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National Honor Society Application

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I have been attending TEDA International School (TIS) since 2011, and have an intense passion to join the TIS Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). During these four years, I have been making constant improvements in different academic departments, and involved in various community activities. Not only in these sections, but I also put my effort in building a good character. To be specific, following is the evidences and the facts that support the reason why I must be selected as one of the TIS National Honor Society members.

First of all, I have achieved the top grades in almost all core academic areas in the first semester and half of the second semester, including the first, the second and third term, and the fourth term is now progressing. I have an average of over 90% for the first semester, scoring grade scale of mostly as in the subjects, receiving the congratulation from the Headmaster for the students who have completed the first term with grades of 80% or better in all courses, and I have received the second term and the third term with grades of 90% or better in all courses. In addition, I am attending Grade 9 English & Geometry Honor Class, having scored GPA of 4.5, and always strive for excellence in this course as well as all other subjects. In PSAT, I got a certification for scoring above the 90th percentile in critical reading and math sections, and scoring above the 80th percentile in writing section.

Also, I got a certification on ISA (International School Assessment) for scoring above the 70th percentile on the math section. Moreover, I got a certification on Gauss Contest as a person who ranked in the top twenty-five percent. In addition, I participated in BEIMUN in 2014. I look forward to challenge myself in the future, to make constant improvements in scholarship, and to strive for the best scores every day. In addition, I have been involved in various activities and events facilitated by the school. Among the activities, I have constantly participated in different sports teams since 2012 in order to realize and improve my communication and cooperation virtues as well as to enjoy my school life. I have experience of winning the volleyball championship in 2012. In 2013, I, as a co-leader of middle school volleyball team, led our team to achieve 2nd place. I not only have participated in volleyball teams, but I also have participated in TIS basketball and soccer teams, and have an experience of participating the soccer ACAMIS in 2015, which great honor to be a member of ACAMIS in grade 9. From participating in these activities, I have improved my virtues such as cooperation and communication.

From all these events, I have started to regard friendship as one of the prime importance in community. I have made a number of friends from different parts of China, not to mention, from different parts of the world; for example Canada, Hong Kong, India, USA, England, and so on and so for. I maintain friendship with them, thanks to advanced modern technology, and even meet them whenever I have opportunity to do so. In addition, hardened by long experience from diverse events, I have acquired know-how to achieve better cooperation, communication, and friendship and would like to apply these into TIS NHS in order to facilitate not only the society but also the school as whole in ways to achieve the true community; from past four years, I have not really seen any significant improvement in getting all the students together into a uniform community.

Plus, I would like to offer my leadership in order to galvanize students to participate positively in different school activities and events. For instance, when I have looked through the quality of summer and winter shows, they are getting aggravated. No single person is willing to participate in varsity choir and dance classes which take major parts in the shows, and every time after the shows end, I hear parents saying, “It was horrible.” I would like to improve all the qualities of activities – some examples include summer and winter shows, the House activities, and sports day – and I hope my contribution affects the social atmosphere of the entire school. On top of scholarship and involvement, I also have numerous experiences in community service. I have gone and put steady efforts in service since 2013, I have served in Tianjin Teda hospital, and Tang Gu Shine Home. From these community services, I saw many people who suffer more than me. I experienced many things from these community services, I promised myself to earn a lot of money to help these people more than I help them right now.

I have also placed myself in service at the campus, such as helping math teacher, organizing library, and projecting donation services. By serving myself, I have learned the virtue “service” and to respect, communicate, and take care of the disabled people and young children, thus engaging me for an ongoing service. I would like to organize a campaign at the school to help those who live in undesirable conditions or at least to wake up TIS students to feel grateful for what they have right now and to feel helping world citizens. Last but not least, I have been putting efforts in building a good character. To illustrate the point more clearly, I evaluate myself as a person with persistence, leadership, and devotion. First of all, to describe persistence and as I have noticed, I have been constantly participating in different sports activities and services for years. In other words, I never stop what I have started, and continue until I reach my limit. Therefore, I have planned constant participation in various activities and services in my entire school life.

Also, I have been awarded the certificate of improvement in English Department in 2014, revealing persistence through hard work. On top of persistence, I am a person with devotion. I find myself a devoted person by putting myself to services. I feel a strong desire doing service and satisfy with the outcome. I am planning a wider service by joining the NHS, and will continue after school life. To be specific, motivated by the Habitat For Humanity, I would like to make people participate in it to improve their concealed desire for service and to organize a new service club that travels in wider range of distance, beginning from a small group to a large group where every student voluntarily participates at least once.

Most importantly, I am often called an “idea bank” by my peers since I offer different apt ideas pertaining to the situations. My ideas work efficiently especially when selecting the topic of a project, altering climax rhythms in musical band, and even when deciding where to hang out. I truly believe I can come up with fresh ideas in NHS, for example I would like to run an activity of winning practical gifts which everyone desires for before Christmas Holiday and provide new games in Lockdown which everyone can enjoy. For these FRIES, it follows that I must be a member of the TIS Chapter of the National Honor Society. I am confident to be one of the essential leaders and the members of NHS, and I must catch this great opportunity for both the development of the community and our school.

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