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Music Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson is a degenerative of the nervous system. When the disease begins to spend the substantia nigra of the brain starts losing control of the coordination of movement. Parkinson disease progress slow as we age. The way Parkinson affects the nervous system various due to the diversity of the disease (Parkinson’s Foundation 2020). One of the symptoms are involuntary movement or shaking. The tremor starts on one side of the body usually on hand, foot, or leg and eventually affects both sides of the body (ADPA 2019). Tremors can cause impressments the person who is having the tremor may try to hide the tremor by putting their hand on their pocket. Slow movement is another symptom of Parkinson. Getting change, walking, getting up of bed, even turning in bed will take longer than usual. In a later stage of Parkinson postural instability becomes a problem. Increases the risk for fall and becoming injured or having a fracture that can lead to even great complications. Voice change can be experienced with Parkinson, the voice could become soft or it may start off strong and then fade away. In advance Parkinson speaking may become rapid with the words crowded together or stuttering may occur (ADPA 2019).

Non motor symptoms of Parkinson’s

The loss of smell is an early sign of Parkinson. Anosmia can occur months even years before the motor symptoms become manifest. A Parkinson patient can become depress, not being able to control body movement, the tremors that are involuntary, and. the voice change causes the attention of others. The patient may feel impressed of the situation, causing isolation and depression. Lightheadedness is related to the inability to quickly regulate blood pressure, with severe lightheadedness caused by orthostatic hypotension may cause blackouts or even fainting.

How to diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

A neurological assessment would need to be done on the patient. Starting with vital signs, assessing their gait and balance, also ask if they have any tremors and if so, how often. Single photon emission computed tomography might be order to check the dopamine transporter levels in the brain. This test requires a radioactive agent injection nurses should check medication interaction before performing injection also very important to check for allergies. The radioactive agent takes about three to six hours to reach the striatum region of brain. The test itself is between 45 minutes to one-hour (Parkinson’s news today 2020).

Parkinson’s treatment

Treatment for Parkinson’s disease can be through medication, surgical therapy, and lifestyle changes. Medication treatment can be a dopamine promotor for the brain. Anti-tremor to help the stop or reduce tremors. Surgical treatment is called deep brain stimulation a device is implanted to stimulate targeted regions of the brain with electrical impulses generated by a battery-operated neurostimulator.

Parkinson’s improvement tips

Music therapy can help with many aspects of Parkinson’s disease, improves bradykinesia, and improve movement quality acts as a rhythm for movement improving quality of life. Routine exercise has a positive effect on quality of life and mobility, do not forget to find ways to facilitate exercise as the disease progresses. Preventing falls a physical. or occupation therapist can be recommended to specify exercises, equipment, and techniques to improve balance and mobility inside and outside the home.


Parkinson’s disease is the reduction of dopamine in the brain. Medication or surgical treatment for implanting a device can be consider for treatment. Symptoms can be motor or non- motor. Neurological assessment is important diagnoses and a computed tomography imaging technique can also be used to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s improvement tips can help with symptoms, Parkinson’s disease does not have a cure.


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