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Lobes of the brain

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There are four lobes of the brain. You have the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe, and the occipital lobe. The frontal lobe is of course located in the front of the brain and performs reasoning, expressive language, motor skills, and high level cognition. This part of the brain gets information from different lobes throughout the brain to carry body movements. The parental lobe is the middle section of the brain, it processes tactile sensory information like touch, pain, and pressure. The temporal lobe is located in the bottom or bottom section of the brain, it is important for interpreting our language and sounds that are around us. The occipital lobe is in the rear of the brain and helps us to interpret seeing and receiving the information that we see.

“Most of our higher functions, those human abilities that differentiate us from the other animals, are coordinated within the cerebral cortex. This is the outermost layer of the cerebrum, wholly composed of gray matter and subdivided into six sub-layers, from the hippocampus to the neocortex” (Human Motor/Sensory Brain Cortices – Nervous System, n.d., p.xx-xx). The motor cortex is the side that actually controls our muscles, the side of the brain that receives and analyzes sensory impulses from our body is the somatosensory cortex. When we receive information from the outside world our motor cortex comes into play.

I was actually tested for TBI multiple times when I came home from the many deployments overseas from being in multiple explosions in Iraq they were concerned because a change in my mental status and was unconscious for a short period of time. TBI or traumatic brain injury is when you receive a blow to the head which disrupts the normal function of the brain. This can occur when we have a slight change to our mental status to more sever to include amnesia or unconsciousness like stated above. Some of the effects of TBI are as follows: •Memory loss

•The ability to think
•The ability to walk
•It affects your sight and sometimes hearing
•Affects your speech
•The control of your emotions

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