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Monster energy marketing

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Monster energy is one of the leaders coming after redbull in the energy drinks market, and one of the companies that have one of most diversified products. We can find several tastes with the same push up of energy (Monster energy, Ripper, Assault, Chaos…) the difference between all these drinks is either the taste or the composition (Zero, Light…).

The difference that monster made was not just about the drink but it also the presentation of their packaging, if we take a look at Monster’s energy drink we will probably be attracted first by the colors, a green color that matches and describes exactly the product and it’s spirit. Talking about the cans monster started first with an 8 ounce can which dominated the energy drink market and made after that an 16 ounce to describe their life style mainly associated with extreme sports. The products provides a wide variety of uses and advantages, which are included in the traditional monster energy drink, they count among them thirteen different flavors.

Those products and this diversification with at the same time keeping the spirit of the company and the drink are proofs of the innovation of Monster Energy and to the level of product innovation they got to. From a survey that was done to demonstrate the situation where the consumption of energy drinks is the most present, results showed that energy drinks are consumed on a monthly basis, and during the night’s late hours (late work, partying….), a few people consumed them during the morning but the majority of consumers drink at the evening and at night, the survey also showed that the consumption of energy drinks do not depend on the seasons it is totally random.

The Price:

The energy drinks are currently sold in different and varied places, it is the case for Monster Energy, the most sold can is the 500ml can for the price of 1.48Euros in France. But compared to its competitors Monster is not the cheapest nor the most expensive, at this stage can find the leader, RedBull with the price of 1.38Euros which is cheapest than Monster. Compared to its competitors, Monster did not followed the leader in term of price and decided to set a higher price which did not affect its position because Monster Energy is the second leader on the energy drink market, the price also was not a problem for the costumer apparently and the secret of that acceptance was mainly the image that Monster Energy gives to its customers through the different events and contest either held or sponsored by the firm, an image giving of something strong, resisting and passionate at the same time.

Among a research done on the importance of the factors that influences the purchase of energy drinks, the results showed that the price was the most important factor (makes you decide which one to choose among a family of products) so price was decided as the leading influencer.

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