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NBA – Yang SONG, Yue MEI, Zixun WANG, Yuexin QIU

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1. Does the Tucson data-mining project inappropriately violate the privacy of Internet users, or is it an acceptable tradeoff to more intelligently combat terrorism? Explain your answer. Although the Tucson data-mining project may inappropriately violate the privacy of Internet, it is an acceptable tradeoff to more intelligently combat terrorism users because it is so far, one of the best way. The Tucson data-mining project try to use word length, punctuation, syntax, and content, etc, to identify the personality types of anonymously authors, which allows the system to specifically target those with potential threats such as militant leaders and their active followers. In other words, if someone avoid using sensitive words on the Internet, the system won’t interfere their daily life.

Also, after the 911 terrorist attacks, anti-terrorism has become such an important topic of keeping world peace. By using the Tucson data-mining project, which can create a profile almost as unique as a fingerprint, to track potential threats, the government can more effectively and objectively distinguish the terrorists from the innocents, and thus, prevent the subversive behavior in advance. As it is for the wellbeing of the world, individual has a responsibility to play. In this sense, the data-mining project is an acceptable tradeoff.

2. Were the local police justified in their handling of Holm? Why or why not? For whichever view you take, briefly describe the opposing viewpoint. The local police were not justified in their handling of Holm. The police arrested Holm only because terrorists used his articles and he has spoken to a terrorists on two occasions. However, the police didn’t hold any direct evidences showing that Holm has planned, implemented or gave advices about any potential terror threats. In addition, the police didn’t hold the authority to put Holm under supervision for 12 months and even in prison for 3 weeks. The confinement didn’t help with the investigation of the crime but only interfered Holm’s personal life. From the opposing viewpoint, it is understandable that the local police take serious matters about the potential threat. Because it’s the police’s duty to be preemptive and protect the security of the people. The police must act very carefully about anyone who may be suspicious.

3. What other issues dealing with data and privacy have you encountered on the Web? People may receive e-mail or phone calls from unfamiliar people or organizations, targeting directly to personal problems such as health, financial or marital status. When people use search engines such as Google or Baidu (a Chinese leading search engine), it happens from time to time that the key words may be blocked according to “relative laws or regulations of the government”. Besides, some online forums may block users’ accounts once the users’ expressions are considered sensitive or aggressive.

5. What is meant by the “Dark Web”?
Dark Web refers to those websites who hide the actual IP address of the servers. In fact, the Dark Web can be visited by the public but cannot be tracked by its IP address. Most of those websites use Tor (the online router) or softwares such as I2P to prevent people from learning the location or browsing the habits, which enabling anonymous communication. More importantly, the data on the Dark Web are generally harmless in nature, being kept off the internet simply because they are data which most people will not need or search for anyway.

Case F
1. Using Porter’s competitive forces model, analyze the NBA’s market situation. How does the use of Akamai help the NBA compete in this market? The industry rivalry is high: as NBA is in the industry of sports activities. It has to compete with different sport leagues and entertainment providers such as the NFL, MLB or FIFA. The industry is very competitive since the associations and firms are all competing for those customers within the entertainment industry. The threat of new entrants is high: NBA used to provide with fans amazing experience through live games or traditional media. However, as more platforms such as Internet have emerged, NBA has to compete with new service providers who entered the industry. The bargaining power of suppliers is relatively low: The main suppliers of the NBA are the professional basketball players and related services providers, both binding with contracts.

The threat of substitute is high: The consumers have the variety of options in terms of services and suppliers, making a fierce competition among different entertainment providers. Firstly, by using Akamai’s IS to help distributing their entertainment over the Internet, NBA differentiated their “product”: NBA provides the fans with the amazing experience of watching games online and updating latest news concerning the stars and each team. NBA tried to provide more than just the games but also services to its customers. Secondly, by using Akamai, NAB strengthened its customer intimacy and customer relationship by connecting with its fans over 200 countries through Internet. Fans around the globe can now update and get the fresh news and amazing moments of the games just as those who attend the game in person. NBA can now reach more customers thanks to Akamai’s system.

2.Using Porter’s generic strategies model, what do you think is the NBA’s overall strategy or strategies? According to Porter’s generic strategies model, NBA’s overall strategy is to differentiate itself from the other entertainment providers by using technologies such as Akamai and offering the customers the experience of accessing the in-time information. NBA is also committed to strengthen the intimacy with its consumer and supplier and with the technology allows NBA to expand its market to overseas and reach its audience globally.

3.Why is it important that all fans in the world have the same experience? It is important for NBA to keep the consistency of its brand and strategy. Firstly, it is part of its strategy to retain the intimacy of customers and since it is obvious that only a few of the fans can be right in the game in person, if NBA allows the fans all over the world to have the same experience of the enjoying the game and being involved, it can increase not only the amount of the fans but also the loyalty of the customers. Secondly, the brand image should be kept consistent worldwide. 4. Why is it important that individual franchise owner can build, manage, and distribute on the NBA platform their own content?

NBA has 29 teams in the US and 1 in Canada. There are strong rivalry between teams so that each team has to build its own image and to promote their business in their own ways in which they seem fit. This is especially useful if a team owner wants to promote local advertising within certain cities and promote other products worldwide. Akamai brings to NBA teams the perfect tool to achieve these objectives. The franchise owner is able to have access to a segment of the population that the NBA can’t reach. The franchise can reach just about every fan in the world on this platform so it is imperative that the franchise take full advantage of it. The more accurate the content provided is the more the fans become enchanted with the franchise.

5. The world “partnership”appears several times in the video. Who are the NBA’s partners? How does the concept of a strategic ecosystem apply to the NBA’s partnership strategies?

Frankly speaking, NBA has three categories of partners: community partners, marketing partners, and business partners. This “ecosystem” exists because all of these companies thrive off each other and make one another more successful than they would be otherwise. all partners in this ecosystem are interdependent and continuous growth as a whole. The role of Akamai in the NBA ecosystem is to provide all the other partners the possibility to watch the matches in real time.

Secondly, Akamai gives the possibility of having their ads seen by potential customers from all over the world. Aside from Akamai the NBA has also formed partnerships with Lenovo and Haier. The partnerships like this gives the NBA a technological niche because Lenovo has considerable knowledge in this area (Chinese market for example). Therefore, the NBA won’t need to spend more time and resources to acquire individuals that do not possess this knowledge, Lenovo can provide it for them. It also provides them with the advantage of knowing how to best accommodate the new products of Lenovo and Haier.

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