant or worker under an express or implied contract of employment and pays (or is obligated to pay) him or her salary or wages in compensation. Beneficiary- in the broadest sense is a natural person or other legal entity who receives money or other benefits from a benefactor. For example: The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is the person who receives the payment of the amount of insurance after the death of the insured. The beneficiaries of a trust are the persons with equitable ownership of the (law) |will]] are called devisees or legatees according to local custom. Deploy- To introduce or to assign in the position.

E-book -A small, portable device onto which the contents of a book in electronic format can be downloaded and read . A book whose contents are in an electronic format.

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