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Ngo Csi Report

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Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and there are no exceptions. The report being submitted today is a result of collective effort. Although the report has been solely prepared by me with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the course of CSI (Corporate Social Initiative), there are innumerous helping hands behind it who have guided me on my way. First I would like to thank our CSI program developers for creating such an opportunity for the students to broaden their frame of skills. I am gratified with their efforts. My sincere gratitude also goes to my college guide Dr. Saritprava Das as well as Prof.

Vandana Tripathi (Project guide) and Dr. C.S. Adhikari (Dean Academics and ITM CSI Head) who have helped me to perform internship and be familiar to the social aspects and how companies are associated with social initiatives. I would like to thank Ms. Shobha Murthy the founder of AARAMBH who has provided me the greatest opportunity to perform internship. I am also grateful to all the teachers of AARAMBH for being the helping hand and guide me throughout the program. Finally, if I have mistakenly omitted to giving credits, I want to accept the humble apology and I want them to know that without their support there will have differences in this task.

Our NGO Internship project was for a duration of 3 months (October-December). We were assigned to handle their Turbhe branch, Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai, a satellite township to Mumbai with its broad roads and beautiful railway stations is also home to thousands of migrants who have come to this city in search of employment. They live in small shanties put on the roadside, under flyovers and along railway tracks. These areas have no sanitation and drinking water facilities. Diseases like T.B., Malaria, Eczemaetc are common and the worst sufferers are the children. Most of the students are dropouts. Less literacy and awareness among the people is seen. Our motive was to attract and retain children at risk to this program by mobilizing mothers and convincing them that Aarambh is a productive and useful opportunity for their children and to empower women in slum communities in order to ensure their access to health and economic services.

In this project we were assigned various tasks like teaching children, awareness campaigns in the nearby area to know the root cause for dropping out of children from the school and convincing parents to send their children to AARAMBH classes. Wednesday and Thursday were the days alloted to us to carry out the project within the time period starting from October-December. Being a part of this project we find various causes because of which children were dropping out. Some of them were: * Sickness among children and poverty of the parents force thousands of children to drop out of school even before they are 10 years old. * Hundreds of children are forced to work 10 to 12 hours a day to support their families. * Women and young girls face harassment and abuse at home and in the community. * Girls as young as 14 and 15 years are forced into marriage due to social and cultural pressures.


* Make student comfortable to speak and write in English. * Introduce children’s the outside environment.
* Explaining them how education is most important in today’s scenario. * Encourage women to acquire skills that will help them earn reasonable wages. * Sensitize the local community about Child Rights.

* Increase the children’s ability to cope with the environment they are living. * Increase the children’s knowledge level by teaching them mathematics, English and other subjects. * Establishing report containing why parents are not sending their children’s to school by surveying. * Explaining them the importance of hygiene for health.

* Increase student’s general knowledge.
* Enhance ability in writing and speaking.
* Increase computer basic knowledge.
* Motivating student’s to come to class.
* Motivate parents from the slum communities to send their children to school. * Teach them English, mathematics and science and other subject. * Encourage women to acquire skills that will help them earn reasonable wages.

AARAMBH is a non-profit charity organization based and working in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay), India. This non-government organization (NGO) was created as a Community Service Centre for the most marginalized families living in urban slum communities and rural areas. | Our goal is to provide educational, health and vocational skills to underprivileged children and women. AARAMBH is registered with the – The Charity Commissioner –Mumbai, The Income Tax Department and the Home Ministry –(FCRA) Government of India.
Urban Centres in Navi Mumbai| Turbhe Naka|

Turbhe Stores|
Turbhe NMMC|

Ms. Murthy is the Founder Trustee and Director of AARAMBH. She has worked with several national and international corporates and non-profits like Lakme, CRY, USAID, and others. She has brought to Aarambh, her wealth of experience and talent. She has also completed a course in Social Wok form T.I.S.S.Mission * * * * Catalyse social and economic change in marginalized communities with focus on the rights of underprivileged children and empowerment of women.” * *

When founded in 1996, our primary goal was to provide educational and health support to drop –outs & out-of-school children and enrol them into regular schools. We have succeeded in this endeavour, growing from 70 children in one centre in 1996, to approximately 2000 children, women and youth in 10 community centres today. We remain fully committed to providing vulnerable children with an opportunity to receive education and realize their potential in life. * *

Over the past ten years, we have learnt that in order for the children to succeed, the families units and communities that surround these children must also progress. Therefore, our mission today is to empower people of these communities through participation and collective effort to secure opportunities for growth and social justice|

Activities undertaken by the NGO

Consistent with our current mission, AARAMBH’s programs cover children, youth, and women in the slum communities of New Bombay. The following is a listing of our current endeavours:

* Educational activities for children who have dropped out of school * Enrolment of out of school children into regular schools * Eliminating child labour in the slum communities by awareness programs for parents * Regular health camps & follow ups for children

* Cultural activities for self-expression

* Training in vocational skills training for including screen printing, paper products, and computer courses * Leadership training for youth
* Sponsorships for needy students to enable them to pursue their education through high school and college * Health awareness camps

* Vocational skills training & income generation including tailoring, embroidery, candle making, crafts, etc. * Through our savings groups, women are encouraged to open and operate their own bank accounts, and to save for a rainy day. * Health education and adult literacy classes

* Leadership skills
Study Classes
School Adoption Programs
Community Libraries
Rural Initiatives
Mid-Day Meals for Kids
Scholarship For Kids|
Computer Training
Spoken English
Job Placement|
Skills Training
Adult Literacy
Self Employment Opportunities|
* | HEALTH :
Health Camps
Health Awareness Sessions|

Student activity program

Motivating parents from the slum communities to send their children to school and teaching children Spoken English, knowledge about computer sciences in NGO for youth empowerment and employment. LOCATION:


Objective and the major activity were to provide educational, health and vocational skills to underprivileged children of the migrant workers and help in youth empowerment. Special attention was given to under performing kids. * We have imparted knowledge about spoken English to children of different ages. * Taught alphabets and poems to the children less than five years * Taught MS office to housewives and children above 3rd standard. * Taken dictations and pronunciation of words, assessment where they are doing wrong and helping their difficulties in English language at alternate weeks. * Tested students of computer classes after completion of each courses.

On the 1st week
We were first given the orientation session by Ms.Shobha murthy the founder and trusty of AARAMBH where she gave the brief description about the NGO and the working, activities and programs conducted. The Performa was given to us as how to carry out the program and centres were assigned to us and the working hours were 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The group was divided into three three each and our group were assigned to Turbhe. My task was to work on youth empowerment by taking computer classes from 1:00pm to 4:00pm where I took three batches and taught to about 90 students during 3 months duration as the course was for a month and from 10:00 am to 1:00pm my task was to teach children of junior school and of classes 2nd and 3rd. On 2nd and 3rd week.

I taught English rhymes, countings and ABC to children of junior school as per guided by my centre co-ordinator and spellings and grammar to students of 2nd and 3rd standard and started with basics of MS office in he computer classes. Where I worked on improvising the way of teaching so that students take interest in learning as during the 1st week I felt that students who were not going to school were not taking interest in learning what was taught. Hence tempted students by giving them chocolates and challenging them and taught them by playing a testing game. Assignments were given to students of computer classes and practical as well as theoretical in classes was taken by me. In a batch of 20 students 5 students were taught practical at a time and queries on assignments were solved on the spot.

On 4th week
Saw some improvement in students as they were taking part in the class actively including the weak students this was an achievement for me. I took a spelling test for 2nd and 3rd standard and daily assessment was taken for junior school students. On the 4th week many students of computer classes were able to solve the assignments on their own without help though there was a lack of understanding English. On the 5th week

After working on the drawbacks because of which students were not able to perform up to the mark I tried teaching them as well as started giving them homework and told them test will be taken on the homework given to them. Took surveys making students of the local area to come and attend classes. Many were dropouts.

Survey 1.

Here we were able to convince 20 children out of 32 we approached of classes 3rd to 5th to attend AARAMBH classes most of them are from Marathi medium and dropouts. Regular classes for computer students were taken.

On 6th week
New batch for computer classes, took theory class for the batch and taught them paint. Assessed the students of junior school by randomly picking them and asking question and made them recite rhymes and further followed the curriculum.

On 7th week
As there was no faculty and co-ordinator so we students took the initiative and took the regular classes and followed the same performa as assigned to us by the co-ordinator earlier and the students were co-operative hence everything worked out well.

On 8th week
We again went on a survey for starting two new batches for 3rd and 4th standard. Here the response was not that good as many students already joined private coaching classes hence it was difficult for us to convince parents to send their children to AARAMBH classes yet we were able to accumulate a 13 students for 3rd standard and 15 students for 4th standard from the 50 students surveyed out of which a total of 34 students were from 3rd and 4th standard. Survey 2

On 9th week
Taught ABC, counting and rhyme to junior school students and assessed them on whatever was taught last week. Took test on dictation and pronunciation of words and corrected them wherever they were going wrong. Solved the problems of students regarding Ms office.

On 10th week
Tested the weak students on their spoken English by asking them basic questions in English and corrected them as they made mistakes. Assessed the children of junior school on what was taught last week and taught them name of vegetable, fruits and animals. Took a test for computer students to understand their learning abilities and their subject knowledge.

On 11th week
We performed the task assigned to us that is to teach students of junior school and then of classes 1st and 2nd. Took regular computer class and a final adieu by my students.

* Students were able to work on computer and Microsoft office efficiently.

* Lots of families were convinced and started sending their children to Aarambh classes.

* The youth’s vocational skills were improved.
* They started conversing in English, though not grammatically correct. * The grades of the students started improving. Tests were taken on regular basis to assess the children and the outcomes were sometimes positive sometimes negative but it helped me to overcome the drawbacks and improve their performance and at the end most of the students grade started increasing. * They also improved in understanding sciences and maths.

* Public Policies
* Investigate and address the root causes of migration and trafficking including poverty, political and social oppression, ethnic, religious, gender and caste-based discrimination and situations of violence and armed conflict. * Recognise the positive political, economic and social roles and contributions of migrant workers, and ensure their full political and economic social and cultural participation as an essential element in eliminating all forms of discrimination. * Create and enforce institutions and mechanisms, that involve governments, non-government organisations and grassroots groups, in actions and activism to protect and prevent racial and gender based violence against migrants in host and transit countries/ states, in situations of custody and incarceration, and in the context of repatriation. * Guarantee the human rights of migrant workers, including the right to vote of all migrant workers who are located outside the country/state at the time of an election and the right of migrant workers to have equal access to healthcare and other social services. * There should be an availability of at least two authorised person in all the centres of AARAMBH as this will help in smooth running of NGO in the absence of any one of them. * Fund Raising and Recognition

* There should be a fund raising program and interns should be encouraged in raising the funds of the company. * Some social initiatives should be taken like exhibition and auction of paintings, art and craft made by children as this will help to encourage children as well as help us to advertise AARAMBH and will also bring some money. * Initiatives like collaborating certain product manufacturers to donate one rupee on every product sold. For example on a sale of any notebook of classmate or sundarum one rupee will be donated to AARAMBH. * Information and Communication media

* To develop educational and media campaigns for educating society and culture and the importance of building an inclusive society, while respecting their human rights and their identity. * Other

* There should be separate batches for students of different classes so that proper education could be granted to them according to their learning standard.

During the CSR program I saw that this organization is very well placed in carrying out its activities for good causes but a little more exposure and management is still needed for smooth working and recognition. Though AARAMBH is a well known organization in Navi Mumbai yet there are limited programs held by it as its main focus is on creating awareness about education and women empowerment hence some new programs should be undertaken and should be advertised as well. This will help AARAMBH to be well known nationally. It has managed to established itself well enough for the corporate to provide them funding through websites but still there is little scope of more exposure in the corporate and also among the local people in the neighborhood. Their current need is a robust fundraising plan, infrastructure and proper advertisement for which proper planning and strategies should be formed which will help them in to attain there long term goals.

They also need to carry out a program for creating awareness about the new activities to be initiated and also for the continuing activities. Considering the current scenario and positioning for future and stability it looks that the organization is well poised to take its activities to another level and keep improving its current facilities and seek innovation in providing benefits to a larger and larger community. The success of AARAMBH is the result of Ms. Shobha Murthy’s hard work, dedication and commitment that chose to initiate this venture.

As management graduates we learned so many things
* Degree of Patience
* Convincing capabilities
* Time management
* Work under challenging situations: While teaching children one should be patient. I had taught to the kids who didn’t know alphabets and was not ready to learn. * Encouragement skill: It requires patience and they don’t easily listen for them I had some times had encouraged them by giving chocolates should be able to explain lessons to them in simple language, special attention to should be given to all. This has enabled me to overcome language barriers. * Apart from this the amount of self satisfaction gained when I am working for this NGO is ultimate. * Planning and implementing- While teaching initially we were having problem as it was a new thing for us hence planning a schedule and curriculum before and working accordingly helped us a lot in enhancing the performance of students. * Got to know about the CSR activities taken by various organizations. * Working with this organization gave me a chance to explore and experience the real life situations. * Working under scarcity of resources.

* Got to know about different cultures through children.

* www.aarabh.org
* www.wikipedia.org

Annexure A
Name of students of computer classes on Nov- Dec
Batch 1 –( timing 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm)
Batch 2 – timing 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm)
Batch 3 – timing 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

s.no.| Name of student| Class(marathi or English medium)| 1.| Satish| Marathi medium|
2.| Harshita| Dropout |
3.| Srishti| Dropout|
4.| Ravi| 3rd Marathi Medium|
5.| Kajal Kundra| Marathi medium|
6.| Priya| Dropout |
7.| Sachin| Dropout |
8.| Devika| Dropout |
9.| Dheeraj| Dropout |
10.| Pooja| Dropout|
11.| Vaishali| 4th (English Medium)|
12.| Soham| 5th(Marathi medium)|
13.| Priyal| English medium|
14.| Neeraj | Marathi medium|
15.| soham| Marathi medium|
16.| Rafiq | Marathi medium|
17.| Chotu | Dropout |
18.| Badku| Dropout |
19.| Ridhima | Dropout|
20.| Radhika | Dropout |
21.| Shweta | Marathi medium|
22.| Ravinder| Marathi medium|
23.| sidhdharth| English medium|
24.| Vipul| Marathi medium|
25.| Jay| English medium|
26.| Satish | Marathi medium|
27.| Sidhdhant | Marathi medium|
28.| Payal | Dropout|
29.| Nikita| Dropout |
30.| Sangeeta | Dropout |
31.| Irfaan| Marathi medium|
32.| Bipin| English medium|

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