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My imaginary trip around the world

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If you had the possibility of choosing a destination for a free month’s holiday, would you choose a single place or visit different countries? Well, if that would ever occur to me, I would feel very excited and, at first, I wouldn’t know where to go. Both options have advantages and disadvantages: If I went to many different places my holiday would be more varied and exciting , but if I chose one single place my knowledge of the country would be deeper, and I could understand a lot about it. In the end, I think I would choose at least three different places. That is the USA, India and New Zealand. I would go to the USA first, and I would start my visit there by visiting New York. I have heard that New York is a very exciting city. I imagine that there are a lot of tourists attractions, that the buildings are spectacular, the food varied and tasty but I also expect the people there to be unfriendly.

After two or three days in New York I would fly to Los Angeles. Since some of my dad’s friends live in that area, I expect to stay a couple of days with them and that they show me all there’s to see there. This could save me precious time and allow me to see more. Perhaps I’d even get the chance to go north and visit San Francisco. I would then leave the States and fly to New Zealand where I’d be prepared to stay a couple of weeks. I have always been fascinated with the story of native Neo Zealanders, the Maori warriors, so I would first visit the North Island, where the Maori population has always been concentrated.

Observing and learning from a different culture is always a rewarding experience, and in my case my knowledge about the different aspect of the Maori culture will be directed in particular to the significance of the ancient art of “Ta moko”, that is the art of Maori tattoos. To be honest, I have never liked tattoos, or, I’d better say, I don’t agree with the tattoo fashion which has recently hit my generation. When we walk in the streets, anywhere we are or go, It is not rare to see young people proudly showing off their tatoos. Most of these people I guess, don’t even know where to locate New Zealand geographically, let alone the meaning of the patterns they choose to decorate their bodies with. On the other hand I reckon it would be extremely interesting to know about the ancestral / tribal messages specific to the wearer, and, accordingly.

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