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Nick Vujicic, power of hope

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Imagine getting through your busy day without hands or feet. Picture your life without the ability to walk, care for your basic needs, or even embrace those you love. Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, with tetra- Amelia syndrome, without arms and legs. And yet, the Vujicic family was destined to cope with both the challenge and blessing of raising a son who refused to allow his physical condition to limit his lifestyle. The early days were difficult. Throughout his childhood, Nick not only dealt with the typical challenges of school and adolescence, but he also struggled with depression and loneliness. Nick constantly wondered why he was different than all the other kids. He questioned the purpose of life, or if he even had a purpose.

According to Nick, the victory over his struggles, as well as his strength and passion for life today, can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends and the many people he has encountered along the journey have inspired him to carry on, as well. Nick says, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!” The late Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” Time and again in Nick’s life and in his travels, he has witnessed the incredible power of the human spirit. Miracles happen, only for those who hang on hope. What is hope? It is a window to look through and picture the possibilities. We may not control what happens to you, but we can control how you respond.

Nick indicated, “Have the courage to pursue your dreams and never doubt your ability to meet whatever challenges come your way.” Look at the prisoners in South Africa. They were captive on the outside but free on the inside because of their faith and hope. Those inmates seemed freer than many of those outside the prison gates. We, too can allow hope to live in our heart. Never let sadness dominate your thoughts day and night. Control your response by turning to more positive thoughts and actions that lift your spirits. If you say you are without hope, that means you think there’s zero chance of anything good happening in your life ever again.

Hope, along with faith and love, is one of the pillars of spirituality. Life may not be going well for you now, but as long as you are here, as long as you press forward and holding on hope, anything is possible. A passage in the Bible says, “Those who hope will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities. Look up to Nick, and admire his faithful heart and the way he go through life optimistically. A man with no arms and legs is dreaming big, so why can’t we?

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