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Manage Induction in Health and Social Care Argumentative

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Induction is important for practitioners, individuals and organisations because the induction is a process designed to provide new staff to a health and social care organisation the relevant information they need to be able to fulfil their job they have accepted. The induction is important because it gives the means for a new member of staff to be integrated into an organisation as quickly as possible. Induction ensures all staff obtain a good understanding of how the organisation works including its principles, values and objectives. The induction is also important for the practitioner as it would set out what the organisation expects of the practitioner, the best practice within the organisations and also any legalisation they would have to follow in regards to Health & Safety, Fire and COSHH etc.

Induction is all about getting the practitioner up to speed on how the organisation works. Induction is vital to ensure that new staff are productive as soon as possible and induction is provide to ensure that this happens. Induction is important for an organisation because it may help to reduce staff turnover in the early stages of employment, because during this time an employer will identify and acknowledge any issues or problems and address them as soon as possible. It is also an opportunity for the employer to identify the relevant skills and knowledge needed and to use them in the appropriate area for maximum effect, improvement and benefit from their services in the company or the organisation.

As part of the induction process within my setting, the organisation has information and materials that available to promote effective induction. These are the Job Description; Induction Pack; 5 Day Induction Training; Record of Induction, Training and First Supervision. Job Description

Even though the Job Description is a material used and discussed at the interview stage of the recruitment process, the Job Description can be used to analysis the job role with a new practioner. The document will set out what is expected of them by the organisation to fulfil their role. Induction Pack

For a new practitioner to gain an understanding of the different regulations and legislations that the organisation has to follow an induction pack is used with information regarding Health & safety Information, the Care Council for Wales Code of Practice, Food Hygiene Information, and support information or guidelines in regarding to maintaining residents privacy and dignity. The induction pack also give information in regards to some procedures in dealing with walking, and managing challenging behaviour. The induction pack also gets the new member of staff to sign a confidentiality policy whereby they agree to not discuss any work related information with anyone outside of the organisation. These could equate to the house rules within the organisation. In this induction pack an organisational chart is given so that the new member knows ‘who is who’ within the home, and the ‘line of reporting’.

5 Day Induction Training
The 5 day induction training is for the guidance of both a new member of staff and senior staff to enable an initial induction to take place. This occurs with the new member of staff working alongside and additional to the normal care team. It will ensure that when the time comes to be integrated into the care team, the necessary basic training will have been completed.

Record of Induction, Training and First Supervision
The Record of Induction, Training and First Supervision is the next stage in the induction process within my setting. This process is 12 weeks long in duration and meets the Six Common Learning Objectives as set out in the Social Care Induction Framework set out by the Care Council for Wales and gives staff the chance to gain a better understanding and also experience of everything that goes on in the home, such as, Pre-Admission and Admission of a resident, Nutrition, Infection Control to End of Life Care.

A new employee can be a person who is new to the Health and Social Care setting or be an employee who has changed roles. Within Wales, any of member of staff who is undertaking any form of Health & Social Care work has to complete the Care Council for Wales 12 week induction framework. This can be a career progression route or the start of a career for someone who is interested in working within the sector. This then can give the prospect to develop skills and knowledge that can be used towards the qualifications within the field such as QCFs in Health and Social Care and can also be used as ‘points’ towards the relevant qualifications. A typical career progression for someone starting at a basic entry level in social care (older person) is as follows:

By working in the Health and Social Care Sector, there are many opportunities for career progression and by gaining the relevant knowledge, experience and qualifications can be promoted to more senior levels within their own organisation. For example by completing a QCF Level 2 a member of staff can receive a pay rise, by completing a QCF Level 3 a member of staff and show that they are capable of supervising staff effectively then they can have the potential to become a Senior Carer. It is expected that by completing these qualifications then that an employee has shown the competencies and skill base to take on a more senior role (See above for Career Progression Routes). So by completing a good and thorough induction programme can work towards career progression within this sector as it will give them the foundation skills and knowledge to become an effective care worker within their organisation.

Within Social Care, the induction process plays an important part in supporting others to understand the values, principles and agreed ways of working within a work setting. The most essential part of the induction process is that a new member of staff comprehends the respect of the core values that each person who works within this sector have to follow.

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