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Mattel Marketing Planing and Social Responsibility

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They started with wood products, first product: doll house. The introduction of Barbie was in 1959 at a Toy Fair in New York.In 1960 the popularity of Barbie declined. But through constant re-invention of Barbie and the rising popularity of lines including Hot Wheels, the company thrived. Product line:Mattel makes popular toys besides of Barbie such as Hot Wheels, Fisher Price toys, American Girl dolls. Polly pocket, Matchbox cars, UNO, Power Wheels. Mattel’s dolls are sold nearly in every country. It has roughly 50 offices located around the world. Annual sales of 600 million dollars.

Advertising takes place at varying levels throughout the year and peaks during the traditional holiday season. Advertising includes television and radio commercials, magazine, newspaper, and internet advertisements, and social media. Promotions include in-store displays, sweepstakes, merchandising materials, and major events focusing on products and tie-ins with various consumer products companies.

Marketing strategy:

Mattel’s global marketing success can be linked to its new-product development effort. Mattel markets as much as 80 percent of its product offerings to a global audience, with just 20 percent geared to individual country markets. Mattel’s product introductions as well are global in scope. For example, Mattel launched Rapunzel Barbie on the same day in 59 countries supported by a televised advertising campaign broadcast in 35 languages. The widening international reach of retailing giants such as Wal-Mart, Target, and French-based Carrefour SA (the world’s second-largest retailer) also permits Mattel to coordinate its store merchandising campaigns on a global scale.

Licenses and Distribution Agreements Mattel has license agreements with third parties that permit Mattel to utilize the trademark, characters, or inventions of the licensor in products that Mattel sells. A number of these licenses relate to product lines that are significant to Mattel’s business and operations. Mattel has entered into agreements to license entertainment properties from, among others, Disney Enterprises,Viacom International, Warner Bros.

|Strengths: |Opportunities | |One of the leading toy manufacturing companies in the world |Innovation of new toys and products with changing technology | |Produces in over 150 countries |Create a strong online presence to connect with customers | |Strong brand equity |Us dollar is getting weak which will allow emerging markets and | |Scale of opportunities |expansion abroad | |Global leader and presence |Product and services expansion | |Strong supply chain | | |Competition | | |Weakness: |Threats | |Weak management team |Cheaper technology | |Recent product safety |Economic slow-down causing | |Weak online presence |Exchange rate fluctuations | |Utilization of cheap labor in third world countries |Imitations that are cheaper | | |Competition |

Social and environmental responsible:

Playing Responsibly Mattel’s Corporate Responsibility mission is to act with
integrity in all we do to bring the world safe toys that grown-ups trust and children love. We are committed to positively impacting our people, our products and our world by playing responsibly. Mattel is recognized among the “100 Best Corporate Citizens”, as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Environmentally frinedly:
After a much publicized lashing by environmental advocate Greenpeace, US-based toy titan Mattel has decided to switch to eco-friendly packaging for Barbie dolls and the rest of its toy products. For a start, 70% of Mattel’s paper packaging were derived from recycled materials or sustainable fiber . And by 2015, the toy manufacturer intends to use environment friendly packaging materials for 85% of its packaging needs.

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