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Men vs. Women

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Ever thought why and how are people different from each other? Their basic differences (which can also be their similarities) are intelligence, opinions, body structure, religion, responsibilities, priorities, goals, and personalities. But the most obvious of all these is their difference in gender (Sozdinler, 2008).

According to Sozdinler, many ancient and modern philosophers say that people are born in equal conditions. They may have the same intelligence and opinions, such as believing in God, living a righteous life, helping people, etc. These similarities apply between men and women, such as many married couples who share their duties equally and similarly. For example, they both go to work to help each other with their financial needs, and then they help each other in nurturing their children. But, besides of these few similarities, men and women have more differences which are mostly caused and thought of by the society. Obviously, men and women are very different physically.

First of all, men do not have to go through certain changes that women experience, just like menstruation, and they cannot give birth, which is the most painful thing women will ever experience. And second, men have better builds than women because they were made bigger and stronger. This is why it is believed that a man’s body can endure more than a woman’s (“Men vs. Women”, n.d.). They are also different emotionally. Women tend to be more emotional and rational than men, like whenever they are in relationships, they put their mind, body, and soul into making decisions. Meanwhile, men are far less emotional and react on impulse during situations for the sake of having a reason to do so (“Men vs Women (Comparison & contrast)”, n.d.).

Another one of their many differences is their intellectuality. Aydin (2011) stated that “almost all scientists accept that a person’s language learning ability, comprehension ability, and emotional quotient are specified according to their brain structure”. Aydin also said that some studies approve that “women show less ability to carry out mental mathematical calculations which is why there are more men mathematicians, engineers, architects compared to women”. Now, contrary to what Sozdinler said about married couples helping each other in their homes, he also stated that they still have different tasks to do, even if they are doing it for the same purpose. For example, traditionally, women are ‘assigned’ to stay at home and to do household chores. Men, on the other hand, are to work so he could earn money, and he is also ‘assigned’ to do the repairing of the house and their car, if ever they have one. In addition, they also have their differences when it comes to their priorities. Generally, for men, “life is time-running-out.

They are free spirits, believing that living is about carrying a canned good of guts while taking no direction at all”. But to women, “life is time-adding-up. Everything that happens in their life is like an entry listed on a planner. Organization is the main key in their life” (“Men and Women Comparison”, n.d.). It is because of these differences, especially of the stereotypically-thinking society, that there is a distinction in the way men and women are treated (“Men vs. Women”, n.d.). Some people are called stereotypical men and women. If you ask a man to describe a woman, he would answer that “they are made for men, made to breed little children at home, and made to keep silence”. And when you ask a woman to describe a man, she would say that “a ‘real’ man is strong, courageous, knowledgeable, disciplined, competitive, in control, and unemotional” (“Compare and Contrast: Men and Woman”, n.d.)

To prove the point, between men and women, Brannon (1996) asked, “who is smarter, faster, healthier, sexier, more capable, and more emotional? Who makes better physicians, engineers, typists, managers, politicians, artists, teachers, parents, and friends? Who is more likely to go crazy, go to jail, to commit suicide, to have a traffic incident, to tell lies, to gossip, and to commit murder?” (p.2). They might not realize it, but whoever answers these questions, they would answer them stereotypically. In conclusion, according to Sozdinler, who was supported by the statements of Aydin, it is accepted that men and women have similarities, because “all men are equal in the sight of the law”, and they also have differences, because human beings all have “different abilities, hobbies, and psychical properties by their nature”.


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