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One life Fitness Gym

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Health and fitness business is failing all over the world. This could be heavily attributed to the kind of lifestyle people live. The rise in people with obesity all over the country means that the fitness industry is not doing its job. However, we cannot deny the fact that the fitness industry has a huge role that it plays in the lives of the people. Therefore, the health and fitness officers have to ensure that more people are indulging into health and fitness activities to help eradicate the rising failure in the fitness industry. This, therefore calls for a strategic program plan that is going to enable people to embrace health and fitness and peruse it. I have come up with a report that entails a couple of strategies that will be taken to ensure that the fitness business to start thriving.

One life Fitness Gym is a world-class fitness Centre situated in Maryland. The institution is dedicated to improving people’s lives by catering to their fitness needs. The institution is useful in their undertakings. Their missions are to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The institution has got the best services compared to other local gyms in the location. Exceptional performance has led to a high admittance rate. The fitness program that is currently being used in the organization does not allow for the members who have subscribed for group fitness to access personal fitness programs on the same subscription. As the personal head trainer, I have formulated several strategic plans that will ensure that the One life Fitness gym improves the own fitness program in the organization to encourage clients to subscribe more to the personal training services. It is essential for the organization to support the schedule for the reason that the program is highly profitable. My primary duty at the institution is to come up with a training program that will be both lucrative for the organization and suitable for the clients.

Statistics from highly reputable research institutions have revealed that there is a steady increase in the memberships at fitness centers. The study that was conducted by Statista (2019) in 2017 showed that the total number of people who subscribed for fitness programs in 2015 was 50 million. The name has raised to 60.87 million in 2017(Statista, 2019). This shows how lucrative the fitness business is. Most of the people in the fitness industry opt to go for personal training programs for the reason that the services offered are better than other training programs. The personal training program has the potential to increase the revenue of the business thus improving the financial status of the company. I will work with my team to ensure that the objectives of One Life Fitness Gym are achieved efficiently. The program includes a well-evaluated strategic plan that will encompass all of the aspects of the personal training program. The program entails information on how the program will cater for the 1000 members that will likely subscribe to the program, the employees and training stuff that will be needed achieve the objectives of the organization and the marketing strategies that will be used in promoting the personal fitness program in the organization.

My goals as the personal head trainer are to ensure that the clients get motivated to achieve their objectives. The classes will be filled with fun activities that will inspire the clients and make them encourage other people to join the club. As the head of the program, I will ensure that the staff that will be assigned the duties of training the clients are competent for the tasks and partake their duties with the required diligence. The primary objective of the program to make the personal training program educative, fun and productive for the clients. The personal trainers have to help then clients achieve their health and fitness goals by providing resourceful education and services to the clients.
The ultimate mission of the program is to provide effective and safe services to the client regardless of their location in the state. The program will help all of the members reach their personal fitness goals and live a vibrant life full of health. To ensure the achievement of this mission, several policies will be put in place to ensure the provision of quality services for the members. Coming up with a quality control body will help us understand the needs of the clients better and work on achieving them. Customers’ satisfaction will be the priority in the personal training program. The vision of the program is to establish a reputable facility that will change the lives of the community by providing quality and expert services to the member.

The program will include some personal trainers. The training industry is categorized into several sections. Different types of trainers will be assigned to different clients depending on the preference of the member. I will have nine teams of trainers grouped as per their expertise. Considering the membership base of 1000 clients, the organization will need a team of eighteen personal trainers. The first team will be of two strength coaches. The strength coach must help the trainee focus on improving their performance in different fields. This is the right team to deal with professional athletes who are getting ready for a competition.

The second team will be yoga and balance specialist. We only need one trainer in this section. The coach will deal with helping the client’s balance life other than the physical activities. The yoga instructor will help the members achieve mental balance. The third section will entail one holistic personal trainer that will deal with all of the client’s needs from the physical activities, food, and lifestyle to the mental and body healing activities such as massage and yoga. The fourth section of the team will be functional training experts. I will assign three trainers in this section due to the high demand for practical fitness services. The trainer will be responsible for offering alternative exercises to help the client conduct their day to day activities efficiently.

The fifth category of trainers will include two Pilates trainers who will help the clients increase their flexibility and endurance. The experts will train clients of making their bodies healthy and toned. The sixth section will entail trainers that specialize in athlete training. The athlete trainers will have the professional skill to help people of all ages avoid injuries. They will also treat injured athletes. This section will have three trainers. The program will also have a team of three rehabilitation specialists who will deal with clients who have succumbed to injuries and need to recover adequately. The trainers will help the members achieve their intended fitness goals. Most of the clients in this section will be referred from hospitals for fitness training. The last team will be the cardio and condition coach. The team will utilize the equipment that is already existing in the facility to ensure they direct their clients focus on reducing body fats to avoid heart-related illnesses in the future. I will assign three trainers in this section

Like any other business fitness programs have managers who influence the success of such businesses. The personal head trainers, however, have specific roles they play. Some of the functions that I will undertake as the personal head trainer for the success of the gym includes the following. As the personal head trainer, I will ensure there is proper staffing. This involves employing a qualified team to provide quality services to the trainees. The team should be able to provide services to all clients without any biasness. After hiring the trainers, training will be conducted in case of a need; for instance, when some or all trainers lack specific skills. This lead to the rise of strong trainers team (Hildebrand, 2018). In addition to a qualified organization, I would buy efficient equipment that aligns with the fitness program. This will ensure quality services delivery to clients hence satisfying the customer’s needs. Also, I will formulate the organization goals and policies. The goals expressed will act as the driving force for the success of the business. On the other hand, the systems will serve as a guideline to the trainers. In other words, it is through policies that the trainers will be aware of what is needed from them by the organization; that is the way to handle clients and manner to handle problems if any arise (Gabbett, 2016). The policies will also guide the trainers on how to carry themselves and on how to use specific equipment. Thus formulated goals and strategies will ensure the smooth running of the business and efficient service delivery.

Again I will ensure a smooth flow of information in the organization. In other words, I will maintain communication among trainers and the organization. For example, information the personal trainers about a staff meeting. I will also modernize them on the progress of the organization. This, in turn, will help the trainers know where they should apply more effort. Through maintain smooth communication, the trainers, on the other hand, will be able to address any issues concerning the organization thus efficient managing of the business. This continuous flow of information, however, depends on the relationship developed between the trainers and the management.

Another role I will execute as the personal head trainer is to ensure the trainers adhere to the organizational policies. This includes timekeeping, good relationship with the clients, appropriate dress code and proper sanitation. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the company will attract a penalty to the trainers. In other words, any trainer who goes against the policies must face a penalty as prescribed by the organizational constitution. The systems are essential to every trainer is it is their guideline; failure of adhering to it might lead to inefficient service delivery (Hildebrand, 2018). Therefore, while ensuring the compliance to policies by the trainers, I would lead by example. In other words, I will ensure I adhere to the plans before ensuring the trainers comply with them.
As the personal head trainer, I will also give directions in the organization. In other words, I will act as the source of problem solving to the trainers. For instance, if a trainer is not aware of how to provide a particular task, then I will be consulted by the trainer on how to go about it. This means I will be in charge of quality service delivery since I’m the reference point. Apart from task provision, the trainers from different departments can consult on the usage of specific equipment. Apart from consultation, in giving directions, I will guide the trainers on various aspects for efficient service delivery.

Apart from giving directions, I will also chair different meetings such as staff meetings, board meetings among others that might arise. The sessions will enable the organization to review its performance thus making adjustments where needed. The meetings will also help in evaluating the organizational policies and rectifying where approximate. I will conduct staff meetings weekly to be updated with the organization’s performance. These meetings will enable the organization to be aware of areas that need more effort and commitment. Through this, the trainers get to know where they need to improve to ensure efficient service delivery.

Once more, I will act as a mediator among the trainers. In other words, I will solve disputes if any arises among the trainers. This means that in case any of the trainers are not in good terms, I am the person who will help them in solving the matter. This will assist in maintaining unity and good relationship among the trainers thus enhancing teamwork. By solving any disputes, I will promote good relations among the trainers, therefore, making it possible to realize the organization’s goals. This, however, is not possible in cases where the trainers are not in good terms since it’s the trainers who to a more significant extent influence goal achievement in any fitness organization.

In addition to being a mediator, I will conduct a performance appraisal and motivate the trainers in various ways. For instance, through; promotions: if there is a need, organizing retreats, offering leaves among others. Through this, the trainers will be more committed to achieving organizational goals thus improving revenue generation.

The personal trainers that will be employed in the organization will have to possess some qualities that will be essential for the job. Before conducting the staffing process, I have come up with the best trainer job description that will help the prospective applicants know the exact requirement of the job they will be applying for. Having a clear job description helps streamline the staffing process as most of the potential applicants that will engage in the process will have full knowledge of what is required (Lovelock and Patterson, 2015). There will not be any cases of misplaced applicants. A process that has a clear job description attracts applicants with the relevant skills to the job posted. The following is a job description for the prospective trainers who wish to be part of the personal training program at Onelife Fitness Gym.
The following is a list of the tasks and responsibilities of the trainer.
· Comply with the organizational policies and health regulations when utilizing the equipment.
· Creating personalized work out plans that will work for every individual client comfortably in line with the client’s preferences.
· Direct the clients on how to use the equipment that will be provided for workouts.
· Give mentorship to the clients to encourage them through hard activities like weight lifting and strength training.
· Guide the clients on the best lifestyle that will help them improve their health and fitness, for instance, diet and exercise.
· In the event of an accident, the trainer will be able to perform first aid, CPR and other lifesaving practices to the client.
· Modify client’s plans as they reach and complete their set goals.
· Monitor the client’s progress and record it for reference.
· Monitoring the clients through workout activities that need close supervision such as weightlifting and strength training.
· Provide education to clients on how to safely use the weight lifting equipment.
· The trainers will have the task of leading individual clients through their occasional exercise routines.
· They will be responsible for evaluating the state and fitness level of new clients so that they know the kind of skillset that they will employ to reach the goals of the clients.
To ensure that I employ a team of competent employees that will help conserve the reputation of Onelife Fitness Gym, there are specific qualifications that trainers ought to have. Trainers with proper qualifications will conduct their duties with utmost effectiveness in their respective posts. The essential requirement is that the trainers should have excellent communication skills to help them build a good relationship with the clients (Fabian, 2018). Being a business where the trainers will work with individual clients, there is a need for the trainer to be fluent in communication. This will directly impact the industry by painting a picture of the organization to the public. It also helps in the retainage of the members. For one to be qualified for the personal trainer post, they will have to possess the following requirements.
· A high school degree or more top accreditations
· A professional certification
· CPR and first aid certification
· Have a flexible working schedule which will include early mornings, evenings and holidays
· Possess excellent communication and writing skills.
· Should be capable of creating a trusting personal relationship with the clients

The staff I hire as a manager of a gym has a significant impact on keeping the existing clients. This means it is vital for me to be careful in hiring the appropriate staff. In case of any mistake during the hiring process, then providing efficient service to the customers will be a problem and this might lead to transaction cancelling by the clients. Therefore, in the hiring process, there are three major sections and their operations. These areas described below.

To conduct a compelling interview, I have come up with a clear job description. This is an essential step in that it does not only focus on academic requirements but also give insights to the interested candidates of what is expected of them unlike when selection is based on academic credentials. The job description provides a clear role and goals of the business to the applicants such that they know what is expected of them by the organization. This aligns to Noecker’s (Fabian, 2018) argument that a good job description is that which portrays the primary goals of a business since it is the basis of selecting candidates. In other words, a job description is what helps a manager to choose the fitting candidates for the interview. This helps in avoiding making the wrong selection of candidates. However, responsibilities and goals should be realistic and well captured in the job description. Unclear goals and responsibilities even to the managers might lead to unsuitable candidate selection hence inefficient service delivery to clients.

It is essential for a manager to choose the fitting candidates for the organization. This, however, is only possible through the resume of the candidates. I will use the resume to arrange for the interview. This to some extent aids in reducing the number of candidates in that those who do not have resume will not be able to proceed to the next step. After that, I will have a pre-phone interview with the shortlisted candidates. This kind of conversation will help me get more details of the applicants; thus through the information gained narrow down the number of applicants I will invite for a face to face interview. For example, through phone screening, I will be able to conduct a work history of every candidate and get to learn of the indicators that the candidates are not fit for the job. According to Noecker’s for instance, (Zimmerman et al., 2018) when a candidate has moved from one company to another is a signal that the candidate might not be right for hire.

When conducting the interview, I will ensure that I avoid basing my judgement on the impression created by the candidates. This is because the impact created by the candidates might not be who they are. The best candidates too at times are nervous during the interview. Instead of judging using impression, I will adopt Noecker’s advice of choosing the different attitude in making a judgement. For instance, if a candidate impresses me, I will pose difficult and challenging words to them. On the other hand, if the candidate fails to impress me, I will be considerate of other factors (Bembrick, 2018). During the interview, I will also avoid biasness since I will be hiring an employee and not a friend. However, after every interview I will incline to Luo Adler’s golden rule of hiring using the head and not the heart.
Yet again, during the interview, I will be observant of any negative or positive indicators. For instance, a few details and unnecessary details may signal that the candidates are not confident with their skills. On the other hand, an approved record of earlier skills might be proof that the candidate is fit for the job. This, however, is only possible through keen observation of the responses from the candidates.

After the interview, I will ensure I go through the references presented by the candidates during the interview. This will help me to verify the information given to avoid any future mistake. In other words, through corroborating references, I will be able to report the hires in case of any error. Again verification helps in ensuring that the candidates chosen are with the right skills for the organization. This will, therefore, assist in providing that the individuals carry out their tasks as expected by the organization. After verifying references, I will select the best candidates and invite them for orientation. After that training on usage of specific equipment will be offered to the candidates. After all, is done each of the candidates will be assigned to their particular departments. This will mark their commencement of work. In other words, the candidates would have been recruited by the organization as part of the staff members.
Therefore, there are three major sections in the hiring process just as portrayed above. Each of the articles is important, and a manager should follow each of the sections appropriately so that he or she employs the appropriate staff for the business. Through these steps, I will be able to select the best and right personnel for the gym business unlike when I base my selection on academic merit only. This process gives me an assured service delivery; in other words, through this process, I am confident with my services.

Salaries are considered the highest expense in business. It is crucial that the management comes up with criteria that will ensure fair compensation to the trainers and also allow the company to make a profit. This is done by the adoption of the best payment plan for the employees. The payment structure that will be used in this program is the sliding scale structure. This is basically, the activity of rewarding the trainers for the number of sessions they undertake in a day. The more meetings the trainer secures, the more the pay. For instance, the payments may be organized in a way that the trainer gets a fee of $17 for each of the first five sessions. The amount paid will increase to $18 per session if the trainer manages to do five to seven meetings. Doing ten sessions a day will earn the trainer $20 per session. This technique is meant to motivate trainers to work harder and efficiently.
The benefits of having this system of scaling the employees’ wages are that the system automatically rewards the employed that are giving their best. The technique will encourage trainers to work more. It is difficult for the organization to incur losses that result from inappropriate payments of employees. The more the employees work, the more the profit they make for the organization. However, the technique is cumbersome in managing the overall payroll for each employee for the reason that they get paid differently depending on the amount of work they carry out. There will be delays in payments as the accountant needs to calculate the different fees that were made for every individual Trainor.

It is essential for the training program to keep track of individual progress of the clients. This will help the client-witness the work they put in and encourage them to put in more efforts. The workout sessions will be scheduled in favor of the client’s schedule. Most of the clients that subscribe to fitness programs usually allocate time that is not in the way of their day to day activities. Therefore most of the workout sessions will be scheduled early in the mornings, nights and also weekends. Proper scheduling of the training sessions helps the clients incorporate the activities in their lifestyles thus avoiding strains with other activities.
The perfect training session should record specific progress in an individual to know whether the set objectives are being met. I came up with a logical table that will ensure that the development of the clients is well recorded.

The forms will record the necessary information about the client and their preferences. The form helps the trainers have an idea of what they are working with. It is essential for the trainers to know this information for them to be able to plan for the best workout sessions for the client. The tool that will be used to record the progress of the clients should be sophisticated in a way that it should be able to evaluate and give a full analysis of the client’s development. The program plans to use a web based fitness platform that provides the breakdown of every individual client. This is the FitSW software (Fine, 2017). By the use of the software, the organization will be able to analyse data for every client and present the information to them wherever they are. The software can create flexible workout plans that will help the trainers plan their schedules effectively. Being an online platform, the platform will update the progress of the clients without the use of more paper works. It is efficient and convenient.

The primary goal of this program is to make a profit in the organization. The activities that are carried out by the trainers will be undertaken with the highest level of professionalism. Good conduct between the trainers and the clients may attract more clients to the program which is best for the business. The payment package that will be suitable for personal training services is the Pay-As-You-Go package. This package involves the clients paying for the services as they continue getting them. This technique is flexible as most of the clients feel that a onetime subscription fee is higher than the pay per service process. The clients will have a payment mode in their fitness apps which will make it convenient for them to pay for the training services whenever they need to.
The mobile app will have a feature that will let the clients deposited money from their credit card to the app and pay for the services. The procedure is comfortable and convenient as most of the clients have credit cards and smartphones. The organization will also accept check and credit cards. This mode of payment will need the clients to come to the facilities by themselves to make the payments. Our IT team will also ensure that the organization’s website contains a payment mode tab that will allow the clients to make their payments for the services any time they want to. A shopping cart will be added to the website enabling the clients to make several bookings of the training services. A proper payment mode will help the organization keep the right track of the payments made thus avoiding loss of funds and embezzlement of the company’s funds. A clear flow of finances helps in budgeting for the development of the facility and improvement of the equipment. The company will also receive huge revenues which will lead to a rise in the trainers’ wages. When the trainers are paid well, they give quality services to the clients which leaves a good impression to the public. A good public image is always the best way an organization can advertise for their services. The program will also include a monthly subscription plan for the clients that wish to subscribe for long term services. The payments will be made through the popular venues. However, they will be for a monthly subscription.
The payment of the employees will be made every month. The accumulated remunerations will be calculated and paid to single employees every end of the month. The program will ensure fair compensation of the trainers according to the work they will have done. The trainers will be paid according to the hours they spend in a single session. This will mean that, the more hours a trainer spends in a meeting, the more the pay. The standard payment per hour for the trainers will be $12. This will allow the organization to fairly compensate their employees as well as get more significant profit margins (Romero et al., 2017). The trainers will be allowed to collect tips from the clients as appreciation for the work they do. However, all of the payments for the services will not be made to the trainer. All of the transactions will be done by the financial departments and the IT department.

Owning a gym without clients is as good as nothing. Therefore, after establishing a gym business, it is vital for the industry to be marketed. This, however, involves specific strategies; some of the policies that will help in creating a broader market for the company are as illustrated below. One of the ways I will market the gym business is by creating videos with my staff. The videos we create in turn will be posted on social media thus making more people aware. This will to awareness of the existence of our gym. We will develop videos through live platforms and testimonials. Apart from the live recordings, we will share with our audience our lives behind the signs (Armstrong, 2015). This will help in developing a stronger relationship with the clients hence increase in the market for the business
Once more, I will provide free quality content to the audience. This is through the website created and even though the videos we produce. It is the nature of every human being go after quality materials. Therefore, to thrive, my staff and I will ensure we offer high quality to our members. If the quality of our content is high, then automatically many people will be interested in our services thus increase the marketing rate of our business. On the other hand, if we offer low quality content, the audience will refer to other organizations over us. However high quality content is an assurance of an increase in the market (Armstrong, 2015). Correspondingly, I will partner with local businesses such as hairdressers. Through this partnership, the audience will grow. This is possible by building stronger connections with the owners with this business. These local businesses in return will inform their clients about our credible service delivery. The clients after that might decide to try our services thus increase in the market. In other words, building, connections with local business help in creating awareness of the existence of our business. It is the local businesses which help us in creating the knowledge of our business.
Another marketing strategy I would employ is coming up with appropriate promotions such as using fun names or creating a deadline. This will attract some clients to the business. For instance, by giving free services during a specific holiday such as Valentine’s Day would attract more clients into the industry (Islam, 2017). Again giving offers will help such as payment of one function to get another service for free of charge will attract more clients into the business. In other words, relating the company with a particular event and using fun names will help in widening the market. Developing ads in social media especially on Facebook is also another marketing strategy I will use. Facebook among social media is widely used by many people from different geographical regions. Therefore, to some extent, Facebook is the best method to use in advertising one’s business. Therefore, by sharing our business activities on Facebook, many people will view them, and those interested will end up looking for us thus increase in the market rate for our business
The fitness industry is booming and so is a personal training business. It is necessary for any fitness organization to priorities personal fitness programs for the reason that they are the most lucrative business in the fitness industry. Coming up with a good plan for a training program require dedications and a lot of research. During the investigation for this training program, a lot of information is gained. A successful personal training program involves strategic planning that will ensure swift implementation of the ideas. As the personal head trainer of Onelife Fitness Gym, I will ensure that the personal training program commences as soon as this proposal is accepted.


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