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God created the world for people to live in or so we all have learnt and believed. No matter our views on the creation or spontaneity of life, we all must understand that nature is us and all around us. Thinking ourselves as the source of destruction may be true or an ignored folly in the mind of righteous beings. Being mindful of the gracious creatures living around us is a pre requisite for harmonious living.

Nature as we see it today has lost its immaculate and intact form since its formation. The environment has changed in multi dimensional aspects. We are no longer having limited number of ways we contribute to pollution. With simple yet potent methods of chipping in towards altering the purity of nature such as air, water and soil pollution. Humans, children of nature, have evolved their lifestyles and means which have given rise to sound, soil and nuclear pollution. Is the Earth in a form to handle this alteration? Is the surrounding affinity towards disaster and indication of past misgivings?

Our planet, as it is, is the only planet in our solar system capable of harbouring life. The ingenuity of the placement in accordance with the Sun has all to do with the planets life thriving capabilities. A little closer, we would have an eternal oven scarcely able to support life. A little farther, we could find Earth a huge frozen sphere with no capacity to sprout growth. Yet, we seem intent to turn this into an endless, lifeless form programmed to accomplish mission in a few hundred thousand years. This seems highly likely at the rate the human species are burgeoning on this home.

We surely do not want our planet to be explored by aliens a few thousand years later speculating whether life once existed on this baptized “Planet of Life”. We surely don’t want headlines in alien lingo debating the existence of water our planet, on what we call the blue planet. We most surely don’t want to be a Mars to the future explorers of the realms of space.

Upon simple thought, we can decide what exactly we want our inglorious planet to be not even a thousand years down the line but even how the next generation would be living. Since the dawn of Industrial Age, an extreme rise in the total cataclysmic outcome of human activity has been observed. What couldn’t be done since the dawn of time, the Industrial Revolution did in a 100 years. Thoughts might wander towards the innumerable means through which our lives have become cushy and cosy. But I intend to highlight here the adverse effects of this mighty leap for man. The focal point of all discussion pertaining to our environment – Has our need for development far out grown our need for sustenance? This obviously isn’t a new topic in speculation but rather one on which innumerable environmental and Earth summits have featured. This leads to us mainly to be able to recognize our incognizant plight we have been living in. Most importantly, perceiving the problems the Earth faces on a whole so that we may appreciate our role in building a healthier and greener planet with the existing richness in biodiversity.

Of course, methods such as conserving electricity by being mindful, using car pooling, public transportation and the sort have all been circulated in our minds so the we can do our part. But what about what effect we can have as a whole in the large scale factors which snuff out the very life from the Earth. Indiscriminate mining and the resulting affluent output has resulted in the ecological imbalance we see in our country at major endemic sites. Kudremukh should be our leading and only needed example of our self exploitation. Only public outcry and demand can stop unscrupulous means of obtaining “permits” for wreaking havoc in the natural rhythms of life.

Another issue that is to be focussed on is the nascent stage our nuclear technology is at. With unclear methods of disposal of nuclear waste and usage of ultra enriched fuel taking its toll on the biology of the planet. Implementation of this alternative source of energy must be allowed only after intricate and meticulous research into all safe possibilities of nuclear exploitation of energy. Meanwhile sources such as wind and solar should depended upon to fuel our lives. Though not easy and clean in setting up, they would serve our purpose well. A fact pops into my mind at this point, if all the energy the Earth receives from the Sun in a minute is trapped, then it can be used to run all machines on the planet for a year. With the hugely untapped potential, we strive for substitutes playing a fools game while at it.

Conservation and growth of wildlife in terms of flora and fauna must be done with utmost urgency. With simple measures such as educating the younger generations of the importance of ecological conservation. They must be made to realize the serious implications of letting this rich biodiversity slip through their fingers. They must be made to understand that if the same going continues, peacocks ad tigers will be wishful thoughts in their minds like the dodo. So many species will only be printed 2D images on pieces of paper and a great treasure will be lost. Being the most intellectual creature on this planet, it is our duty to safe guard ourselves and the inhabitant wildlife on our planet for a sustained and undisturbed growth. These issues are essentially the most urgent and appealing issues that we must aim to make as our centrepiece of our continuous endeavours to rehabilitate and rejuvenate this beautiful abode of ours. We must act, lest we the deserved victims of our own avarice.

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