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Needs Analysis

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* The needs analysis should consider the organization, the team (if relevant) and the individual. What are you looking for in your analysis and how will you carry it out?

* How will you gather data and assess the problem/ opportunity?

* How will success be measured? – Stephanie Wright
In this analysis the success is generally measured according to the results of the activities that are recommended for the assessed environment. There is no one type of measurement tool that is suited to measure all types of objectives, these tools depend on the organization and what their need for training may be. Therefor the methods described above have been determined to be the best suited for this needs analysis. Analyzing the leads will help with telling you how well you did with your targeted audience. How effective the training is, as well as ensuring that the targeted goals are being met.

An organization has several different options in measuring the Analysis and these are often done by pen and paper and can be as easy as a brief survey. The survey can ask employees minimal questions and still be very successful in making sure the need is being met. An example of this is, at the end of each of our classes we all have the opportunity to rate our classes, instructor, and our advisors. By doing this the University is able to see if what is being taught in the class is effective, as well as making sure that the advisors are assisting the students as I’m sure their job descriptions require. Without these surveys the University would be left in the dark and have a hard time improving being they would not know what needed improved. * Conclusion – Gerald Wright

The needs analysis of this organization is clearly important for growth in maintaining the training success program. When data is gathered for accessing the problems and issues, it can be clearly understood that if more data and less guessing, the outcome will be a pure success. When looking for the analysis, it is better to provide feedback and understanding other than criticism. Provisional recommendations are in line with motivating the success of the company or organization. The conclusion of the data and information gathered can clearly show curriculum alignment, good class room time and requirements, and the Materials needed. Technology plays a valuable role in the success of any organization if the data is collected properly. The proper assessment explains how the organization determine whether or to what extent participants met the learning outcomes and it should explain the means of assessment as well as the standards by which employees or students comprehend.

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