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Most important person in my life

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I know for sure who the most important person in my life is. Although it is supposed to be person mine happens to come as persons. The most important persons in my life are my Mother and my Father. They are equal in everything to me and equal in my heart so I can not bring myself to choose one or the other. I tired to think of which one was more important but I would come up equal with the two every time.

They have such a great impact on my life and the way I live it is unbelievable. Whenever I need either of them they are there for me in a heartbeat and they don’t have to think twice about being there for me. Whether its standing up for me at school which my mother always does or helping me fix my car when it is really broken like my father does the two of them are always there.

My parents are divorced and it has been that way sense I way about five years old. They are so great and loving they did not even have to go to court for guardianship. Through the divorce and until this very day they have stayed best friends and make it so easy on me and that shows me so much about them. They have taught me many lessons through these past years and they probably do not know how much the lesson of friendship and loyalty to each other and to myself mean to me.

This past week is what really showed me how important my parents are to me and why they are so incredibly equal. I was in Christiana hospital from Sunday night until Friday night this last week. Day and night my mother and father were there for me staying with me and comforting me when I needed them so bad. They did not leave me in my room for 30 seconds by myself without one of them being there by my side holding my hand throughout the entire week. If one stayed with me during the day the other was sure to be there with me all night.

I know for sure that my parents are one hundred percent equal in being the most important persons in my life there is no doubt about that. Through thick and thin they are there al day every day twenty four hours when I need them the most. My parents mean the world to me more than they probably will ever know and I love them so much for being who they are. They have done everything right for me and that makes them the most important persons in my world.

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