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MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim

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Organization chart MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch is shaped departmentalization of functions. MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch headed by a General Manager, Mr Yap Eang Liong. He is assisted by two other managers who head the department in this organization. With this organizational chart, he can make it easier to distribute tasks and responsibilities to departments or employees who working under him. With this, the employee organization can also carry out their responsibilities properly and can reduce errors. 6.1.2 Organizing Process

Through the process of organizing, MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch has set objectives. The branch carries out several services related to life insurance. Chairman of Kulim branch manager, Mr Yap Eang Liong has delegated tasks according to the skills of employees. After that, the General Manager of this branch distributes its employees to the appropriate department. General Manager of the branch’s authorized employees. Employees can consult with their manager to solve the problems. So, managers and employees need to have a good relationship while working in the company.

Organizing Concepts
MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch practicing authority, the lines of authority, responsibility, chain of command, accountability and medium-range control as their organizing concept. Chairman of Kulim branch manager, Mr Yap Eang Liong and other department managers of MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch have a legal right to make decisions, give orders and take action to implement a work. They also have the right to direct and control the activities of subordinate staff to perform duties as directed. In addition, the responsibility of managers is larger in this branch compare to the branch employees. Therefore, managers will discuss how to progress when faced a problem with the employee. Chain branch direction shows the lines of authority are jointed that connect individuals with the managers through positions in each department. Thus, the General Manager of Kulim branch, Mr Yap Eang Liong is the first to be questioned if these branches have a problem.

Leadership style of leader of MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. General Manager of MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch, Mr Yap Eang Liong has adopted three types of power against workers. The kind of power that has been practiced by him is legitimate power, reward power and power demands. He is able to distribute tasks and give orders to employees and influence the actions of employees in the company. He will reward employees who achieve the targets set. Instead, he will give penalties to employees who are unable to achieve the targets set. The type of leadership that has been adopted by the Chairman of Kulim branch manager, Mr Yap Eang Liong is transactional leadership and transformational leadership.

He has been using transactional leadership against its employees in order to achieve the targets set in the company. He also using Transformational leadership to achieve the company’s goal has been set earlier. With help of above leadership , he helped his employees to have the passion and motivation to achieve the goals set by the company. Leadership style adopted by the Chairman of Kulim branch manager, Mr Yap Eang Liong is democratic leadership style. He is not pushy or forcing his employees while working in the company. He’s just concerned about the achievement of the targets set. He also emphasizes a good relationship with employees. When there are problems faced by employee, they can talk with him to solve it.

Proposed Improvements
In my opinion, MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd. Kulim branch is giving prioritize to life insurance and other type of insurance also should be emphasized. This is because there are many things that require protection at the present time. For example, vehicles and homes are the things that are most in need of protection. By purchasing such insurance can help the buyer to face any financial problem that can not be anticipated in the future. Thus, this branch should pay more attention to life insurance and general insurance. In addition to maintaining both types of insurance, design management branch also needs to change the form of departmentalization division. By hiring two manager to manage the life insurance and general insurance in this branch. With this, the efficiency will improve branch management and branch workers can operate more effectively.

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