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Multiple Governments and Intergovernmen

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The local level of government consists of systems that operate independent of one another in every city across the country. The state level of government is similar to the federal level. Each state has its own system of government that operates under the umbrella of the federal government. State governments consist of three branches just as the federal government does. State governments are responsible for things such as state lawmaking, collecting state taxes building and maintaining state highways and funding state parks and preserves. The federal government has more power and authority than state or local governments, although each level has the power to check each other. The federal government has an entire system of federal employees responsible for running the day-to-day operations(Bowman & Kearney, 2014, Chapter 2). The different levels of government interrelate by supporting representative at each level with its state’s concerns.

For example, in the reserved reading the citizens of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are having concerns of possible pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing. The environmental protection groups in each state are concerned that the chemicals used by natural gas companies are harmful to the environment and to the health of the citizens (Energy Vision, 2011). The governors of each state listed above, along with the governor of Delaware form the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC). The DRBC has been in successful in the past with implementing regulations for chemicals used by hydraulic fracturing companies, so they submitted a proposal to legislation for the implementation of the FRAC Act, which calls for a revision of the Safe Water Act, with hopes that Congress passes it (Energy Vision, 2011). The solutions that the governments are trying to achieve are the well-being of its citizens and maintain economic growth.

By gaining knowledge of the chemicals use in the hydraulic fracturing lubricant, the government will have the ability to put the necessary regulations and restrictions in place to avoid exposure to toxic pathogens. New York has made it mandatory that all hydraulic fracturing companies present an MSDS for all chemicals used in the Hydraulic fracturing process. Some advantages in the way that the governments involved work together are that if necessary they can request assistance for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They also do not have to be concerned with inter-jurisdictional conflict. By forming the Delaware River Basin Commission they have control over an entire region. Some disadvantages in the way that the governments involved work together are that members of the DRBC may have hidden agendas, whereas, some of them may have stock in the natural gas industry. This type of issue may result in conflict and puts the DRBC in risk of possible corruption or ecoterrorism (Bowman & Kearney, 2014, Chapter 18).

Bowman, A. O’M., & Kearney, R.C. (2014). State and Local Government (9th ed.). Retrievedfrom The University of Phoenix eBook Collection. Energy Vision. (2011, October Day). Hydrofracking: a need for responsible gas drilliregulations and the role of natural gas. A white paper by Energy Vision. Retrieved fromhttp://energy-vision.org/pdf/HydrofrackingFactSheet3.pdf

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