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Medical Office Management Argumentative

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Billing, Claims and Accounts Receivable: Perform eligibility searches on all scheduled patients. Ensure that all dictation is complete and all encounters are charged and all payments, denials and adjustments are posted within pre-determined amount of time. Transmit electronic claims daily. Liaison with billing service if billing is outsourced. Credential care providers with all payers. Perform internal compliance audits. Run monthly reports for physician production, aged accounts receivable, net collection percentage and cost and collections per RVU. •Ordering and Expense: Shop for, negotiate and recommend suppliers for medical consumables, office supplies, kitchen supplies, printed forms, business insurance, and malpractice insurance as well as services such as transcription, x-ray reads/over-reads, consultants, CPAs, lawyers, lawn and snow service, benefit administrators, answering service, water service, courier service, plant service, housekeeping, aquarium service, linen service, bio-hazardous waste removal, shredding service, off-site storage and caterers.

•Accounting: Pay bills, produce payroll, prepare compensation schedules for physicians, prepare and pay taxes, prepare budget and monthly variance reports, make deposits, reconcile bank statements, reconcile merchant accounts, prepare Profit & Loss statements, prepare refunds to payers and patients, and file lots and lots of paperwork. •Strategic Planning: Prepare ROIs (Return on Investment) and pro formas for new physicians, new services, and new locations. Forecast potential effect of Medicare cuts, contracts in negotiation or over-dependence on one payer. Discuss 5-year plans for capital expenditures such as EMR, ancillary services, physician recruitment, and replacement equipment. Explore outsourcing office functions or having staff telecommute. Always look for technology that can make the practice more efficient or productive.

In order to be a successful office manager you need to know arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications. Statistics are used in many ways for medical office management, a few examples include practice cost data for information on staffing counts, accounts-receivable levels and present data as a percentage of collections. Mainly they are used to evaluate medical practice, the efficacy and safety of drugs and to assess diseases. Data from many sources (e.g. primary care records, clinical trials, observational studies, etc.) are analyzed to create statistics. These statistics are then collected and evaluated to ultimately improve medical practice.


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