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My ideal president

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What makes my future President?
A dictator who ruled for twenty (20) years, a democratic leader who gives changes , a leader who promises to bring us in the right path and twelve more. These are the presidents who try to develop a simple country way back then to a more complicated and struggling country today. It’s true that there are change that been successfully done to improve our life but it is not a lie that it is also became the reason why these conflict in modern country happened. There’s a saying “No one is perfect”, it’s the guide for everyone to know that we don’t have to seek for a perfect president who will improved our lives. But what do you think are the qualities needed to possess by our president? A perfect president is built by its people. Helping hand in hand and hearing one side to another will completely show a good relationship that will make a country productive.

Being a president doesn’t require a height of 5’5 or even a weight less than 60 kg there’s no such requirement as that. A president that will a country for its better good should possess these: A mind- that knows what is good and bad for everyone to be able to think solution for problems that may encounter in the near future and also to be able to think for possible plans that will improve our country; A heart -that will definitely feel by his/her people: a heart for work- one who loves and dedicated to do his job, a heart for man- do know the pulse of everybody and feel the need of everyone, a heart for life- do give importance to every life that he/she will handle, and especially a heart connected to God- that will lead him/her and his/her people to good; and lastly a body that will do all it’s best to for its people.

A person that will stick to its promises after being elected may consider also as a quality that our future president should have. The one that can stand and comply even if he/she is tempted by the fame and glory attached in the being the president of a nation. People choose their president because they do trust the person. Trust worthy for me is the most needed characteristic of a president. Trust is the foundation of everything that is successful today. You should trust your chosen president and vice versa, will definitely come out to a progressive country in the near future. Looking ahead to have an improved country by means of having an president that possess all the qualities mentioned will definitely take years, but surely that time will come. And if that president will ask help from us I
hope that our people will also respond for us to find the true change we all wanted.

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