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My Career Plan Argumentative

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After all these years in school, I’ve come to discover that I am a math nerd and definitely plan to pursue a career involving numbers. My past Chemistry, Algebra and Pre-Calculus classes have helped me come to this discovery. In the future I plan to find a lot more information on different careers to find out what I really want to be.

My first career choice is to become a chemical engineer. Recently I’ve been talking to my guidance counselor and asking what careers would interest me due to my great fascination for math. I added that I also enjoy the work done in my chemistry class, such as stoichiometry and balancing equations. Her first suggestion was obviously to be a chemical engineer. Before this discussion with my guidance counselor, I never put two and two together to realize that my own Uncle Keith is a chemical engineer himself. I have seen him in the past working on things for work and saw the math that was involved but never knew that’s what he did for a living. Chemical Engineers are often intimately involved in research and development, process engineering, and product development.

A typical situation that a Chemical Engineer may be put in may be something like finding a way to manufacture a chemical developed in the laboratory at larger scales. The significant feature about Chemical Engineers is that they are employed in a range of industries including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, pulp and paper products, ceramics, specialty chemicals, and electronics. They can also enter medicine, business, and law. That means possible careers could range from working for NASA to engineering the world’s best cosmetics, which I think is pretty cool. In view of their lack of females in this field, women engineers are in demand and therefore receive better earning potential.

I plan to study at the Ohio State University for several reasons. First of all, attending and graduating from OSU is beginning to become somewhat of a family tradition. My cousins Jake, Tiffany, and Lindsey have all graduated from there and my cousin Matthew is still attending and plans to graduate next year. Second of all, Ohio State University is known its outstanding school of engineering and I desire to get the best knowledge I can for my preferred career choice. And lastly, OSU is just far enough to get away from home, but just close enough to keep close touch with family and come back when my laundry needs done, of course.

I haven’t done much yet to prepare for this career and there’s not much more to do, but I’m on my way. So far, in school, I have taken Algebra II Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors, and Chemistry to get me ready. I’m only a junior in high school though so I’ve got some time to prepare. Next year I’m taking Honors Calculus, Advanced Placement Calculus, Physics Honors, Statistics I, and Statistics II to better yet help me out.

If my plan A falls through and doesn’t work out I have a backup plan. Because of my flawless math skills I’ve always considered becoming a math teacher. As the years go by and the more and more math classes I have the better I begin to like them. So I would probably prefer to be a high school math teacher teaching honors classes, such as Algebra II or Pre-Calculus. I like to lead group discussions and share my knowledge with people so I feel this career path my not suit my personality quite as well as the chemical engineer would but it is still right up there with it.

Overall, I am very confident in my career plans for the future. I feel like I am well prepared and will enjoy either of these fine choices. It is very important to have these plans so I know where I’m headed in life and so I know that I am going to live comfortably and capable of supporting a family. So all I have to do now is keep up the good grades, through the rest of high school and through college, and I’m all set for the life ahead of me!

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