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More Elaborate Concept of the Literature of Brand Loyalty

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Russell-Bennett, McColl-Kennedy and Coote recognize the need to present a more elaborated concept of the literature of brand loyalty. They observe that there is an enormous necessity in the business environment to comprehend the potential gains from conceptualizing and measuring attitudinal and behavioral loyalty. Moreover, they acknowledge that despite the economic gains that the small business sector brings to the national economy, there is no research on brand loyalty from a small business context.

The authors consider this research as applicable and relevant to the science of marketing because by incorporating attitudinal and behavioral components of brand loyalty, businesses may be able understand how brand loyalty is build and in the same way they could make better decisions and be able to approach customers in wisely manners.

Purpose of the Research

The main purpose of this research is to contribute to the marketing literature by examining the relationship between attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty in a small business environment and analyzing two fundamental antecedents: category involvement and purchase satisfaction. The proposed research will provide substantial contributions to approaching a more integrated perspective of both elements. Moreover, this study will open the possibility for subsequent investigations.

Research Hypotheses

The proposed research will test four hypotheses, which are listed below.

The first hypothesis makes reference on how for small business, brand loyalty is the result of attitudinal behavior, followed by the display of behavioral loyalty. As stated in the hypothesis:

  1. “Attitudinal loyalty towards a preferred brand relates positively with behavioral brand loyalty for business services” (Russel-Bennett, McColl- Kennedy & Coote, 2007, p.1255).

The second hypothesis proposes how satisfaction is a significant driver of loyalty, as well as a precedent of attitudinal loyalty.

  1. “Satisfaction with a preferred brand relates positively with attitudinal loyalty to the preferred brand for business services” (Russel-Bennett, McColl- Kennedy & Coote, 2007, p.1255).

The third hypothesis suggests that the level of involvement with a particular product category is a determinant influence of attitudinal loyalty towards such category.

  1. “Involvement with a product category relates positively with attitudinal loyalty towards a preferred brand for business services” (Russel-Bennett, McColl- Kennedy & Coote, 2007, p.1255).

Finally, the fourth hypothesis positions involvement as an antecedent of satisfaction.

  1. “Involvement with a product category relates positively with satisfaction with the preferred brand for business services” (Russel-Bennett, McColl- Kennedy & Coote, 2007, p.1256).

Research Design and Sample Design

The study presents a model of the plausible antecedents of brand loyalty in small business, where category involvement and purchase satisfactions are position as crucial factors of loyalty. The research will employ a longitudinal design, data will be gathered for both subjects: attitudinal loyalty and behavioral loyalty. Data will be observed and collected from first-hand resources by using different methods. The first phase of data collection will involve a pilot study to evaluate the feasibility of the survey. The second phase will involve the implementation of a survey through a mail questionnaire. The survey is expected to be mailed to 1472 businesses from the personal and services industries (retail trading & construction). The sample will consist of mainly small businesses. Models will be estimated using LISREL 8.54 program, achieving adequate fit to the sample data.

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