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Nature Vs Nurture

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The nature & nurture issue is a long controversial issue that explains the significance of nature and nurture in several parts of individual development, such as personality, and intelligence. Nature inheritance is genetic behaviors passed from your parents. For example, some people have family genes that enable them to become successful in subjects such as mathematics and science, as well as verbal intelligence. Nurture experiences and learning takes effect after birth. This is what causes psychological characteristics to be established. For instance, if a child grows up in an abusive and dysfunctional home, they are more likely to look for stable and loving care outside the family.

Our president Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was from the Kenyan decent, and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham was from the American Decent. Growing up, Obama mainly lived in Hawaii raised by his grandparents. He was abandoned by his father when he was little boy. His mother got remarried and they moved to Indonesia. Barack’s mother wanted him to learn an English education so he moved back to Hawaii and mainly lived with his grandparents. Growing up, Obama had some troubles involving the fact that he did not have a male figure around, and his mother neglecting to care for him emotionally during his high school years. Nature and Nurture have impacted President Barack Obama’s life in many ways. One example of a nature characteristic that influenced Obama was his mother Ann Dunham who received her PhD in Anthropology in 1992. She was a very intelligent and hardworking woman.

According to a study, more than 40% of a child’s intelligence is passed down from their parents. This is where president Obama receives his intelligence from. Barack Obamas father, Barrack Obama Sr. was a Kenyan government official. He was the first African student to attend the University of Hawaii. He eventually received his doctrine in economics from Harvard University. Since his father wasn’t around in his life, he never got to know him on a personal level. It is very clear that Obama genetically inherited his parent’s intellect and brain power. One specific example of why Obama is who he is today was because of the way his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham nurtured him.

Dunham was a woman who had empathy, and worked hard every day to achieve her goals and live the all American dream. She was a tough on Obama because she knew the potential he had. Dunham was hard on him during his high school years. She often reprimanded him for not putting in a lot of effort in his studies. She taught him that you can’t just sit around waiting for good luck to be brought to you; he had to work for it. As a boy, his mother wanted him to learn proper English, thus waking him up at 5.a.m. every morning to tutor him with learning the English language. His mother’s strict learning regime made him the man he is today; a well-educated intelligent man. By nurturing him this way, this is why he is a brilliant and structured man. If it were not for his mother instilling these hard working skills to Obama, he would not be the man he is today.

Any parent can have a child; however it is important how you nurture them because that will greatly impact their future. By his mother waking him up very early in the morning just to teach him English, this shows how passionate she was to give him a great understanding of the English language.

Furthermore, another example of how Obama was nurtured was that his mother instilled in him the importance of having good manners. His mother understood that education was important, but she also thought that having manners was extremely essential in making it in the real world. Ignorance and arrogance was not accepted in her book. Ever since Obama was child, he was known to be respectful and kind. Obamas mother wanted him to be as open-minded as possible. She would encourage him to try new things, join sports, clubs, and more. Obama quoted, “Like most of my values, I learned about empathy from my mother,” Empathy means to understand what others are feeling. It is important for a mother to teach her child to have empathy because it makes them more kind-hearted and compassionate to others. By teaching Obama these values, she makes him a considerate man.

As the president of the United States, it is important for a president to have sympathy for others. For example, there are 44 million American citizens living in the united states that do not have health insurance. Obama knows that having health insurance can be expensive, but he cares about people’s health. That’s why he just recently came out with Obama care. Obama care motivates lots of Americans with the ability to have health care that they can manage to pay for without struggling. As the president, Obama hears thousands of heartbreaking stories of families who struggle financially, emotionally, and mentally. It is necessary to have empathy when listening to these stories because it really shows that he cares and will have a solution to these issues he is being faced with. Americans want a president to be compassionate because it shows that they are secure and will be helped. His mother teaching him empathy in him really shaped Obama to be a great president and a strong family man.

In my family, I was brought up with 3 sisters and with my mother and father. Growing up, they taught me many things and also I inherited many attributes because of them. In my culture music is very important. We have many different songs that have a different meaning. My father was a singer in our cultural community. He would often sing at weddings, parties, and cultural events. He naturally passed down his singing skills to me and inherited this trait since I am known to be a very good singer. I often thank my father for giving me this trait since it gives me a lot of opportunities. I sang the national anthem for my high school during the pep assembly’s we would have. Many people think my father and I have the same stage presence which is a positive thing.

Another example of nature is that when I was in the first grade I came home one day crying. I failed my first mathematics test in school. It was a test on addition and subtraction and I just did not understand it at the time. I saw my friends at school and they seemed like they were doing very well with the subject. When I came home, I told my mother I did not want to go back to school. She told me that was interesting because she always did horrible in math. My mother told me that while she was in school, math was always her hardest subject and she never understood the subject very well. My mother passed down her inability to solve mathematical problems. My other sisters also don’t do well in mathematics either. I notice that they get frustrated when completing a math problem.

Something I am good at is dancing. I am very good dancer and I performed as a cheerleader in high school. Dancing to me has always came naturally. Ever since I was a young girl I’ve always looked up to dancers and wanted to be one of them. I liked the idea of singing and performing in front of a live audience and showing everyone my talented abilities. My mother told me that when she was younger in her teens, she was in charge of a dancing group. She would teach people how to dance and how to move their body naturally. She was often looked upon because of her incredible belly dancing skills. This trait of dancing really passed on to me because I love everything about dancing and it is art for me. In my big family, I am the middle child of 3 sisters. My parents taught me to always be kind to others and do the right thing.

As a child, when my sisters and I fought, my parents would always have us resolve the issues and tell us to at a store. I remember I wanted an expensive small Barbie doll. I asked my parents if they could buy me it. They told me they couldn’t. I was having thoughts of stealing it, however, my parent’s educated me in me strong Christian moral values which meant stealing and lying are huge sins. I knew that it was wrong so I did not steal anything. This influenced my life hugely because it made me a person of good value and morals. I knew someone in my life whose parents were always working from a young age. I saw these kids grow up to be horrible people of society and commit acts of violence such as stealing and fighting. I feel sympathetic for them because it’s upsetting seeing children not being nurtured to do the right thing in life because of their parents lack of guidance and emotional support.

As a child, I always saw so many people in my home. They were my parent’s friends and relatives. Often, they would be at my house, conversing and laughing amongst each other. Being around this atmosphere made me a very social person. I was very shy growing up. However growing up in this type of environment made me an extroverted person who enjoys talking to others. In today’s society, nurturing your child is extremely important to having a well-balanced life style. In my opinion, nurturing your child as a young baby is essential since that is where they learn everything. When kids are younger they take in what you say and believe it. It is important to guide your child in the right direction.

Obama had a great mother who taught him to have empathy, to work hard, and to always be a kind person with morals and values. His mother influenced him greatly and this made him the man he is today. Today, he is the president of the United States of America which is the biggest accomplishment in the world. It shows that his mother actually taught him the importance of hard work and dedication. Obama is respected amongst the world for being a kind hear-ted, hardworking individual who fights for his country and makes sure everyone in America receive the all American dream.

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