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Marketing Manager in Nandos

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I should make decisions within the strategies and plans made by top management. Currently, our company decides to bring Nandos’ campaign to China, because of this, I will research and produce the situation analysis for Nandos’. Nandos has strengths are of importance for its development in china. Nandos’ restaurant propagates the concept of nutritious meals. It provides customers with various kinds of healthy diets, including flame-grill chicken with a peri-peri sting, freshly prepared salads and sandwiches. Hence, health-conscious consumers are highly valued for these. What’s more, the restaurant offers costumers high-quality food and wide range of sauces. Nandos insists on using only A-grade quality chicken, which fulfills the higher consumer satisfaction toward taste. Nandos’ restaurant has a high reputation. It is conducive to advertise and gain loyalty from customers.

Nandos has advanced human resource management. It has provided the staff with training program for improving their communication skills and problem-solving skills and for enhancing their understanding of how to cope with pressure.

On the other hand, the weakness of Nandos is obvious.
1. The food in Nandos may not suit Chinese’s eating habits. For example, Chinese favor boiled vegetable and rice, whereas Nandos offers salads and sandwiches. The traditional habits are fairly persistent, although Chinese flavor may alter resulting from the increasing number of foreign restaurant entering Chinese market. So Nandos’ food has to be diversified and localized, because Nandos has to build profitable relationships with local customers by satisfying their needs. From the microenvironment point of view, Nandos has essential opportunities. 1. People‘s curiosity can bring profit for Nandos. For example, if our company set a branch restaurant in China and our suppliers are still from our country.

People in China will feel curious about our restaurant and would like to have a try. This, of course, bringing us advantages compared to other restaurants in China. 2. Nandos can be introduced into china in another way like cooperating with other restaurants in China and let them become our marketing intermediaries. Although it may be difficult for Nandos to enter Chinese marketing at the beginning, finding intermediaries can help the restaurant promote their products. 3. The demand of fried chicken is increasing and more people would like to buy fried chicken in restaurants. Obviously, this gives chances to bring Nandos’ campaign to China. The threats, however, can not be neglected.

Nandos’ as a Portuguese flavor restaurant, few people in China may hear about this restaurant and on the other hand, there are also many other restaurants producing the same products as ours in China. In other words, we are facing many serious competitors in China. Additionally, we should also consider the publics in China for whether they will have a positive impact on our company.

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